XENOBLIGHT lanch new video

Xenoblight launched new lyric video “Transcendence”, featuring the seventh track off Xenoblights debut album “Procreation”.

Band comments: People and dire circumstances can push minds over the edge, but who divides the insane from the sane?
Explore the lyrical universe in Xenoblights track “Transcendence” off their debut album “Procreation” backed by galloping double pedals, shrieking vocals and piercing guitar riffs all presented through Scott Rudd Film editing and Fendieart’s cover artwork.


Bigcartel (physical merch): http://www.xenoblight.bigcartel.com/
Bandcamp: http://www.xenoblight.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1WZ82eZvgp9L0YZqfvr5Wx

BLACKSLASH „Lightning Strikes Again” – Cover, Tracklist, release date: 4th May 2018

The release date of the new album „Lightning Strikes Again“ by the German Heavy Metal Band BLACKSLASH on CD is May 4th, 2018.

Blackslash are founded in 2007 at Donaueschingen, Black Forest, Germany. They play the music your parents used to listen to!

Old-School-Heavy-Metal, that’s what the five guys around bass player Alec Trojan stand for. And by playing neckbreaking concerts they give evidence to that. At this a galloping bass reminds you on Iron Maiden; two-part guitars let you travel time into the golden era of Thin Lizzy, while the melodious singing of front man Clemens Haas takes control over your mind.

A faithful and steadily growing fan crowd is astonished every concert by the ease Christian Haas is stroking the strings with, to push his amps to the limit supported by a second guitar Daniel Hölderle. Meanwhile David Hofmeier tortures his drums to end up in a climax of dynamic and speed.

The fact that Blackslash is not about smooth-edged pop music is approved by their fans since the release of their “Blackslash EP” in 2011. The rough and edgy Heavy-Metal disc seemed to have the finger right on the pulse and touched the nerve of the bored lunatics and winos around the South of Germany. After just a few concerts the record was sold out and therefore Blackslash started planning their debut album (“Separate But Equal”) that winter.

By the release of 2nd album “Sinister Lightning” they succeeded in becoming the most charismatic Heavy Metal act in their region and was a great step forward. Now it’s time for the third full-length album as CD and official stream/ download via Iron Shield Records.

1. Lightning Strikes Again
2. Night City Street Lights
3. Skyline Rider
4. Eyes Of A Stranger
5. Illuminate The Night
6. Steel Held High
7. Save My Heart
8. Shine On
9. Unknown Heroes
10. Right To The Top
Total Playing Time: 49:04 min

Clemens Haas – vocals
Christian Haas – guitars
Daniel Hölderle – guitars
Alec Trojan – bass
David Hofmeier – drums


Foto: Richard Trojan (www.fotograf-rt.de)

SPARTAN WARRIOR – “Hell To Pay” – official single from the album „Hell To Pay“

The second single of the British Heavy Metal Band SPARTAN WARRIOR – “Hell To Pay” was released on Bandcamp. The song can be downloaded for free until April 14, 2018. The album “Hell To Pay” was officially released on February 23rd, 2018 via PURE STEEL RECORDS and is available as CD and Download in our webshop.


THRUST – “Sorceress” – official single from the album „Harvest Of Souls“

The first single of the US-Metal Band THRUST – “Sorceress” was released on Soundcloud. The release date of the new THRUST album „Harvest Of Souls” on CD is April 27th, 2018. The pre-order phase will start on April 13th, 2018 in our webshop.

Pure Steel Records announces THRUST’s new album “HARVEST OF SOULS” schedule for release April 2018!!!

Thrust started in 1981 with the live ep “ROCK FOR POLAND” followed by a appearance on “METAL MASSACRE 4”. Followed by the classic “FIST HELD HIGH featuring the underground hit anthem “Posers Will Die!!”. Thrust than released a bootleg called “INVITATION TO INSANITY” followed by the double album in 2015 entitled “FIST HELD HIGH/REINCARNATION (Ultimate 35th Band Anniversary Collection)”. Be sure to catch the new album ‘HARVEST OF SOULS” and THRUST on tour in a city near you!!!

