Tyla Yaweh, Tommy Lee – Tommy Lee (Tommy Lee Remix – Official Music Video) ft. Post Malone

The original single that was a collaboration between Tyla Yaweh and Post Malone was released earlier last month on 12thJune to worldwide hype and critical acclaim. Now they have teamed up with the man himself Tommy Lee for a remix of the single which is available now to listen to HERE. The recording for the remix of the critically acclaimed track was done at Tommy’s Atrium studio, with production handled by Tommy Lee and Dylan Lee. Tyla came to the studio, bringing an amazing energy to the process (as seen in the video for the remix).  Lee called in close friend John 5 (Marilyn Manson/ Rob Zombie) to play guitar and bass in order to give the remix the crunch it needed.

“I was humbled that Tyla and Post chose to name a song after me.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it with them and give it my spin. We had a blast! They are the new rockstars!  I love them both!” says Tommy Lee

“I’m excited to be releasing records with my idols,” says Tyla. “I first had Billie Joe Armstrong clear a sample for me and hop in my last video with Wiz Khalifa. Now I’ve got a legendary track with this bad ass Rockstar Tommy Lee and my brother Post Malone. This track is so special to me!!!”

On June 5th it was announced that the long-time Mötley Crüe drummer has just spent the last 2 years writing and recording his new album and it is about to challenge virtually everything you thought you knew about him and his musical proclivities. True, he hinted at some of the complexity behind the chaos, when he formed Methods of Mayhem and when he toured with Skrillex, Zedd and Deadmaus, but Lee’s new set of tracks seem to truly represent the music that’s he was meant to make – and that definitively reveals the depth and range of his musical fascinations.   They also represent the male and female sides of music – equally important and equally powerful, thus the name of the album, ANDRO.  Androgyny is a combination of the essences of male and female genders and the album is the manifestation of the concept.

The passion is evident right from the start of ANDRO, as the album opens with the first of his two singles “Knock Me Down,”a paint-stripping industrial-metal stormer (as close as ANDRO gets to what Lee is best known for) featuring the up-and-coming rapper Killvein, who gives a scorching performance. “I heard his shit on the internet,” Lee recalls, “and I thought, this dude is badass, ‘Knock Me Down’had his name all over it. He raps like a beast, is super-talented, and actually says something. He’s gonna blow up.”

Another singularly fierce pairing on the second of his two singles, is with female South African rapper Push Push, who raps like lightning in her unique accent over a cool Afrobeat groove on “Tops.”She comes off as someone who you probably don’t want to cross. “She’s a total troublemaker,” Lee jokes, “a maniac!”  With a powerful singing voice that takes listeners by pleasant surprise in between her staccato raps, Push Pushhas a down-to-earth attitude and the talents to deliver on her enthusiasm for experimental, barrier-breaking projects. Push Push has worked on a recent Pussy Riot single and has performed alongside the likes of Peanut Butter Wolf and Ryan Hemsworth. Her tracks have been featured on Comedy Central’s Broad City.

Both artists’ videos were directed by Lee’s longtime friend, Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit).  As alike as the sets are for the videos, that is how different, sonically, both songs are.   “Working with Tommy was an incredible opportunity, he made sure that I was in a comfortable space, free to express myself fully and without limits. The video shoot was a dream come true. I felt empowered to show all my true colors without judgement. Honestly that team could’ve made anyone feel like a star,” says Push Push.

“It was great working with Tommy! It’s crazy because I grew up listening to Mötley Crüe so I never imagined I’d end up working with Tommy fucking Lee,” enthuses Killvein.  “I was surprised he’d even heard of me but that’s all thanks to our mutual friend, Danny Lohner.  Danny showed Tommy my music last year and that’s when Tommy sent me the beat. I recorded half the song in my garage in Sacramento and the other half in his studio in Calabasas. I was like a kid in a candy shop in there – he has everything. The video shoot was surreal. Getting to work with both Tommy and Fred Durst on that was a dream.”

