MEMORIAM – The Veteran

The war rages on! The third album from old school metal veterans MEMORIAM, ‘Requiem For Mankind’, was released last Friday. Just a year after the release of their second album ‘The Silent Vigil’, the band returns with an authentic, raw offering packed with old school death metal destruction. Once again, the groove is monstrous, the riffs are merciless, and the atmosphere is oppressive, paralyzing, even overwhelming. Willett’s aggressive vocals are rousing and relentless.

Today, the band presents a very special video for new album track The Veteran. The video was created by Daniel Dodd. Daniel was a soldier in the British Army, who came back from Iraq as a veteran in 2007. He is now a photographer, who uses his work to address the traumas he faced during, and since his deployment.

Daniel Dodd states: “I joined the British Army as an Infantryman in January 2005 and served a 7 month tour of Iraq in 2006, returning home in May 2007. I was medically discharged with PTSD in late 2011 just 6 months prior to another deployment, this time to Afghanistan. Within twelve months of being back in the UK after my operational tour I was noticing considerable amounts of differences in my behaviour, from the amount of alcohol I would consume on a weekly basis to escape the replay of disturbing thoughts I would have, which would lead me to losing sleep and also resulting in an addiction to sleeping tablets, falling into severe depression. I became very aggressive and I was arrested multiple times for fighting both sober and under the influence, I had a thirst for confrontation at this point and I felt uncontrollable.

I suffered with survivors guilt after losing close friends to the enemy during my deployment, but as a result of my own physical injuries which I sustained whilst in a firefight, I believed I should have also been killed and felt that I was better off dead than I was alive, as I still could not escape the nightmares, the flashbacks, lack of sleep etc. So after a few years of being in and out of therapy and being on medication, I found that my escape was no longer alcohol or violence but walking, going on adventures alone with my camera and capturing memories that were positive and working on those rather than the ones I was battling against. In regards to making the self portraits that visually represent Psychosis and other mental health issues, I was a little reluctant to put myself back into that particular frame of mind for the sake of my work – especially as I had only encountered my first and hopefully my last episode of Psychosis last Christmas. It was still very raw with me but I took that opportunity to create the most honest photographs that I possibly could with how I was feeling at that time, and I felt that it was important for me to document those times and how I was seeing myself – as I document most things in my life now and use them to build a stronger and better relationship with not only myself, but everybody around me.

I think it is great that Memoriam are using the subject of veterans in their music and highlighting the issues that are very relevant in not only veterans who have served in wars post 2003, but prior to that. Also I couldn’t imagine anybody who has been in my position, similar or worse, not relating to even one of the matters that Memoriam have expressed in the song The Veteran. The music may not be to everybody’s taste but neither is War, and unfortunately there is truth to be told and found in both of those. I really enjoyed creating the video for The Veteran though and I found it to be a way of therapy for myself thankfully and I surprised myself, it’s the first time I have used my work in this way, so I am thankful for the opportunity given to me by a dear friend of mine Timm Sonnenschien. I would be interested in creating some more work of a similar nature in the future.”

You can find Daniel’s work via Instagram here

Order Requiem For Mankind:

Memoriam’s full current UK show dates read as follows:
21 Jul –  Gloucestershire, Eastington (Amplified Festival)
6 Sept – Dublin, The Grand Social
7 Sept – Limerick, Dolans
18 Oct – Manchester, Rebellion
19 Oct – Glasgow, Slay

Iamthemorning – Ghost of a Story (live chamber recording) (from The Bell)

Following the announcement of IAMTHEMORNING’s new studio album The Bell, due for release on Kscope on 2nd August, the Russian duo, comprising of virtuoso classical pianist Gleb Kolyadin and charismatic vocalist Marjana Semkina have premiered the first single to be taken from the new opus “Ghost Of A Story”.

Marjana explains more on how “Ghost Of A Story” fits into the album’s song cycle “’Ghost of a Story’starts the second part of the song cycle that is The Bell, and we decided to launch it with a brighter note to have a bigger contrast with all what comes after. It’s a song about awakening, reinterpreting and questioning yourself and the world and looking for deeper meanings. It’s a song about how pain dims with time – about the fact that in the end, every tragedy that we suffer through is just a drop in the ocean of suffering of men – that we survive anyway. “Nothing feels real, these scars won’t heal – Nothing’s worth tears, it was alright from very start”

The live studio clip was filmed by the band’s long-time collaborator Eggor Kree at Lendok studios in St Petersburg.

