Helloween – “Skyfall”

The sensation was perfect – Helloween, who has sold more than 10 million records worldwide, being one of the most respected German metal bands since 1984, announced their PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR in 2016. The media was raving about the tour of the year, playing 69 shows in 32 countries all over the world. More than one million fans on three continents were ecstatic because it was not only a reunion of the original band, it was the summit of seven ultimate HELLOWEEN heroes: Andi Deris, Michael Kiske, Michael Weikath, Kai Hansen, Markus Grosskopf, Sascha Gerstner & Dani Löble. Or to put it simply, it was a dream come true for fans around the world. The band received five times more spectators and all of them had only one wish: Please stay together!

Following the excitement, one of the biggest magazines in this genre, »BURRN!« (Japan), honored the band with four unbelievable cover stories, followed by the thunderstorm of the century within the social media universe, a celebrated PUMPKINS UNITED single and the quenchless hunger for more – much more! And yes, the musicians tasted blood and it was clear, there was no way back – the future of HELLOWEEN will be written in unity.  It marked the beginning of a new era and the re-birth of a metal legend with exceptional artists. Their first new album will be released in summer 2021. Look out, because on April 2nd, 2021 the spectacular single SKYFALL will be released!

The epic 12 minute track Skyfall, written by Kai Hansen, has the long yearned ‚Keeper-Vibe’, but isn’t telling of the album’s full story. As a song it has a musical style that will be loved by fans of every era, from the band’s unforgettable classics to glorious newer adventures all the way through to the, upcoming, first album of HELLOWEEN’s new age. Skyfall tells of an alien landing on earth and a dramatic chase that ensues, while Hansen, Kiske and Deris duel with each other in a breathtaking manner and create a vast journey. The song is being released with a lyric sheet that includes colored coordinated sections for each of the singers, as well as a truly formidable new video. Produced by Martin Häusler, it will be the most elaborate clip in the history of the band, with the story of the song will be displayed cinematically through the use of 3-D animation.

The very first release of the new era proves to be worthy of the occasion. Just like a full album release, different formats, curated with love and affection will be available. Premium CD’s presented as digipaks and 12“ Gatefold vinyl in various styles including shaped-LP’s and picture discs – black or in various colour ways, such as orange/transparent, orange/black, green/black marbled, orange/black splatter and red/black splatter.

The base of the upcoming milestone album was already created in the studio, using the original Ingo Schwichtenberg drum kit, the recording was done with the same modulators at the Hamburg HOME studios where back then »Master Of The Rings«, »The Time Of The Oath« and »Better Than Raw« were recorded. Back to the roots and completely analog is the UNITED impact – another great work by long time producer Charlie Bauerfeind and co-producer Dennis Ward before the album traveled to New York and got the final mix in the Valhalla Studios of Ronald Prent (IRON MAIDEN, DEF LEPPARD, RAMMSTEIN).

With the brand new material, an album has been created that is set apart from the digital mainstream, showing that the essence of the band has never been more solid. SKYFALL is the beginning of something big – here comes HELLOWEEN!

Saxon – Paperback Writer

Today, British Heavy Metal giants, Saxon release a super-charged melodic romp of The Beatles’ ‘Paperback Writer’ as third single from their upcoming cover album, Inspirations, set for release March 19th (Silver Lining Music).

“I saw The Beatles on TV for the first time in 1963,” enthuses Biff Byford. “It was a very inspirational moment for me to think maybe I could be in a band!”

Recorded at Brockfield Hall near York, UK, with a firm eye on the old school way using Marshall cabs, Marshall amps, real drums and produced by Biff Byford with Jacky Lehmann recording and mixing, Saxon approach the likes of Motörhead’s ‘Bomber’ (with added whistle!), Toto’s ‘Hold The Line’, Black Sabbath’s ‘Evil Woman’ and a raucous Deep Purple’s ‘Speed King’ with refreshingly warm, unfiltered, “vintage” sounding renditions.