Other features on the record include a Prince cover from Lukas Rossi (Rockstar Supernova), Josh Todd (Buckcherry), Brooke Candy and Mickey Avalon.  A pre-order also launches today and can be found at https://tommylee.ffm.to/andro

OCEAN HILLS & GUNS ‘N’ ROSES – Matt Sorum // A Dialogue In The Desert Pt. 1

They know each other since many years – and you’ll realise quickly when watching the just launched first episode of the „A Dialogue In The Desert“ video series: OCEAN HILLS frontman Zoli Teglas (ex-Ignite) and Matt Sorum (ex-Guns ’n’ Roses/Velvet Revolver/The Cult). Episode I sees the two talking not only about the first two Ocean Hills singles, but also about musicianship within Guns’n’Roses, working with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and much more. Stay tuned for further episodes to drop in the near future. Ocean Hills‘ debut album „Santa Monica“ will be released this Fall.

“I just want us to be known as Working Class Rock N’ Roll”, so says vocalist Zoli Teglas (ex-Ignite), having taken 30 years’ worth of experience in the music business to launch a project close to his heart, Ocean Hills. Born into a working class Hungarian family, a dedicated animal rights / rescue activist, and a Hollywood actor with supporting roles in “Terminator: Dark Fate” and “The Alienist” under his belt, Teglas learned the value of hard work at a young age and the relationship music played in it. And it was always rock n’ roll. Bands like Journey, Boston, The Who and Led Zeppelin are only a few examples of the artists that laid the groundwork for Teglas’ current artistic vision: to write songs for the working-class man in the vein of acts like Shinedown, Nickelback, and Alter Bridge. Lead-off single “A Separate Peace” released in April 2020 – is proof positive of the Ocean Hills no-bullshit approach to making their own brand of rock, with new single “Death Of Liberty” as the infectious follow-through.

ENSLAVED – Jettegryta

It is not about avoiding fear of the pitch-black darkness, but to go into the darkness itself…Norway’s premier progressive black metallers ENSLAVED have released the second single ‘Jettegryta’ from their upcoming studio album Utgard. The single is accompanied by a frost-bitten video, in which an Icelandic pristine glacial landscape is darkened by sinister events. Today, the band have also launched pre-orders for Utgard, which will be released on October 2nd.

Grutle Kjellson commented on the video: “Iceland was the perfect place to shoot the video for Jettegryta. Jettegryta translates to Giant´s Cauldron and refers to a phenomenon in nature, where rivers/running water – over a long period – create an often cylindrical hole in solid rock. In ancient Norse folklore, the Jette/Jotun (giants) made these cauldrons to cook in. Although these particular nature phenomena don’t exist on the volcanic island of Iceland, there are plenty of other places on this magical island that could lead to the dwelling of the giants! When Norse settlers came to Iceland in the 8th and 9th century, the fumes and fog from the hot streams and the volcanos clearly told them that this island was inhabited by elves, dwarves and giants! This reminded them of the stories of Utgard. To them, Iceland was on the doorsteps of Utgard, the outer borders of the world of men; a gateway. The lyrics of the song deal with entering such a mythological and esoteric place; deep within your own mind and imagination, a gateway into the dreams, the unconscious and the realm of chaos. We have tried to transform these words into this clip, and maybe you can feel a glimpse of what those early Icelanders felt when they first entered this realm!”

Pre-order Utgard here: https://www.nuclearblast.com/enslaved-utgard


MICHAEL DES BARRES AND THE MISTAKES release new single ‘Get It On (Bang A Gong) on Die Laughing Records.

MICHAEL DES BARRES needs no introduction. From Movies such as ‘To Sir With Love’ and playing Murdocon Macgyer to fronting THE POWER STATION at Live Aid and bands such as SILVERHEAD, CHEQUERED PAST and DETECTIVE; his career is littered with highlights.

Today MICHAEL DES BARRES and THE MISTAKES release a new single, a live version of the T-Rex classic ‘Get It On (Bang A Gong)’, which Michael also performed with THE POWER STATION at Live Aid. It is delivered with the suave swagger that Des Barres is known for.

