Brisbane’s She Cries Wolf are today rolling out their razor-sharp new single ‘Magdalene’ featuring guest vocals from The Amity Affliction vocalist Ahren Stringer! The new single is live and available now at iTunes & Apple Music/Spotify/Google Play and all good online stores and streaming outlets.

The single comes as a first taste of new material from the band, whose back catalog includes a self-titled EP, albums ‘Divorce’ and ‘Doubt’, as well as a glut of devastatingly heavy singles in 2017 & 2018.

Luke Harriss, vocalist for She Cries Wolf, broke down the themes of the new single and that the band wanted to put something out there that helped people to understand that they were not alone – “Magdalene is about the struggles many of us face with our own depression and poor self esteem/body image.”

Stringer spoke of his experience working with She Cries Wolf on the track, “I was really stoked that the guys from She Cries Wolf asked me to be a part of this track – I recorded my parts at my house and sent them to the guys. It was sick, I just sung in my wardrobe for an hour and a half!”

She Cries Wolf had a whirlwind 2016/2017 – which saw the release of their second album ‘Doubt’, a run of dates with friends Void Of Vision and Justice For The Damned, along with support slots for national and international heavyweights like ‘68, Parkway Drive, Every Time I Die, Polaris, letlive., Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Counterparts.

Going into the back half of 2018, the alternative hardcore outfit then bunkered down in the studio for months, hard at work with renewed energy and focus. This new single follows on from the self-released, while-you-wait teaser single ‘Cultist’ in January of 2018 – and now the Queensland quartet are finally ready to unveil the darkest and most personal material of their career.

Late 2018 saw the group drop a “standout” performance at BIGSOUND’s showcases – wowing audiences with a kinetic live-show described by Music Feeds as “…a mesmerising performance wrought with chaotic emotion and haywire energy.”

She Cries Wolf’s new single ‘Magdalene’ featuring Ahren Stringer of The Amity Affliction is out now at iTunes & Apple Music/Spotify/Google Play and all good online stores and streaming outlets.

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Chris Prophet Unveils First Single from Debut Album Athaza

One-man instrumental progressive metal machine Chris Prophet has released Stargaze, the first single from his debut album Athaza.
The full album is set for release on the 8th March 2019.

“Star Gaze is definitely one of the songs nearest to my heart. With about six guitars playing at the same time, this was so much fun to record and write as I continuously pushed myself to focus on adapting my sounds to carry across the feeling of insignificance and magnificence when looking up at the night sky.” – Chris Prophet

Athaza is the debut album from Pretoria based South African musician Chris Prophet. Basically self-taught, Chris developed his skills by learning and applying techniques from other guitarists and musicians he was inspired by. Having no formal background in music theory he firmly believes that once he becomes aware of the many rules of music, he will become bound by them, and be afraid of going where his emotions guide him.
The album is dedicated to his best friend who passed away unexpectedly in 2016. Every track on the album represents the emotions that he experienced during the nine years writing these songs. Some tracks took years to complete where other tracks took a matter of days, but each one of them represent a certain struggle that he had to cope with either in his personal or professional life.

Dark Folk Act ROME Announce European Tour

Luxembourg-based Outfit To Tour Through March 2019

ROME, the Luxembourg based folk noir outfit fronted by Jerome Reuter, is set to tour Europe through March in support for their latest record, “Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro” which is released through Trisol Music Group GmbH on January 18th.

The full dates can be found here:

02.03.2019 Gothenburg, Sweden / Sticky Fingers
03.03.2019 Stockholm, Sweden / Klubben
07.03.2019 Berlin, Germany / Musik & Frieden
08.03.2019 Dresden, Germany / Club Puschkin
09.03.2019 Nordhausen, Germany / NekroWerkKlub
10.03.2019 Frankfurt, Germany / Nachtleben
13.03.2019 Stuttgart, Germany / Keller Klub
14.03.2019 Hannover, Germany / Faust
15.03.2019 Wroclaw, Poland / Firlej
16.03.2019 Warsaw, Poland / Hydrozagadka
17.03.2019 Krakow, Poland / Zet Pe Te
18.03.2019 Vienna, Austria / Replugged
20.03.2019 Freiburg, Germany / Slow Club
21.03.2019 Cologne, Germany / Artheater
22.03.2019 Hamburg, Germany / Nochtspeicher
23.03.2019 Jena, Germany / Kassablanca
(more to be announced)

Considered one of the most important figures in the neofolk genre, Luxembourg’s ROME have spent the last thirteen years exploring and pushing their musical boundaries. The music unites American folklore with Chanson and the angst-ridden tristesse of English Post Punk – ‘Chanson Noir’, as leading man and sole permanent member Jerome Reuter, once called it. Looming above all this is his distinctive, deep voice. A voice you want to believe knows all about man’s true nature and purpose.