The duo’s dedication to writing forward-thinking and thought-provoking music sees them create a new album of impressive depth and playability. A modern blend of rock, classical and folk, The Bell makes use of 19th Century song cycles – a style established by Schubert – that cohesively tells 10 individual stories. Vocalist Marjana Semkina explains in more detail “The Bell is divided into two parts but each song is a story in its own right, all of them are fuelled by human cruelty and pain caused by it. Cruelty is the central theme of the album – together with all the different ways we respond to it and cope with it. This album is multi-layered and is, in many ways, a journey inwards, taking us inside of a mind of a person suffering from abuse or neglect or open hostility of the society or a specific person.

“Aesthetically, the album is based on themes taken from Victorian England’s art and culture, but more in a way of turning our attention to the fact that at its core, humankind isn’t making much progress in terms of emotional maturity.”

The Bell was recorded in March 2019 across Russia, the UK and Canada in several studios: Mosfilm in Moscow; Lendoc and Red Wave in St Petersburg; Noatune in London; The Studio at Sunbeams, Penrith; and Union Sound Company in Toronto. With engineering and mastering handled by Vlad Avy.

The album features the track “Blue Sea” which featured in demo form on the band’s studio film Ocean Sounds.

The album’s beautiful cover artwork was created by the band’s favoured collaborator Constantine Nagishkin. Marjana explains the imagery “on the cover is a safety coffin bell – it’s a 19th century idea born from people’s obsessive fear of being buried alive, having been provoked by a lot of press attention to supposed cases of premature burials across the country.  and the fact that Edgar Allan Poe frightened many readers by vividly describing the premature burial phenomenon in his short stories.

“One of the inventions to escape such a terrifying ordeal was a so called “safety coffin” that existed in many different configurations, including the one that had a bell attached to the gravestone with a thread that was attached to it and went all the way underground into the coffin so that the when the poor soul awoke  and  on realizing  he’s been buried alive, could ring to let the people outside know what has happened.

“Although the idea is a bit morbid I feel there is hope in the artwork too – no matter how low you are or desperate you think your situation is, you can still call for help, but more than that you have to call for help if you need it”

The Bell will be released on CD in a digi sleeve, a gatefold LP & digitally and is AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER NOW

Iamthemorning have confirmed they will be playing numerous shows in support of The Bell, beginning with European dates with Riverside in September including some headline shows in The Netherlands and UK – details below

w/ Riverside

19/09 – DE- REICHENBACH, Neuberinhaus
20/09 – DE – MÜNCHEN, Freiheiz
21/09 – DE – MÜNSTER, Jovel Music Hall
22/09 – DE – NÜRNBERG, Hirsch
24/09 – DE – MAINZ, Kuz
25/09 – LUX – ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE, Kulturfabrik
26/09 – DE – KARLSRUHE, Substage
28/09 – DE –  POTSDAM, Waschhaus

Headline / festival shows:

18/09 – NL – Zwolle – Hedon

21/09 – NL – Arcen – Elfia

01/10 – UK – London – The Courtyard Theatre

02/10 – NL – Maastricht – Intro In Situ


Sweden’s melodic death/doom metallers OCTOBER TIDE, who recently released their new studio album “In Splendor Below”, will hit the road as direct support to SWALLOW THE SUN this autumn. The band’s European tour will commence on October 31st and run through November 17th. In July, prior to the tour, OCTOBER TIDE will perform at Exit Festival in Serbia, Metaldays Festival in Slovenia andPeace & Love Festival in Sweden, among other festivals.

