LES CHANTS DE NIHIL “Le Tyran Et L’Esthete”

“Le Tyran Et L’Esthete”
(Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions)

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French black metal has given me plenty of cool experiences. From the really off beat to the grandiose. And everything in between it seems. So it is with the greatest of excitement that I take on this one from LE CHANTS DE NIHIL. It can end any which way. There is something special to black metal sung in French. It feels even more desperate and end-of-the-world like. Musically this is high energy black metal. listening to this feels like a work out pass at the local gym. You get sweaty just from listening to this. In style it reminds me of Emperor circa “In The Nightside Ecplise/Anthems..”. Chaotic, symphonic and grand. This one turned out to be a real keeper. Anders Ekdahl

“God And Beast”
(Metal Blast Records)

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I have to admit that I had forgotten that there used to be a band called The Helheim Society and that I had a cd of theirs. But that was made abundant when I received this CD from BLACK SUN BROTHERHOOD. With a line-up full of Norwegian extreme metal names these are not your boy room kids playing extreme metal. I somehow expected this to be much more black than it is. Instead I get an album full of metal that is death in vibe. To me this sounds like a mix of Six Feet Under, Asphyx and Bolt Thrower. And it is the latter this reminds me the most of. And a s huge, massive fan of Bolt Thrower this one fits like a glove. There is such a cool groove to this that I find it really hard to resist it. From the word go they had me captivated. There is something about this that screams familiarity. It is like being reacquainted with a long lost friend. This one I really like. Anders Ekdahl

SPEED STROKE “Scene Of The Crime”

“Scene Of The Crime”

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(Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group)
I am not ashamed to admit that I have a fondness for sleaze rock. As much as it can get too cheesy it can also be some of the greatest experience. As a child of the 80s and MTV it was hard to not catch a glimpse of the hair bands of that era. SPEED STROKE started in 2010 in Italy and has so far released two albums. This is their third one and I gotta say that this one is a really nice one. Not really following the sleaze scene I have no idea what bands to like today. All I have to go on is what I have heard snippets of. To my ears this sounds like classic sleaze like it was done in the 80s. Full of attitude and melodies. The stuff you can sing along to. I can’t help feeling that there is a slight Hardcore Superstar vibe to this. and that I like. Anders Ekdahl

INJECTOR “Haunt Of The Rawhead”

“Haunt Of The Rawhead”
(Art Gates Records)

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With a name like INJECTOR I for one get vibes of old school thrash metal. The first thought I got made me think of bands like Whiplash or Wehrmacht. I am a huge fan of the first two Whiplash albums. They are killer thrashers. Then they tried something different and lost me. INJECTOR on the other hand will not lose me with this album. If you like your metal full of speed and with a dose melody and wants it hard this is the one to check out. To me this is like a mix of US and German thrash of the 80s. I get tons of German references to bands that I knew of but have forgotten the name of. This one is a real banger of heads. Anders Ekdahl


(Art Gates Records)

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I have said it countless times before. If you dig deep enough you’ll find bands that few have heard of that deserves your attention. The Spanish scene is full of metal bands of all the sorts that doesn’t get the press they should get because they don’t really reach outside of the Spanish borders. LEGADO DE UNA TRAGEDIA is a band that I hadn’t heard of before this album dropped in on me. What I do hear is a very dramatic musical landscape. It feels like you are a part of a musical when you listen to this. You really need the whole backdrop of a scene to fully grasp the enormity of this. Is it to my liking then? I do like the dramatic and symphonic but this is a bit too much like a musical for me to fully embrace it. And I don’t know how metal this is really. I don’t say this often but I miss the whole guitar, bass, drums bigger than life feel this could have had. Anders Ekdahl

THERAGON “Where The Stories Begin”

“Where The Stories Begin”
(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know what it is about power metal that gets me going but I am a huge sucker for a really good power metal album. I don’t get to hear them too often sadly but once I do they are mostly of the highest quality. Spanish THERAGON are power metal. And they are quite good at it too. I sit here and try to figure out what school they mostly remind me of. I have to place them in the Italian school of more dramatic power metal. More so than the German school. In power metal it helps to have a really strong vocalist. I struggle a bit with THERAGON’s vocalist. He is a bit too high pitched for my taste. But over all this is a fully enjoyable power metal album. Anders Ekdahl

Saxon – Speed King

Legendary British Heavy Metal heroes Saxon loudly continue unveiling their Inspirations covers project with second single ‘Speed King’, Deep Purple’s classic tune from their 1970 album Deep Purple In Rock.

“Without ‘Speed King’ there would be no ‘Motorcycle Man’,” said Biff Byford when explaining the importance of the song on Saxon’s early career ascendance. “I love the attitude, energy and driving speed of this song, not to mention those screaming vocals! I’d never sung it before, and I had great fun with it!”

‘Speed King’ is part of Saxon’s forthcoming 11-track Inspirations album, where in 2020 the band took residence at Brockfield Hall in York, UK, to record cover versions of various songs which deeply influenced the band, engaging in a proper old-school live and recording process which was a hallmark of many old-school rock ‘n’ roll records. Inspirations was produced by Biff Byford with Jacky Lehmann engineering and will be released through Silver Lining Music on March 19th 2021.

BONFIRE – Love Don’t Lie (2021)

As everybody knows today, the “Fistful Of Fire” album release in 2020 was ill-fated by that worldwide Covid-19 pandemic – store had closed short after the release and the tour had to be postponed and even cancelled in the end. It’s a fact, that the band did not play one single show with their new album to that very day.

However the band from Ingolstadt is trying to looking forward. New plans arouse for an upcoming project. It was summer 2020 when the band again hit the Flatliners Recording Studios to start recording the new longplayer “Roots”, which will be released February 26th. It’s a magnificent “almost unplugged” album with 24 tracks recorded completely over again and interpreted in new ways. It includes very young ballads like “When An Old Man Cries” and old evergreens like “You Make Me Feel”, contains old rock hits like “Ready 4 Reaction” and “American Nights” but also arising rock hymns like “The Devil Made Me Do It”, so every fan of this band will find something on this one. On top of that in features 5 brandnew songs that have been created while a crowdfunding campaign as remittance works for fans.

Today BONFIRE released a brand new single called “Love Don’t Lie”, a song that has been written 2008 for the “The Räuber”, which has been a cooperation between the Theater Ingolstadt and the band – it is their most successful theater piece coop, with 3 seasons, 55 sold-out shows and 50 thousand spectators. The new version of the song, beautifully arranged, comes as a really lovely duet with Alexx Stahl and Lydia Panè, wife of guitarist Frank Panè.

FIREWIND – Devour (2021)

May 2020 saw Greek power metal icons FIREWIND unleash their latest studio album, titled „Firewind“. Reception from press and fans alike was great. While the band was forced to stay at home, due to the pandemic, they kept their creative spirit high and are now happy to present a new lyric video for the powerful and intense song “Devour” which also incorporates band performance scenes of all members.

Gus G. states: “Devour” was the first song I co-wrote with our new singer, Herbie Langhans. After hearing his vocal melodies, it was pretty obvious to me that he was the right man for the job, as this sounded 100% Firewind and features all the elements that the band is known for – melody, heavy attitude, catchy hooks, shredding solos, it’s all there. Lyrically the song is about the endless pursuit of mankind for social status, wealth and getting caught up in the rat race.” FIREWIND plans to return to stage later this year when things will look safer for all of us, so expect tourdates to be announced in the coming weeks!

The lyric video can be seen here and was produced by 12 Inch Media. The album “Firewind” is available here: https://fanlink.to/Firewind_Firewind