“This may come as a surprise, but MONOLITHE and LES ACTEURS DE L’OMBRE have decided to release the band’s new album “Okta Khora” in its digital version TODAY. You can listen and buy the album in its entirety right now at the following location:

Full album

1/ Okta Khora (Part 1)
Title :

Introductory video about this song’s concept:

2/Onset of the Eighth Cycle
Title :

Pre-orders of CDs and Vinyls have also started :

Why an early digital release?

It has happened before and it will happen again: the album leaked on Internet.

While this has been part of the game for a long time, it is still a huge blow to artists, especially those with a moderate audience, when their music gets stolen and made available online such a long time before the release (more than 2 months in this case).

Now, our promotion plan is basically fucked. We might lose many sales. Less sales equals less money, less money equals forthcoming difficulties to produce another album in the future. The equation is simple.

“Okta Khora” is the product of more than one year of hard work and it is, in our opinion, a damn fine piece of Doom Metal. We can’t stress out enough how disrespectful it is to steal our work and put it online so early before the release. And while we have totally accepted and embraced the fact that the album will inevitably end up online outside of our control after it has been released, seeing it already uploaded, in an absolutely atrocious quality (128K mp3) is a very cruel reward for the time, energy and creativity we have put into this. Is it fair to work your ass off and get fucked for it?

The leak appeared first on a Russian website a few days ago. We are 90% sure that it has been uploaded by someone with an access to the online press folders provided by the label to the medias. If this person really works for a media, then double shame on him/her. If we cannot trust people we are working hand in hand with, what can we do? Well, maybe just stop doing music? Maybe. Honestly, we’ve been thinking about it.

Anyway. What’s done is done. The least we can do now is to provide the real thing and a better listening experience than those crappy illegal mp3s. We hope that you enjoy the album and support us by buying it and/or any other MONOLITHE merchandising.

Thank you and feel free to share this statement.”


MARA “Rök”

(Immortal Frost Production)

Battle Helm Rating

This is the stuff you should support if you like black metal inspired by the greats. Nobody can deny the importance of Mayhem’s debut album. And this album follows in that tradition. Cold and dark black metal with an aura of mysticism. This is some really cool stuff. I only discovered this band at this year’s Gamrocken but it turned me into a huge fan. So much so that I tracked down the previous two albums. It is really cool when you find a new band that impresses the hell outta you, like MARA did. This is a band to follow for the future. My kinda black metal. Anders Ekdahl

BLIGHTMASS “Severed From Your Soul”

“Severed From Your Soul”
(Great Dane Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Back in the day Floridian death metal was da shit. Bands like Death, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel and a handful more rocked my world. Then came the whole Swedish scene and blew my world away. To this day I am still a major fan of these kinds of death metal. So when a band comes along that mixes the two, I for one sit up and take notice. This debut album from French/American BLIGHTMASS is one hell of a death metal assault. If you like your death metal heavy and thick and with a guttural growler then this is the one to check out. Bloody nice one this one. Anders Ekdahl

CARCARIASS “Planet Chaos”

“Planet Chaos”
(Great Dane Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band name that I have come upon several times during the years but never really gotten round to check out. I have no particular reason for not having checked them out. This is supposedly some sort of technical death metal. That in itself doesn’t say too much. But think old Coroner, a bit Atheist and you might be a bit on the way to understanding what this sounds like. And since I like both Coroner and Atheist a lot this is right up my alley. This might not be the most brutal death metal but it is still a great slab of death metal. This one did surprise me so much that I need to check out the previous albums from this band. Anders Ekdahl

THE END AD ”Badlands”

(Fastball Music)

Battle Helm Rating

Everything about this screams 80s crossover metal. From the band name to the album cover art to the band photos. And since I am a child of that era this is right up my block. If you like me liked stuff like M O D, S O D, D R I, Mace etc. you will like this too. This chugs and thrashes like there is no tomorrow. A real punch in the face, or as we say in Swedish; “en ren jävla smocka”. This album really woke me up from my slumber. I don’t remember the last time I heard an album like this, that mixes metal with punk in a delightful crossover mode. Great stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl


(Fastball Music)

Battle Helm Rating

With an album title like “Executor” you don’t expect an album full of romantical love songs. I expect a thrash album in good old Teutonic style. I don’t know how much this album follows in a Teutonic tradition but it does thrash like a beast. This is my first encounter with FATEFUL FINALITY but from what I hear here I gotta check this one out further. Because this is some really cool stuff. To place it on the thrash scale it would end up somewhere between aggressive and brutal. There is not much melodic thrash about this. But I don’t mind. This is right up my alley. In a way I come to think of this as a much more aggressive Sodom. This is speed thrash metal up there with the best. Anders Ekdahl

INADREAM ”No Songs For Lovers”

”No Songs For Lovers”

Battle Helm Rating

I grew up with punk in the 70s and it is pretty much my first love in music yet I haven’t been that keen on it for years, even though I still love it. So whenever an album comes along that promises to be punk I take extra notice. INADREAM might be punky but listening to this I get more a new wave feeling, perhaps even a slight gothic feel too. Much more The Jam than The Clash so to speak. But since I don’t mind The Jam I have no problem with this album. I sit here and dig along to this one. Not perhaps what I had hoped to hear but still a pretty cool release. Anders Ekdahl

WARDRESS ”Dress For War”

”Dress For War”
(Fastball Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I gotta admit that I struggle with this band’s name, WARDRESS. It doesn’t really feel right saying because to me it says wardress but I guess to the band it say war dress. But hey, that is just me being me. So don’t pay too much attention to me babbling on. Musically there is nothing strange about this. This is at times to my ears classic speed metal the way it was played in the 80s. And since I love speed metal there is no reason for me to not like this too. There is nothing that beats full speed ahead. It gets the heart pumping and the fist pounding. But even when they slow down this is a really cool album that will spin again and again. Anders Ekdahl



Battle Helm Rating

I don’t really follow any specific bands. Sure, I do buy the new ones when they are releases but for most of the time I start anew with a band that I haven’t heard of before. That is the case with THE EDGE OF REASON. This is a band that I didn’t know existed until this album dropped in on me. But I gotta say that I am glad that it did. This is best described as modern rock/metal. It is both hard, soft melodic and bloody good. I didn’t expect to be this knocked by this album that I was. This is some really positive and up-lifting stuff. I like that I get a 80s feeling from the melodies mixed with a 10s feeling from the aggressive side. Good stuff. Anders Ekdahl

TIEFROT “Manege Frei”

“Manege Frei”

Battle Helm Rating

TIEFROT is a strange beast. At least to me. I don’t think I have ever heard a band that makes me think of Cabaret gone metal in a Circus. Listening to this is like being trapped in a nightmare. I can best describe it as being trapped in the universe that Stephen King created with his book “It”. But I like it, I even love it. It is so totally over the top that I cannot do anything else than to love it. TIEFROT move all over the place. It is dramatic, it is epic, it is symphonic, it is tricky. It is basically like being tricked by a crazy clown. And the fact that they sing in German adds to the feeling of being trapped in a nightmare. This albums slithers like a snake on the prey. This is a really strong album from TIEFROT. Anders Ekdahl