Part of a long tradition of lonesome guitar heroes, outcasts moving about restlessly, pursued by their dreams and demons, dedicated to a life beyond the pale. Reuter takes musical nods from Jacques Brel, Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Michael Gira, Nick Cave – architects of melancholy like these have left their footprints in his artistic expression.

The protagonists of ROME’s lyrical world are history’s forgotten heroes and outsiders, most notably of the 20th century: Anarchist rebels (as on ‘Flowers From Exile’, 2009), the French resistance (‘Nos Chants Perdus’, 2010), Southern Africa’s struggle for freedom (‘A Passage To Rhodesia’, 2014) or revolutionaries and underground fighters such as those on ROME’s ambitious trilogy ‘Die Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit’ (2011) inspired by the works of Peter Weiss and Pablo Neruda among others. This leads us to their thirteenth album; ‘Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro’.

On ’Le Ceneri Di Heliodoro’ (’The ashes of Heliodoro’), Reuter does not shy away from the provocative and ambiguous and thus tackles new terrain and touchy subject matters such as Europe’s dissolving unity, or its relations to the US and the fragile fraternity of its nations.

The questions of continuity and identity have marked this decade of decline and have left an undeniable impression on Reuter’s work. But what will come of this mysterious Heliodoro – prophet or demon, saviour or slayer? Reuter leaves these – as most other questions – unanswered in this neofolk tour de force.

This thirteenth album, indeed, marks a return to the martial folk origins of the project and it is a grim and bleak picture Reuter is painting in these poignant folk songs. We are left with having but one choice: to try and find the necessary strength within ourselves, if we are to survive this turmoil. Thus, inevitably, the album is also an homage to ROME’s unique brand of outsiderdom.

We are left breathless. The city is alight in flames, delighting our eye in the beauty of its ruin. Uropia O Morte!

Welsh Alt-Metal Trio TREP To Hit The Road

Band Announce UK Tour In Support Of New EP

Welsh alt-metal trio TREP are set to tour the UK in support of their latest EP “Lucian”, which is set for release on March 18th. The band will co-headline alongside Eden In Progress as part of the “The Future Is Ours” tour.

The tour will be hitting the following cities:

March 12th – West Street Live – Sheffield
March 13th – Fuel – Cardiff
March 14th – The Gryphon – Bristol
March 15th – The Lion – Chepstow
March 16th – Hangar 18 – Swansea
March 21st – The Unicorn – London
March 22nd – Two Pigs – Cheltenham

Formed in 2017, Cardiff based alt-metal trio TREP have spent the last few years gathering steam throughout South Wales

After the initial welcoming of TREP’s “Silence the Crows” demo in July 2017, the band will be re-releasing it as a single in January 2019 to accompany the full release of their first EP titled ‘Lucian’ on March 18th. It will be the first of two EPs that will combine to create an elaborate story. The lyrical themes across both releases will deal with dystopia, a dictatorship and the use of technology for a chance at a better world; but at what cost?

Musically akin to Volbeat, Shinedown and Thrice; the band blend walls of guitars, three-part harmonies and some excellent duel guitar work. Tracks like aforementioned lead single “Silence The Crows” careens through a massive choruses before sailing on to a stunning solo that wouldn’t be out of miss on an Avenged Sevenfold record. Elsewhere closer “Better World” is a track seeking solace in a technological void, veering between groove laden guitar work and fabulous dual vocal work.

To coincide with their EP release, TREP will be setting out on their first UK tour in March 2019, playing at multiple venues across England and Wales. The band will also be competing in the Bristol – Metal to the Masses competition, to win a chance at playing Bloodstock Open Air 2019, as well as headlining festivals around South Wales.

For more info on the band head here:

Nottingham Stoner Kings WIDOWS Return With New EP

“Ten’Yer” Marks The Band Signing To APF Records And Upcoming Tour Dates

Widows are back with a new drummer and a new two-track EP, “Ten’Yer” out now on APF Records!

The track listing for the new release is:

1. P.S. Worry
2. Hammer and Nail

Hard Rock/Stoner/sludge quartet, WIDOWS are a pulverizing juggernaut of deadly riffage drenched with impressions of Entombed, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Down, and EyeHateGod. Having spent several years laying waste to any venue that would have them, the band have made friends in high places; scoring stunning reviews and features in Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Norway Rock, Sludge Lord, and Rock Sound.

Following on from the storming success of their third studio release, 2017’s “Oh Deer God”, Widows are back with their flattening new two-track EP “Ten’Yer” marking the final studio release with long time drummer Ze-Big and the first outings for new drummer Adam Sharrocks at their launch shows in February 2019.