October Tide live dates:
05.07.2019: Explosive Stage @ Exit Festival, SRB
06.07.2019: Borlänge @ Peace & Love Festival, SWE
19.07.2019: Gävle @ Gefle Metal Festival, SWE
21.07.2019: Tolmin @ Metaldays Festival, SI
13.10.2019: Kiev @ Doom Over Kiev Festival, UKR

with Swallow The Sun and Oceanwake:
31.10.19 Thu (DK) Copenhagen, Stengade
01.11.19 Fri (D) Flensburg, Roxy
02.11.19 Sat (D) Osnabrück, Bastard Club
03.11.19 Sun (NL) Rotterdam, Dutch Doom Days
04.11.19 Mon (FR) Paris, Backstage
05.11.19 Tue (CH) Pratteln, Mini Z7
06.11.19 Wed (IT) Retorbido, Dagda Club
07.11.19 Thu (IT) Rome, Traffic Club
08.11.19 Fri (SLO) Ljubljana, Orto Bar
09.11.19 Sat (PL) Krakow, Zaścianek
10.11.19 Sun (SVK) Bratislava, Randal Club
11.11.19 Mon (HU) Budapest, Dürer Kert
12.11.19 Tue (CZ) Plzen, Pod Lampou
13.11.19 Wed (D) Munich, Backstage
14.11.19 Thu  (D) Berlin, Cassiopeia
15.11.19 Fri (D) Weimar, Uhrenwerk
16.11.19 Sat (D) Würzburg, Hammer Of Doom*
17.11.19 Sun (D) Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz**
*only Swallow The Sun
**without Oceanwake

With a history tracing back to the epicentre of melodic death metal in Sweden,OCTOBER TIDE have come a long way and have generated a spark that is strongly felt in the energy of the scene. “In Splendor Below” is the latest addition to their vibrant discography of guitar-driven, emotive death/doom metal art. It packs some of the most authentic and unique compositions from the capable hands of founding member and long-time Katatonia guitarist, Fredrik Norrman, his brother and guitarist Mattias Norrman (ex-Katatonia), vocalist Alexander Högbom(Demonical), bassist Johan Jönsegård (Letters From The Colony) and drummer Jonas Sköld (Letters From The Colony / Thenighttimeproject). While Fredrikprefers for the music to speak for itself, he finds the new album “a bit more aggressive, a bit more death metal, and with an overall colder feeling than previous records”.

“In Splendor Below” album was mixed and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén at Tri-Lamd studios (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Breach, Craft). It was produced by Alexander Backlund from Nailvillage Studio (Thenighttimeproject / Letters From Colony) and OCTOBER TIDE. Tomarum av Christine Linde created the cover artwork.


NEMESEA – Kids With Guns

Records. Combining the finest rock licks with modern metal riffs and electronica to stir up a dark and strangely addictive brew – Nemesea have fine-tuned the musical combination to perfection on their fifth album White Flag. The guitars and Sanne Mieloos outstanding vocals continue to be the driving force behind the band, which has several surefire hits up its sleeve and it’s impossible to not be enthralled by the all-encompassing balance between driving rock and soothing ballads. This record offers intense and soulful alternative rock complete with a subtle breath of goth and loudly demands the attention the band undoubtedly deserves. White Flag is a gem that reveals its many-splendorous colours more and more each time you press play!

To shorten your wait for its official release, Nemesea have just unleashed a first, and surprisingly shocking single from White Flag! Listen to the track Kids with Guns

Says vocalist Sanne Mieloo about Kids with Guns: “Be the change you wanna see in this world. The world is full of people incapable of change. The song is about the struggle if you can be a change in this world? Throwing your middle finger in the sky and not giving a shit about our next generation. Then waking up in the morning, rolling off your yoga mat and praying for the children whilst wearing your cheap 2 dollar shirt with an inspirational quote and posting it on insta…”.
Guitarist HJ continues: “Fight or surrender? Probably a question raised daily all over the world and certainly applicable when it comes to Nemesea in many ways!”

Indya – Gimme Ya Luv

INDYA releases her brand new single, Gimme Ya Luv, which arrives via all
streaming sites on Friday 12th July. The track is a blistering slab of
hard-hitting glamour rock complete with haunting guitars and engulfing vocal
lines. The video for the single can be viewed now

INDYA is the performance title of solo artist Natalie Indya West. Prior to
INDYA, Natalie studied music and dance, performing in a series of musicals,
as well as dancing at the Brit Awards. However, Natalie has always had rock
‘n’ roll flowing through her veins. As a child she was absorbed and
engrossed by Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, and Deep Purple, and
then later went on to become heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson and Bring
Me The Horizon. Natalie soon switched directions from dance and musicals to
pursue the call for a heavy glamour rock ‘n ‘roll sound. In 2015, Natalie
formed INDYA, assembling a band around her to lay a platform for her solo
musical endeavours.