Continues Byford: “We wanted to do an album based on our influences, the songs and bands that inspired us to write what we did and still do.”

Byford does, indeed, take on some new vocal challenges, which he duly smashes on the likes of Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Rocker’. The net result is that whether cranking up a heavyweight take on Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ or throwing down AC/DC’s ‘Problem Child’, Saxon does a supreme job of entertaining both themselves and their audience throughout Inspirations.

THULCANDRA – Night Eternal

German old school death metal in the style of Dissection, Necrophobic and Unanimated! After the release of “Fallen Angel’s Dominion”, THULCANDRA have released their second live video, “Night Eternal”, recorded in their hometown of Munich, today.

The band will re-release their three albums Fallen Angel’s Dominion, Under A Frozen Sun and Ascension Lost on strictly limited colored vinyl via Napalm Records on April 23, 2021! All three albums have gained classic status within the genre and are currently completely sold out on vinyl in their original formats.

THULCANDRA states: “The overall feedback to the just announced vinyl re-releases has been overwhelming! The first edition of all three albums totally sold out within three days. Pick up one of the last vinyls in silver, exclusively available through Napalm Records! In the meantime, we worked hard on our upcoming new album and just finished all songwriting duties. More news, updates and hopefully shows coming soon! With sheer endless patience, our fans asked constantly for new vinyl editions of our first three albums. While THULCANDRA are working in full swing on the new album, Napalm Records granted our wish to re-release Fallen Angel’s Dominion, Under A Frozen Sun and Ascension Lost as limited editions featuring massive gatefold covers. Since 2010, each record has been ornated and adorned with a grand artwork of Kristian – the Necrolod – Wahlin. To savor each album in its full glory, listen to the music, read through all lyrics and discover each and every detail in those ice cold, freezing and lastly inimitable cover artworks.”

Jefferson Starship – Setting Sun

JEFFERSON STARSHIP release new video for track ‘Setting Sun’, EP ‘Mother Of The Sun’ out now on Golden Robot Records. Legendary rock band Jefferson Starship (featuring David Freiberg, Donny Baldwin, Cathy Richardson, Chris Smith, and Jude Gold) released their new EP, Mother of the Sun via Golden Robot Records in August 2020 and now the band have released the Official Video for the track Setting Sun. Mother of the Sun is Jefferson Starship’s first collection of new songs in 12 years. Setting Sun features David Freiberg on lead vocals and highlighted by slide guitar by Jude Gold, the bluesy rock anthem penned by Cathy Richardson and David Freiberg tells the story of a fugitive on the run.

KING OF ASGARD – f r ô ð r

KING OF ASGARD have released ‘frôðr’ as the first single taken from their forthcoming album “svartrviðr” (“black wood”), which is slated for release on May 28, 2021. The Swedish blackened death veterans also reveal cover art, tracklist, and further details of their fourth full-length.

Pre-sale link: http://lnk.spkr.media/king-of-asgard-svartrvidr

KING OF ASGARD comment: “The first single of our forthcoming album ‘svartriðr’ is called ‘frôðr’ and it is a typcial King of Asgard tune in classic epic length that includes all of our traditional ingredients”, remarks bass player Jonas Albrektsson. “The song represents our sonic vision of a sacrificial ritual, a glimpse of an ecstatic trance through a one-eyed point of view. The Old Icelandic word ‘frôðr’ means a ‘sage’ or a ‘wise’ as a noun. We give sound to the myth of the threefold death and self-sacrifice through which the god Óðinn finds the runes while hanging from the world-tree, pierced by his own spear. It is a symbolic suicide to gain knowledge and unlock cosmic secrets. In order to visualise the sound of ‘frôðr’, we recruited Jimmy Johansson from Super Lino Puro Productions, who provided brilliant images to the lyrics of ‘frôðr’ that now flicker in front of your eyes. Enjoy!”


