“Quench” – the new video from KEVLAR BIKINI is out now

“Quench” is the 3rd single from the band’s new album “OPT-OUTism”, freshly released by Geenger Records. The video is entirely made by the band, so here’s what they have to say: “Quench” was written in February of 2019 and although it is a song about social distancing and staying at home, it has nothing to do with this whole Covid thing. Also, no Kichos were harmed during the making of this video. Quench We should get out less We should get out less Let’s stink up this sunless place We should get out less! How can fire and thirst be… Continue reading

SOUTH OF NO NORTH : new album ‘Phagocity’ cover artwork and tracklist announcement

SOUTH OF NO NORTH New album ‘Phagocity’ cover artwork and tracklist announcement Groove metallers SOUTH OF NO NORTH (Italy) reveal cover artwork and tracklist of their upcoming debut full-length album ‘Phagocity’, out via Cult Of Parthenope on 4th September 2020. South Of No North’s frontman Giulio has commented: “‘Phagocity’ embodies our personal and collective experiences as musicians, it spits out our discomfort and rage and it represents our tribute to a collapsing world. The album sounds sharp and violent as a knife! Working with the talented Gustavo Sazes (Machine Head, Sepultura, Arch Enemy) was fantastic, he delivered such an awesome… Continue reading

BARATHRUM “Hailstorm” and “Eerie” vinyl reissues

Barathrum “Hailstorm” and “Eerie” vinyl reissues Heidens Hart Records and Nuclear War Now! Productions are proud to announce official vinyl editions from Barathrum’s first two albums, “Hailstorm” and “Eerie”. These albums are over 20 years old and none of them have been released on vinyl format ever. The labels are working together closely with the band and are using original audio and graphics, dug from the bands’ and labels’ own private archives. “Hailstorm” is shipping now from both labels; “Eerie” is currently in the works with an expected release in September 2020. Europa: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/hailstorm | www.heidenshart.nl USA: https://shop.nwnprod.com/search?q=Barathrum | www.nwnprod.com… Continue reading

News about French heavy metal band FURIES.

The FURIES, French Heavy Metal Band, will have their album “Fortune’s Gate” released on October 16. The efficiency of Hard Rock, the power of Heavy Metal, the spirit of Thrash. This is how we could sum up Furies’s approach and whose first album, to be released at the fall of 2020, will surely aim at the heart and guts of the Metal audience as a whole. The recipe has been proven and we know it works devilishly well. From the hymnic « You & I » and « Voodoo Chains » to more complex « Fortune’s Gate » or raging… Continue reading

BULLETBELT – Blade on the Fire Video/Single premiere

Back with a warrior’s force – Bulletbelt’s new single, Blade On The Fire, is the first from upcoming new album, Warlords. The song gets its energy from a relentless bass and guitar-driven riff whilst its story is inspired by the famous Chilean warrior, Galvarino. He lost his hands in The Battle of Lagunillas in 1557 and came back fighting with knives attached to the stumps on each arm. It could almost be a metaphor for the return of this band – still fighting, charging on. The video – filmed in glorious black and white and directed by Amber Beaton captures… Continue reading