Eric Claro – vocals
Ron Cooke – guitars
Ray Gervais – bass
Joe Rezendes – drums
Angel Rodriguez – guitars


Jan “Örkki” Yrlund – http://darkgrove.net/


SHADOWKEEP – “Immortal Drifter” – official single from the album „ShadowKeep“

The second single of the British Prog Power Metal Band SHADOWKEEP – “Immortal Drifter” was released on Soundcloud. The release date of the new SHADOWKEEP album „ShadowKeep” on CD is March 30th, 2018. The pre-order phase will start on March 16th, 2018 in our webshop.

10 years SHADOWKEEP fans waited for a new album. 2018 the band is now striking back with a new singer and a new album. Nobody else than James Rivera from HELSTAR joined the quintet from England! So it is no wonder that the image of SHADOWKEEP will change now a little bit.

In the past SHADOWKEEP were compared with the more progressive QUEENSRYCHE or CRIMSON GLORY. The Comeback album will go more into the direction of classic 80’s US-Metal, because James Rivera and his remarkable voice is putting his stamp on the eleven fresh songs, so that the listener is reminded of the beautiful days of HELSTAR, DESTINY’S END or NEW EDEN.

Is there any chance that the new year can start any better?

James Rivera – vocals
Chris Allen – guitars
Stony Grantham – bass
Omar Hayes – drums
Nikki Robson – guitars


Timo Wuerz – www.timowuerz.com


RUFF MAJIK drop new single “Come All Ye Druids”.

Johni Holiday guitarist/vocalist has this to say about the new single dropping March 21st.
“ With this release, Ruff Majik decided to set sail into newer, sludgier directions. We decided long ago that we wouldn’t be that band that people would complain about, saying ‘they used to be heavier’. Hell no, every time we bring out new music we want to move forward, become heavier, more intense. We still like to include bluesy bits, sure. But this song is made to be filthy, heavy, oily sludge ‘n roll. Next time we might do something a bit more doom again, who knows hahaha. All I know is that right now, Ruff Majik is becoming a groove machine, and we like it.”


Greywolf – “The Beginning”

GREYWOLF – “The Beginning” (Arthorium Records)

Battle Helm Rating

By Crom it’s my destiny! What we have here is an anthology of selected tracks from no less than six demos recorded between 2012 and 2013 by GREYWOLF before their self titled debut full length album in 2014. A treat for fans of epic fantasy inspired heavy metal, most tracks appear to revolve around Robert E Howard’s mythos. Tracks like By The Power of Crom, The Elephant Tower, King Kull, Thoth Amon and others are tastefully peppered with the sounds of thunder, howling wolves, clashing swords and warrior chants. Rounding out the collection of 15 studio tracks are 5 live tracks and two unreleased tracks. This is a great collection of rare GREYWOLF tracks for those who enjoy old school galloping power metal – which I do!

-Bard Algol

Beltfed Weapon – P.O.W. Fundraiser

When vocalist Ronny Munroe (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Metal Church, Munroe’s Thunder) teamed up with Frank Hetzel’s Seattle-based Beltfed Weapon, it was simply to make music. But the artistic alliance soon became more personal, after Munroe’s wife/manager J. Von Hughes received a Stage 3 Mullerian Ovarian Cancer diagnosis.

With the couple’s bank account drained and insurance refusing to pay for treatment at an out-of-network facility, the couple is faced with a dire need to raise funds for Hughes’ treatment. Hetzel and Munroe turned to what they do best – music – to help with this life-threatening situation, releasing the Beltfed Weapon single “P.O.W.” and donating all proceeds to Hughes’ cause. To continue raising awareness and funds, the band has now teamed up with Bulgarian artist Maria Nicheva to create a brand new lyric video for “P.O.W.”

“I’m happy that this is for a good cause, supporting Ronny and his incredibly strong wife,” Nicheva said. “This battle is one of many that many have to deal with every day and is becoming more and more frequent, which is a huge reason for us to be better people, helping each other a lot more.”