Finally, there’s a cvlt worth joining! As it often seems modern rock music has lost its sense of palpable danger and mystique, Finnish occult murder pop innovators CVLT OV THE SVN mark its return in full force with their grim, addictive first full length, We Are The Dragon!  Slated for release on May 7, 2021 via Napalm Records, CVLT OV THE SVN’s debut embodies a reverberating sense of eeriness, danger and fear, enriched with a pinch of gothic romanticism and pitch-black seduction.

With the unveiling of previously-released goth-boppers like “Twilight”, “The Pit”, “Whore Of Babylon” and “Luna In The Sky Forever”, CVLT OV THE SVN have already proven how to successfully merge seething heaviness and sweet pop melodies. Now, the mysterious visionary behind the cvlt, who actually started out as a black metal drummer, finally sets free his casket full of morbid horror theatrics. Inspired by movies like The Exorcist and the all devouring darkness itself, he also draws inspiration not only from the heavy rock genre and greats like Type O Negative and Turbonegro, but the nostalgic influences of mainstream artists like Roxette as well.

Today, CVLT OV THE SVN have shared the new single “My Venom”, a track that will send shivers down your spine! First evoking an eerie horror atmosphere in the verse, the mystical vocal performance of the project’s mysterious frontman leads into a sweet and seductive refrain shortly after. Join the cvlt and watch the brand new clip here.

The anonymous band mastermind states: “‘My Venom’ represents the issues within my soul. I think it’s important to go and face your fears, or they will rule you. The video has a dark mood, which is what I always want present in my work. I don’t do the videos with a big crew as I want my own vibe in them. I’m sort of a dictator in that sense. Spread the word!”

CVLT OV THE SVN’s sound feels dangerously unsettling, lacing its churning heaviness with pop melodies that travel right through your ears to your central nervous system. Conceptually conveying a variety of extreme emotions, each of the album’s twelve tracks cut through the noise of society like a razorblade, leaving a long-lasting impression on the listener that’ll have them clamoring for more!

“When I wrote these songs, I wanted to push people’s boundaries,” he adds. In addition to the macabre thrills of their music, there’s the character he takes on stage, twisting the dagger of perception even further like your favorite horror flick and making for a combined experience that cuts deep and close to the bone. The creative cvlt leader continues: “It’s easier to tell those grim stories through another identity, another character. Black cloaks just go with it, obviously. I’m a big fan of suspense and this kind of content is all about the surprises. I find it is an intriguing realm to explore. Whatever lies ahead, CVLT OV THE SVN will adapt and thrive.”

Goath – Dissolving Flesh Redemption

Ván Records proudly presents the third full-length of German Black-Deathers GOATH! The black/death band from Nuremberg celebrates a premiere of the new video of the song ‘Dissolving Flesh Redemption’. Taken from the album “III: Shaped By The Unlight”, out on April 9.

With “III: Shaped by the Unlight” GOATH stick to everything they believe in and that is playing aggressive Death / Black Metal its purest form. Raw, very powerful and evil – and this time even darker than ever! Most of the material was recorded while playing live in the studio, just like on their previous albums. No clicktracks and not thousands of overdubs! This is what makes “III: Shaped by the Unlight” so brutal. The energy that GOATH is spreading here punches the listener directly into the face.

GOATH take you an a journey that leads with heavy speed through the wilderness, straight into the dark and soul devouring swamp of the old school scene, and leave you there just to die alone. The songs are about mankind`s decline and all the absurdities dwelling within every human mind. Some of the lyrics can be taken literally and some conclusions can be found in occult analogy. This strange mixture of “straight into the face” and “what you see is not always what you get” reflects every day´s perception of our so called “reality”. The cover artwork was crafted again by Misanthropic Art. Also you will find guest appearances by musicians you could probably know. This sinister piece of art is definitely just for those who are: Shaped by the unlight…

Lost Division – The Queen

Finnish Oulu-based female fronted hard rock band Lost Division is set to release their debut album Cuts And Scars on May 28th 2021 via Inverse Records. First single ‘The Queen’ from the album is released today.