INDYA recorded her debut EP, Strip Me Down, soon after, and it proved a
major success. The EP yielded over 28,000 downloads and picked up critical
acclaim from Radio X’s Jon Holmes, who branded INDYA as “the new female
Royal blood”. The record was also backed by Johnny Doom at Kerrang! Radio.
Since then, INDYA has gone on to receive the support of Jools Holland,
Powerplay Magazine, Devolution, Terrozier, and Kerrang Radio. INDYA has also
widely toured and, to date, has supported everyone from Republica and The
Darkness, through to Scarlet Riot and Black Orchard Empire, as well as
gracing stages at a number of festivals such as Mammouthfest, Glastonbudget,
and Camden Rocks, to name just a few.

INDYA is currently working on her forthcoming new album, Rebel Music, with
esteemed producer Dave Needham of Darkhorse Studio, and mixer James Lerock
Loughrey. The first single from the album, Tha Final Line, actually features
Johnny Doom (Kerrang Radio) and the album also includes her stunning new
single, Gimme Ya Luv –   . 2019 is destined to
be the year that INDYA shines brightly.

INDYA SHOW DATES: 30th June HOOK & GUN FESTIVAL- Wakefield ; 6th July BBC
LIVE SESSION with JON HOLMES BBC RADIO KENT- Tunbridge Wells; 6th Sept-
Phoenix Bar – High Wycombe; 13th Sept Percys Bar – Whitchurch; 22nd Sept
Metalworks The Monarch – Camden; 27th Sept RAVENFEST- Wigan; 26th Oct The
Saddle Inn- Chester; 27th Oct The Hope & Anchor- Brighton.

SOILWORK – Underworld EP now digi

Swedish visionary metallers SOILWORK have made the ‘Underworld’ bonus EP, which was made available before as part of the physical versions of the band’s globally acclaimed new record, ‘Verkligheten’ (album of the month in Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Aardschok and Scream), available digitally.

‘Underworld’ contains 4 more songs and can now be listened to via all known DSPs.

‘Underworld’ Bonus EP tracklist:
13. Summerburned and Winterblown
14. In This Master’s Tale
15. The Undying Eye
16. Needles And Kin (original version)

Recently, the band had also released an intense  live video for their anthemic hit song, ‘Stålfågel’, here:

The clip was shot by Jörg Harms from Black Vision Films and mixed by Tommy Bertelsen and SOILWORK’s Sylvain Coudret.

‘Verkligheten’ is out now via Nuclear Blast. The first edition digipack, as well as the vinyl, also contain the exclusive ‘Underworld’ EP, carrying 4 more songs.

The digipack version will also feature special artwork with lavish foil print.

The album as well as accompanying merchandise is now available for pre-order in various formats (Digipack + T-Shirt, Digipack, black/orange/purple vinyl as well as digital download/stream).

‘European Tour – Summer 2019’
14.06. ES Z! Live Rock Fest
21.06. FI Nummirock Festival
05.07. DE Rockharz Open Air
06.07. DE Colos-Saal
07.07. SR Exit Festival
12.07. AT Aerea 53 Festival
25.07. SL Metal Days Festival
26.07. IT Rock Planet
27.07. IT Legend Club
28.07. PT Laurus Nobilis Music
03.08. FR SYLAK Open Air
04.08. RO Rockstadt Extreme Fest
06.08. SK Majestic Club
07.08. CZ Brutal Assault Festival
08.08. DE Party.San Open Air
09.08. NL Into The Grave Festival
10.08. BE Alcatraz Festival
11.08. UK Bloodstock Open Air
12.08. NL Effenaar w/ HYPOCRISY
13.08. DE Essigfabrik w/ HYPOCRISY
14.08. DE Summer Breeze Open Air
16.08. FR Motocultor Festival
23.08. DE Reload Festival
24.08. SE Helsingborg Rockfest

More SOILWORK dates:
29.10. SGP Singapore, EBX Live Space
31.10. AUS Brisbane, The Triffid
01.11. AUS Sydney, Manning Bar
02.11. AUS Melbourne, Max Watts
04.11. JPN Osaka, Umeda amHall
05.11. JPN Nagoya, Reny Limited
06.11. JPN Tokyo, Shinjuku Reny