MICHAEL PHILIP DES BARRES was born January 24th, the 26th Marquis Des Barres, and became an English actor and rock singer. Some people will always remember him as the sunglasses wearing pupil from ‘To Sir With Love’ and some, like the Go, Go, Go Girl, will remember him in red leather pants fronting POWER STATION  at 1985’s “Live Aid”. Die Laughing’s Dave Dalton, remembers him with his band SILVERHEAD in 1973, and meeting him briefly in LA, as well as some years later with DETECTIVE (on Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song Records) at ‘The Old Waldorf’ In 1977. Still others remember the character he created “Murdoc” on the ABC MacGyver series, that spanned into the CBS reboot. However, you know this man, his career has spanned almost 50 years.

DES BARRES and DLR are backing this collaboration to showcase Michael and his band THE MISTAKES to a whole new fan base, the “Millennials” if you will. We know the “Hot Topic” era punks will embrace his past works such as SILVERHEAD, CHEQUERED PAST and DETECTIVE, and the street punk sound Michael has now perfected with THE MISTAKES. Die Laughing Records are looking forward to releasing more new music, including a ‘Live’ EP in 2020 to a new and nostalgic audience.

You can also catch Mr. Des Barres on Sirius radio where he hosts “The Michael Des Barres Program”every weekday morning from 8–11 AM ET with a replay every weekday evening from 9- midnight PT on Little Steven’s Underground Garage (SiriusXM Channel 21).

KATAKLYSM – The Killshot

Canadian melodic death metal heavyweights KATAKLYSM are proud to reveal their 14th full length studio album, ‘UNCONQUERED’ which will be unleashed on September 25th via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band release the first single entitled, “The Killshot”.

The band comments, “‘The Killshot’ is very Machiavellian at its base meaning. The song deals with revenge and planning it out, I wrote the song in an open interpretation because everyone has their own story that they can attach to it. In general, the album deals with pain or setbacks, overcoming them and fighting back especially in today’s situation, the timing is on point. In February, we flew to Atlanta, Georgia and worked with director Scott Hanson. We saw some of his creations and wanted to try his style. The experience was awesome and we won’t forget it anytime soon. Everything went great but it was there, sitting at the airport that we first started seeing on all the screens that Covid-19 was about to shutdown the country.”

‘UNCONQUERED’ was recorded and engineered by the band’s long-time producer and guitarist JF Dagenais at JFD Studio in Dallas, TX. KATAKLYSM enlisted legendary Colin Richardson, post retirement, to aid in the mixing of UNCONQUERED’s weightier and modernized sound with additional help from Chris Clancy’s technicality and precision.UNCONQUERED stands among the best produced albums in the band’s career.

The infamous heart beast, which also appeared on In The Arms Of Devastation (2006), Prevail (2008), and Heaven’s Venom (2010), makes its return with a cover image created by artist Blake Armstrong.

Pre-order your copy of UNCONQUERED: in the format of your choice here: www.nuclearblast.com/kataklysm-unconquered

Pre-save the album to Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer here: http://nblast.de/KatUnconqueredPreSave


Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy & Randy George are returning to their Cover To Cover series of albums with ‘Cov3r To Cov3r’, the brand new third instalment. Featuring their renditions of classic tracks by the likes of King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Gerry Rafferty, David Bowie & more (including their cover of ‘No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed’ featuring vocals from Yes singer Jon Davison), the album will be released on the 24th July as CD, Gatefold 2LP + CD & as Digital Album.

It is just 2 weeks till the album is released, and today they have launched a video for their cover of Jethro Tull’s Hymn 43.  Neal Morse comments: “When I was young and they packed me off to school, someone played me the second side of the Aqualung album by Jethro Tull and I was immediately consumed by it. Hymn 43 being one of my favorite tracks I was thrilled when the guys wanted to record this one. We kicked it out in one or two takes and it was a gas!”

As well as ‘Cov3r to Cov3r’, the ‘Cover To Cover Anthology (Vol. 1 – 3)’ will be released on the same day, collecting all 3 instalments together over 3 discs. The first two albums have also been newly re-sequenced and remastered, and will also be available on digital services. The albums have also been given brand new artwork, created by Thomas Ewerhard (Sons of Apollo, The Neal Morse Band, Avantasia).