The band comments: “The first single from Lost Division’s debut album Cuts & Scars, which is released in the spring. The Queen musically represents the more calm and melancholic side of the upcoming album. The heavy sound and at times sad atmosphere immerse the listener to dark vibes.”

Pre-save The Queen album on Spotify: http://bit.ly/3dZSUcq

Pre-order The Queen CD: http://bit.ly/3sZywwz

Lost Division is founded in Oulu, Finland back in 2015. Their first single release Wish You Were Dead was released in 2018 by Inverse Records. In 2019 their singer changed and they started to compose material for the upcoming debut album which was recorded in 2020. The album is recorded at Liiteri Sudios and it is mixed by Mika Lammassaari at Demolition Center Studios. Mastering is handled by Stefan Pommerin at Illusia Productions.

TRAGEDY – Hot Stuff – Live! Tragedy w/ Alex Skolnick

“TRAGEDY rocks sweet balls and can do no wrong!  They are great fun!” (Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden)

If you’re allergic to smiling, be afraid… be very afraid! Napalm Records is pleased to announce that New York based cover song reinventors TRAGEDY have inked a worldwide record deal with the premium Austrian rock and metal label!

Born out of the impenetrable divide of disco and metal, TRAGEDY takes disco, soft-rock and pop classics, and completely re-imagines them as glorious, red-hot heavy metal. Since the debut album, We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong – a glamorous bunch of Bee Gees-songs redone in heavy metal manner – these fearsome brothers have seamlessly obliterated the line between disco and metal. Their music is sure to get your head banging, your booty shaking, put a smile on your face and your fist in the air. TRAGEDY’s past releases have charted on the NACC Heavy Top 10, and the band was awarded 2019 Album of the Year by the Necrosexual on Metal Injection.

The six-piece consistently tours North America, the UK & continental Europe, and has headlined festival stages  such as SXSW (USA), CMJ (USA), Musikfest (USA), Bloodstock (UK), Rebellion (UK), Summer Breeze (GER), Foudrock (FR), Motocultor (FR), ParkPop (BE), Glastonbudget (UK), Legends of Rock (UK), Belladrum (UK) and Hammerfest/Hard Rock Hell (UK).

Their first release with Napalm Records will include TRAGEDY’s unique twist on artists such as ABBA, Donna Summer, Neil Diamond, Adele, The Weather Girls and of course, The Bee Gees.

TRAGEDY on the signing: “We’re thrilled that TRAGEDY has signed with Napalm Records! Excited, delighted and fully aroused. It’s awesome to be able to give our music a proper worldwide release with a beloved, internationally renowned record label. Thus begins our scheme for world domination – death to false disco-metal!” (Mo’Royce Peterson, TRAGEDY: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond)

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate disco metal – you will unabashedly love TRAGEDY and their bombastic mixture of both genres, glitter and revelry. To get a heaviness induced disco feeling for what lies ahead, watch the live video for “Hot Stuff”, featuring Alex Skolnick of Testament on lead guitar.

Alltar – “Cantillate” (Live at Ceremony of Sludge VIII)

Portland’s ALLTAR have teamed up with Invisible Oranges to release the video for their song “Cantillate” which is taken from their recently released album Live At Ceremony of Sludge. The site commented “Groovy, angry sludge seethes at the heart of “Cantillate” (a fantastic word that means to chant or intone), but it’s twisted into unusual shapes and textures through synthesizers and precisely-calibrated guitar tones as it bounces along. The middle section of the song shifts into a meditative, cleaner phase completely unlike the beginning, and a repeated invocation of “worship, cantillate,” escalates the meditation into an amplified sermon, one conducted with cyclical riffing and increasingly unhinged screams.” Order “Live At Ceremony Of Sludge”: https://alltar.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-ceremony-of-sludge