Multi-platinum selling band SKID ROW will embark on a full UK tour this year, which will see the New Jersey rockers playing shows across the UK, starting in WINTERSTORM FEST, Scotland on 29th November and ending at The Mill, Birmingham on 8th December. Tickets are on sale on 19th June at 9am on

Skid Row started in 1986 when a group of New Jersey kids, armed with their punk and metal attitude, and a collection of riff-heavy, high-octane songs, set out to conquer the world, one concert at a time. This determined and focused approach proved to be an unquestionable success, as the group went on to clock up numerous Top Ten singles, Gold and multi-Platinum selling albums and a Number 1 on the Billboard albums chart. In other words, the world was theirs.

They might have conquered the world several times over, but guitarist Snake Sabo admits the success hasn’t changed him or the band, and Skid Row are focused on making more earth shattering music. He says: “I will always be that 16-year-old kid in front of the mirror, pretending to be Ace Frehley or Michael Schenker. It’s still about writing a great song with your friends, praying it connects with someone. That has never left me. That willfulness will always exist, and there’s so much left to say!”

Joining Skid Row for a special co-headline show at Winterstorm Fest, Scotland is Hollowstar. Surging into the top five in the ‘Best New Band’ category at Planet Rock’s 2019 awards, HOLLOWSTAR are carving their own route to the top, paved with hard-hitting riffs and cemented by melodic yet inherently impactful lyrics. Hollowstar will also be supporting Skid Row on every date of their UK tour apart from Birmingham, along with quintessential British rock’n’roll band THE QUIREBOYS. Following the band’s inception in 1984, The Quireboys are certainly enjoying a revival – selling out venues around the world. 2019 saw the release of their new studio album ‘Amazing Disgrace’ – their 12th – on April 5th.

Ultimate sleaze hard rock band CRASHDIET will be joining Skid Row on five out of the eight dates of their UK tour. “Go big or go home” has been their motivational “catchphrase” for the Swedish group ever since they started out in 2000. Their undeniable flirt with the 80s big arena rock bands like Guns N’ Rose, Kiss and Skid Row themselves, combined with a notable element of punk, has made them a significant name in the revival of the sleaze and glam genre. In September 2019, they will release their fifth studio album.

MATT MITCHELL & THE COLD HEARTS will be joining Skid Row at both Winterstorm Fest, Scotland and The Mill, Birmingham. Matt started out singing and writing songs in his late teens, leaning his craft in several bands early on and Matt Mitchell & The Cold Hearts is Matt’s solo project with an array of extremely talented guests players. The project got off to a great start, with the first single ‘Black Diamonds’ released on January 25th 2019, being championed across the UK and the rest of the globe.

Full Skid Row Tour Dates:
Winterstorm Fest, Scotland – 29th November – Skid Row + Hollowstar
Warehouse, Wakefield – 30th November – Skid Row + Quireboys + Hollowstar + Matt
Mitchell & The Cold Hearts
Rock City, Nottingham – 1st December – Skid Row + Quireboys + Crashdiet + Hollowstar
Engine Rooms, Southampton – 3rd December – Skid Row + Quireboys + Crashdiet +
Tramshed, Cardiff – 4th December – Skid Row + Quireboys + Crashdiet + Hollowstar
Planet Rock Stock, Trecco Bay – 6th December – Skid Row + Quireboys + Hollowstar
Winter Rocks, Sheffield – 7th December – Skid Row + Quireboys + Crashdiet +
The Mill, Birmingham – 8th December – Skid Row + Quireboys + Crashdiet + Matt Mitchell
& The Cold Hearts

*Tickets on sale from, 19th June at 9am

DEATH ANGEL – ‘Alive & Screaming’ The Ted Aguilar Song on Humanicide

After the celebrated release of Bay Area thrash metal legends DEATH ANGEL’s new album, Humanicide, the band is giving fans yet another look inside the making of the record. In a new trailer released today, guitarist Ted Aguilar discusses writing his first song on an album in his 17 years with DEATH ANGEL – find out more about ‘Alive and Screaming’, here

Order Humanicide on various formats, here:

Listen to Humanicide on Spotify:

With their forthcoming album Humanicide, DEATH ANGEL has maintained their throne in the universe of thrash while still managing to remain progressive in their style. They apply a wide variety of different elements to their music, always pushing to add newness to their sound. This time around they’ve included everything from acoustic bits, to guest musicians, to even (for the first time) the notes of a piano. All ten songs flow seamlessly yet each leaves its own distinct impression. The first single and title track’Humanicide’ triumphantly represents the entirety of the album, immediately energising the listener.Mark Osegueda remarks: “I wanted to write something that metal fans could really grasp onto. Something dark and intense, that still makes sense. Right now I think it’s so apparent that the earth is in a sickened state.”

For the 4th album cycle in a row, DEATH ANGEL returned to their producer and friend Jason Suecof (DEICIDE, TRIVIUM) of Audiohammer studios for the recording and mixing, along with the mastering of the legendary Ted Jensen (SLIPKNOT, PANTERA) of Sterling Sound who added the final touches and brought it all to life, with artist Brent Elliott White (LAMB OF GOD, MEGADETH) providing the ominous cover artwork.

“I’m ecstatic to present Death Angel’s 9th studio album, Humanicide. This collection of songs represents the band in its current state – united, vital, intense and (still) hungry like the wolf! I wanted this record to be quite diverse stylistically while obviously keeping with the parameters of metal. DA has been known to push the envelope and we absolutely did this time. So many emotions are expressed through our music, I’m very much looking forward to adding these songs into our live set list. As I savor this rare feeling of satisfaction, we proudly unleash this beast upon thee!” – Rob Cavestany.

Humanicide track listing:
1. Humanicide
2. Divine Defector
3. Aggressor
4. I Came For Blood
5. Immortal Behated
6. Alive and Screaming
7. The Pack
8. Ghost of Me
9. Revelation Song
10. Of Rats and Men
11. The Day I Walked Away (Bonus Track)

18.06.  LU   Esch-sur-Alzette – Rockhal (w/ ANTHRAX, ALIEN WEAPONRY)
19.06.  DE   Siegburg – Kubana
20.06.  DE   Hagen – Kultopia
21.06.  BE   Dessel – Graspop Metal Meeting
23.06.  FR   Clisson – Hellfest
09.08.  UK   Derby – Bloodstock Open Air
10.08.  PO   Vagos – Vagos Metal Fest
11.08.  NL   Leeuwarden – Into the Grave
12.08.  DE   Osnabrück – Bastard Club
14.08.  DE   Dinkelsbühl – Summer Breeze
16.08.  FR   St. Nolff – Motocultor Festival
17.08.  IT   Chiaromonte – Agglutination Metal Festival

BURNING WITCHES – new vocalist

The sad news of frontwoman Seraina leaving BURNING WITCHES has been circulating the internet over the last week, highlighting that sometimes there are things beyond your control that you don’t see coming… Continuing in their relentless pursuit of bringing heavy metal magic to the masses, the band are delighted to welcome new witch Laura from the Netherlands into the fold. The band are introducing Laura to their fans in the form of a new track.

Seraina states about her departure: “Dear friends, for personal reasons and after much deliberation I’ve decided to fully dedicate myself to my band DEAD VENUS and to leave the band BURNING WITCHES. For the last four years I have had an incredible journey but I feel now that is the time to explore the challenge my own project is offering me. I would like to thank my family, friends and of course the fans for the incredible support. I also thank the band, the label and the management for all their help. There are a lot of beautiful experiences I’ll keep with me forever. My debut album for DEAD VENUS titled Bird Of Paradise will be released later this year. So my life remains exciting! I wish the WITCHES all the best and good luck for the future!”

Band leader Romana continues: “This is of course a very sad moment for all of us. We have been very close for the last few years and have achieved a lot together. It’s with great sadness we have to accept that Seraina wants to move on and we wish her the best of luck for that! Your time with the WITCHES will never be forgotten! For us as a band it is important now to look to the new challenges ahead and the new record – the show must go on! Yes we are super thrilled that we have found Laura so quickly via our Dutch connection Sonia. We know it is impossible to replace a great voice in exactly the same way, that is why Laura is the perfect choice for us. She will bring her own strength and personality into the WITCHES! We will not change the identity of the band, we will continue playing the music we love! Laura is an experienced and crisp vocalist with a wide range and a crazy enough personality to be one of US! Please give her a warm welcome – she has already won many metal hearts at our first show with her at Sweden Rock Festival! We will continue to spread the magic of the witches – thanks for all the support over the years!”