Nicheva was honored to work with Munroe and Hetzel and dove into the video, drawing inspiration from an old newspaper called Prisoner of War, which tells the real-life stories of Prisoners of War. “We decided to use the character from the album cover art, created by Frank Dooley, in the video,” she said. “I re-drew it and animated the skeleton in cage to look like he was telling us his story. They gave me their full confidence.”

“‘P.O.W.’ is a song I had written the music for about five years ago,” Hetzel said. “Having Ronny sing on this song is a huge honor for me as he is one of my favorite vocalists and a good friend as well, so this is a win-win situation for everyone. I felt this song had his style written all over it and after he recorded his vocals I was very impressed. He put a lot of emotion into this song and it shows. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Although the song itself references literal war, its title aptly reflects the struggle with cancer, and being a prisoner of within a person’s own body.

“Frank is a great songwriter and friend, and I am stoked to be able to do this this with him,” Munroe said. It’s a straight-ahead thrash metal song that delivers the goods. It is about one’s personal hell, whether it be a prisoner of war left to die in a cage like an animal or someone going through a horrible disease and not knowing from one day to the next how they are going to cope, but yet still having and keeping the will to survive.”

“P.O.W.” also features Dean Sternberg on bass, Daryl Williams on drums and guest solos by Andy Beech and Adon Fanion.  “P.O.W.”  was produced by Beltfed Weapon, and mixed and mastered by Aaron Smith/Envisage Audio (Jeff Loomis, Ghost Ship Octavious, Binary Code).

The single is available at CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. “If every one of us spends only a dollar now, it will cost us next to nothing,” artist Nicheva said. “But the total amount of all donors together can do a miracle for a human life. Let’s make small steps with good deeds. Because humanity can perish not from a shortage of great deeds, but by the shortages of small acts of kindness.”

Monster Magnet – “Mindfucker”

Monster Magnet – “Mindfucker” (Napalm Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

Mindfucker?…Mindfucker! Now that’s a name you’re gonna remember although it seems fitting coming New Jersey stoner gods Monster Magnet. Still, listening to the 10 magic tracks here, there’s certainly the familiar stoner psych style, but this time round, it looks like Dave Wyndorf has taken a few anarchic leaves from the Detroit rock of the MC5 and the Stooges, perhaps unsurprisingly given the current political climate and its resulting social unrest, but equally, his dismay at his nation’s addiction to the media. As such, the material on “Mindfucker”, while retaining stoner tinges, is a helluva lot more feisty, even angry and charged compared to the laid back grooves normally emanating from his side of the Holland Tunnel. But in the expert hands of the 61 year old Wyndorf, who’s been in the game since 1989, it doesn’t just work a treat but marvellously complements Monster Magnet’s previous 10 releases. From the colossal rolling grooves of the title track ‘Mindfucker’, not to mention its massively catchy chorus of ‘….you’re a mindfucker baby, setting fire to my bed…’ the guitars unload stoner riffs with proto punk breaks all over the place culminating in a riotous instrumental ending to the chanting sound of ‘…why you gotta fuck with my head? why you gotta fuck with my head?!!..’ – yeah, kick out the jams man! Beginning quietly enough, when the huge wah of ‘Drowning’ comes flooding in you know why this song has its name, especially when Wyndorf’s own powering vocals take the slow mood into epic soundscape proportions, although the guitar contrasts throughout this track really dictate the emotional impact of the incredible atmosphere on show here. Following the cover of Hawkwind’s ‘Ejection’, the raw tones of ‘Want Some’ heralds the band’s own street fighting space rock – complete with massive cowbell – and of course, yet another massively culminating catchy chorus of ‘… I make all of my music in outer space and I’m the stone cold future of the human race…’ backed by wailing melodies and layered harmonies, along with some frantic drum breaks. Incredible songs, amazing musicianship and instant addiction, this album is truly a “Mindfucker” – and then some.