‘Cov3r to Cov3r’ on Jewelcase CD & Gatefold 2LP + CD, and ‘Cover to Cover Anthology (Vol.1-3) on Limited 3CD Digipak are now available to pre-order here:

Cov3r to Cov3r: https://MorsePortnoyGeorge.lnk.to/Cov3rtoCov3r

Cover to Cover Anthology: https://MorsePortnoyGeorge.lnk.to/CovertoCoverAnthologyVol1-3

Morse, Portnoy & George first worked together on Neal Morse’s Testimony Live project back in 2003, and since then they have devised and recorded countless Neal Morse albums, including three with The Neal Morse Band.

The three friends have also released music as Morse, Portnoy & George: so far, two Cover to Cover albums have been produced, each being a collection of covers of their favorite songs. As Portnoy explains: “One of the first things myself, Neal and Randy usually start talking about what we can cover when we gather for one of Neal’s solo albums, should we have some leftover time at the end of the session. Most of the songs are rooted in the 60s and 70s and are songs / bands we grew up with.” Explains George, “We all share an attachment for this era of music, so we each throw out song ideas, see what sticks, and record the ones we like the most!”

BLUES PILLS – Kiss My Past Goodbye

BLUES PILLS will release their new album Holy Moly! on August 21st via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band has revealed the official video for their new single ‘Kiss My Past Goodbye’. Guitarist Zack Anderson comments: “‘Kiss My Past Goodbye’ is a song full of raw power, funky riffs, and wild drumming. It’s a clear message about moving on, staying true to yourself and not dwelling on your past.” Holy Moly! is now available to pre-order on CD, 2 CD Digipack, a variety of Limited Edition Vinyl and Vinyl Box Set, here: nblast.de/BluesPills-HolyMoly

BLUES PILLS founders and main songwriters Elin and Zack spent the majority of their waking moments arranging and refining the songs. Together with drummer André they built up an album in nuances of light and dark. The album is recorded by BLUES PILLS guitarist Zack, although with some helping hands along the way from THE HIVES members Nicolaus Arson and Johan Gustafsson, as well as Martin Jacobsson from Rovljud Sound. Holy Moly! is self- produced by BLUES PILLS and mixed by the Grammy award winning Andrew Scheps (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, IGGY POP, ADELE, BLACK SABBATH, RIVAL SONS, HOZIER). About “Holy Moly!” Andrew Scheps says: “Holy Moly! can be a deceptive album. On first listen it seems like a great blues/rock album with classic songs and great vocals. On repeated listens though you start to appreciate the layers and nuance. Not often do you get a record that makes a great first impression but is still a grower!”

LORD OF THE LOST – feat. JOY FROST – Dying On The Moon

“Dying On The Moon” is a beautiful ballad, perfectly performed by Chris Harms and Joy Frost, who’s voices complement each other perfectly in a bittersweet duet. Underlined by the classical The Lord Of The Lost Ensemble, the German Dark Metal maestros deliver a soulful and slightly desperate track that goes straight into the listeners heartstrings – an ode to trusting one’s soul’s decision and believing in yourself. The freshly released song is accompanied by a music video, inspired by technical achievements of the 60s and the moon landing, kept in black and white.

After teaming up on multiple songwriting and composing collaborations with LORD OF THE LOST in the past on tracks such as “Voodoo Doll” or “Ribcages”, for the first time ever, the voice of US American Singer / Songwriter Joy Frost appears on a song by the band. “Dying On The Moon” is the third single taken off the new classical ensemble album Swan Songs III, to be released on August 7th.

Chris Harms on the collaboration with Joy Frost on ”Dying On The Moon”: „After so many years of knowing each other and writing songs together, it was time to bring Joy in the spot light of the LOTL cosmos. I love her voice so much, I could listen to her all day. Whatever she sings, it sounds good. Anything.“

Joy Frost adds: “Chris and I have known each other since 2015. The summer when we first met, I was in the front row of his classroom as one of his audio engineering students. I remember dreaming about becoming a songwriter for his band during class, but at the time it was just a fantasy. Five years later, we’ve not only written several songs together but now he’s asked me to step out onto the stage with him as his duet partner. I feel sincerely thankful to have earned his trust in both music and friendship.“

Byzantine – “The Shortest Straw”

Last month, Byzantine’s Chris “OJ” Ojeda (vocals/rhythm guitar) took part in a “quarantine jam” of Metallica’s “The Shortest Straw” with Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves; rhythm/lead guitar), Phil Demmel (Vio-lence; lead guitar), Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch; bass/backup vocals), and Mike Portnoy (Metal Allegiance; drums), which was filmed and recorded at each members’ home.