New witch Laura states: “Dear BURNING WITCHES fans of the world, I am really excited and know that I have big shoes to fill! I want to thank you that you’ve given me this opportunity and also the BURNING WITCHES for their trust and the warm welcome they’ve given me into their sisterhood! Being able to play the music I love with great people, performing at those amazing shows and festivals, and being supported by a fantastic team is a dream that has come true for me. I can’t really wish for more! We are working our asses off at the moment to bring the magic to you all! Keep the fire burning! See you soon on the road and thanks for the support!”

Hexenhammer is available for order on a variety of different formats:
All formats:
Limited Digipack CD:
Limited Edition Double Gatefold Black Vinyl:
Digital album:

THE 69 EYES – The Artwork Of ‘West End’

Finland’s dark rockers THE 69 EYES recently announced that they will release their 12th studio album on September 13th. Right in time for their 30th band anniversary, ‘West End’ will see the light of day, so prepare for 11 up-tempo rock anthems full of heaviness, black memento mori moments and dark humour featuring several top-notch guest vocalists including Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth, Wednesday 13 and Beastö Blancö’s Calico Cooper.

Today, the band have revealed the first trailer for their upcoming album, in which they discuss the ”funeral balloons” sculpture on the cover of the album. The artwork was created by the famous Finnish sculptor Jiri Geller, a friend of the band since the very early days.

“It was like black magick to have Jiri back in our Helsinki Vampire circles again! I literally haven’t seen him for twenty years but he was the same freak as back then – and as we all are,” singer Jyrki 69 praises the long-lost lost boy.

In addition to their previously announced European tour dates, the Helsinki Vampires are ready for more extensive touring through their home country and will soon embark on a tour through Finland before hitting the rest of Europe and Russia:

14.09.  FIN      Radio Rock Cruise, Helsinki – Tallinn – Helsinki
20.09.  FIN      Viking Grace, Turku – Stockholm – Turku
25.09.  FIN      Tampere – Klubi
28.09.  FIN      Ähtäri – Club B 52
04.10.  FIN      Hämeenlinna – Aulanko Areena
05.10.  FIN      Mikkeli – Wilhelm Public House
10.10.  FIN      Kuopio – Henry’s Pub
11.10.  FIN      Joensuu – Ravintola Kerubi
12.10.  FIN      Kotka – Ravintola Leikari
25.10.  FIN      Jyväskylä – Lutakko
26.10.  FIN      Seinäjoki – Rytmikorjaamo
01.11.  FIN      Helsinki – Tavastia

THE 69 EYES – West End Tour 2019
02.11.  D         Leipzig – Hellraiser
03.11.  D         Berlin – SO36
05.11.  D         Hamburg – Logo
06.11.  D         Cologne – Essigfabrik
07.11.  D         Stuttgart – Wizemann Club
08.11.  D         Munich – Backstage (Halle)
09.11.  CZ       Prague – Meet Factory
11.11.  PL       Wroclaw – Stary Klasztor
12.11.  HU      Budapest – Barba Negra
13.11.  SK       Bratislava – Atelier Babylon
14.11.  AT       Vienna – Chelsea
16.11.  IT        Parma – Campus Music Industry
17.11.  CH      Pratteln – Z7
19.11.  D         Trier – Mergener Hof
20.11.  F          Paris – Backstage by the Mill
21.11.  UK      London – The Garage
23.11.  D         Oberhausen – Kulttempel
24.11.  D         Frankfurt – Zoom

Catch THE 69 EYES also in 2020:
06.03. LVA      Riga – Melna Piektdiena
07.03. LTU     Vilnius – Vakaris
08.03. BLR     Minsk – Republic
10.03. UKR    Lviv – Festrepublic
11.03. RUS     Kiev – Atlas
13.03. RUS     St.Petersburg – Zal
14.03. RUS     Moscow – RED
16.03. RUS     Khabarovsk – Velicano
17.03. RUS     Vladivostok – Kraft
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