Widows had this to say about their new release.
“After a relatively quiet 2018, we’re glad to be back with these new tracks and excited to get them in your faces live! We are also stoked to be finally working with APF Records on the release too, the label has done a lot for the scene since it started up and we’re really happy we’re now a part of that.

Ten’Yer is a bit of a progression on what we did with “Oh Deer God” and expands on the nastiness on that record. There’s still that same vibe there but the focus was on trying to make it darker and more aggressive than “ODG” on all fronts. If you liked the last record, you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you come January 28th!”

The band are also set to hit the UK over the coming months, and can be found sweating it out in the following cities:

Sat 23rd Feb – The Freebird, Stoke, w/Mastiff and Silverchild
Thu 14th March – The Maze, Nottingham, Metal 2 the Masses Heat 5
9th June -Black Heart, London All dayer, main support
Sat 5th Oct – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh Barbarian Hermit weekender
Sun 6th Oct – Trillian’s, Newcastle, all dayer, Barbarian Hermit weekender

FLAMMENAAR “Gottes Sohn”

“Gottes Sohn”
(Terror Records)

Battle Helm Rating

It would be strange if I didn’t like the good stuff but I am a sucker for finding stuff that not so many might have heard of. I could be fooling myself in thinking so but since I don’t socialize in any sort of greater black metal network I would like to believe that I am one of few that have heard of this or that. German FLAMMENAAR are new to me although this album is from 2017. What we get here is black metal with an anthemic, epic feeling. Without loosing the raw edge that makes great black metal so good. And this is good. The tempo is relatively high and you get some sort of melodic feeling to. This one turned out to be a new fave. Anders Ekdahl

KIRCHENBRAND “Krankheit Mensch”

“Krankheit Mensch”
(Terror Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I often find myself feeling at odds when I discover a band that has more than one release to their name. Where should I start? From the beginning or with the latest album. This time I don’t have to think too much about it. This is KIRCHENBRAND’s second album, so I guess that I will start from almost the start. This is my first ever encounter with this Austrian band, apart from the interview I did that is up on the site. This is black metal in what I would like to describe as the early Darthrone black metal era. Primitive and to the point. And with vocals that are like a summoning from the depths. If you have issues with Darkthrone and like Mayhem or Satyricon better this isn’t for you. but for all of us that like a bit old school 90s black metal this is the stuff to like. I hope that I get to explore this band’s albums in the future. Anders Ekdahl

MOGH “Kirshah Khutai Kirkhoda”

“Kirshah Khutai Kirkhoda”
(Terror Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am a die hard atheist. I have been so since childhood, even though I might not have known of it back then. To me it doesn’t matter what religion you are. It is all the same to me. But that also means that I don’t have any issue with people that are anti-Christian or in the case of MOGH anti Islam. Like MOGH. If western black metal bands can be anti-Christian then middle eastern black metal bands can be anti Islam. Just because you were born in a certain place doesn’t mean that you gotta accept the ruling religion. Enough about that and onwards to the music. If I have understood this right “Kirshah Khutai Kirkhoda” is a demo that has been released on CD. As this is my first ever encounter with MOGH I have no idea how representative this one is for their sound. But judging from this stuff their black metal is primitive and with an almost mass like feeling. Like a summoning of ancient spirits. The more I listen to this, the more I start to like it. This is raw as fuck black metal. Anders Ekdahl

MOGH “Gach Pazh”

“Gach Pazh”
(Terror Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not so much for ethnic music, or the use of ethnic instruments in the music. Not that I mind it or have any sort of issues with it. I just don’t care too much about it. But when you come from the middle east it is almost obligatory to use ancient instruments. Like MOGH does in the opening track of “Gach Pazh”. Having just gotten to know of this band’s music through the demo I reviewed earlier I had now real idea what this album would be like. But I gotta say that this one surprised me. if the demo was raw and primitive this one feels a bit more structured and almost grandiose. This is still black metal with that mass feeling. Almost ritualistic in its approach. Kinda like Mephorash. And as I am a huge sucker for anything that is greater than life I just sit here and enjoy this album. I want more of this kinda stuff. and I want it now. Anders Ekdahl

MOGH “Paradigm Shift”

“Paradigm Shift”
(Terror Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait that long for a new album to drop in on me. This is MOGH’s latest offering. This is more of the same stuff that was on the previous album. More of that ritualistic black metal that they did so well on the last album. if you are looking for some old school Norwegian 90s black metal you better look elsewhere. If you like stuff like Mephorash, or Mortuus to some extent, as much as I do you will have a field day with this one. Over 8 tracks we get treated to some really intricate black metal. This is the stuff you need to turn of all electric lights for, and light as many candles as you possible can to get in the right mood. Anders Ekdahl