Chris “OJ” Ojeda comments: “Chris (Kael) and I have discussed working on something over the past few years since we are old friends. When I mentioned a Metallica cover during this time of restriction, he jumped at the chance. He was able to bring Mike (Portnoy) on board pretty quickly and I pulled Doc (Coyle) and Phil (Demmel) in. I have been musically dormant since the release of ‘The Cicada Tree’, spending time raising my 3 kids and building Trident Music Facility, so it feels GREAT to track some guitars and vocals again. ‘The Shortest Straw’ is quite possibly a perfect Metallica song. I am a piece of driftwood in a sea of Gold performing this classic tune with these fantastic musicians! We hope you enjoy.”

Additionally, on July 25th at 6PM PT//9PM ET, Byzantine will livestream a special performance at Trident Music Facility, featuring music from their first three albums: The Fundamental Component (2004), …And They Shall Take Up Serpents (2005), Oblivion Beckons (2008). Fans can purchase a $5 ticket to tune in at: https://www.stageit.com/byzantine/live_from_trident_music_facility_part_i/83021

Byzantine released their latest album, The Cicada Tree, to critical acclaim in 2017. To state that The Cicada Tree is “classic Byzantine” in no way implies that this is an album solely rooted in the band’s past. Certainly, all of the hallmarks that have made their sound so compelling for close to two decades are present and correct: muscular yet lithe riffs and fluid leads play against gripping, dynamic and at times unpredictable rhythms, while rich melodies and lyrics that are both involved and intelligent wind their way through every track. But, once more, the groove metal unit has continued their steady evolution – the interplay between their members organic and natural, imbuing the record’s sixty-two-minute running time with a freshness and urgency.

To stream and purchase The Cicada Tree, please visit: metalblade.com/byzantine

PALLBEARER – Forgotten Days

Pallbearer’s highly-anticipated fourth album, Forgotten Days, will arrive on October 23rd via Nuclear Blast. The band has simultaneously released the eight-song album’s first single, leading with a video for the title track.

“I’m extremely stoked to finally share this song with everyone,” says singer/guitar player Brett Campbell. Commenting on the Ben Meredith directed clip, Campbell continues: “The video for ‘Forgotten Days’ tells the story of an unfortunate traveler who journeys too far, and becomes lost in the depths of both inner, and outer, space. What is real when you cannot trust your own mind?“

“Forgotten Days is us exploring what is natural to us,” says bass player/songwriter Joseph Rowland. “The songs tell me where I need to go when I write. We wanted to focus on songs that were visceral and enjoyable to play live – that our audiences would enjoy experiencing. We’re also getting back to more of the groovier and heavier elements of Pallbearer. Heartless is fairly uptempo and technical. This one is a little more open, it hammers you.”

“This record has a lot of thematic ties to our first record,” Rowland continues. “When we were writing Sorrow and Extinction, my mother was terminally ill. It’s been 10 years since she passed. It’s taken me all of this time to take a really good look at myself. While we were writing Forgotten Days, I knew, ‘Now is the time to sit down and begin to understand who I have become.’”

“Joe and I have always written lyrics separately,” adds Campbell. “But we always end up with lyrics that are connected by threads. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s because we’ve been in close proximity for a long while. Between Heartless and Forgotten Days, we were home for an extended period of time. I think we finally had time to reflect. Memory is a big aspect of the new record. The passage of time. How things change as perspective changes. Was the past truly the way that you remember it at all?”

The Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth, Johan Johannson) produced album was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in West Texas. Michael Lierly, drummer Mark Lierly’s brother, once again created the album’s artwork, crafting images that were roughly hewn yet heartbreaking in their expressive heft. The striking cover is the ideal foil to Pallbearer’s thick musical and lyrical melancholia.