ABIGOR “Höllenzwang – Chronicles of Perdition”

ABIGOR “Höllenzwang – Chronicles of Perdition” (-) If ever there is a classic Euro black metal band then it has to be Austrian ABIGOR. Formed in 1993 this is a band that has been in my conscious for as long as I can remember yet I cannot really say if I have heard a full album by them until this year’s new one. Any which way. Here is now and with that “Höllenzwang – Chronicles Of Perdition”. I don’t know why but I expected this to be so much more forward and direct than it actually is. There is a … Continue reading


ANCIENT EMPIRE “The Tower” (Stormspell Records) I have in a very short period of time been subjected to a hell of a lot of Stormspell Records releases. And all have been bloody tremendous experiences. It has been everything from heavy metal to power metal to thrash metal. And from what seems all over the globe. ANCIENT EMPIRE’s “The Tower” is no exception. This is first class heavy metal. Perhaps leaning a bit on the power metal side. But nothing that cast any shadow on the end result. I like it when my heavy metal has an epic vibe to it. … Continue reading

FORJA “El Llibre Dels Feyts”

FORJA “El Llibre Dels Feyts” (-) I honestly don’t know what to make of this. I guess that you could put this in the heathen/folk metal sub-genres but that is only part of the truth. Initially I had some hope that this would be in the vein of good old Sabbat and their “History Of A Time To Come” album but this is nowhere close to that. The more I listen to this the more I start to get it. The folk elements are dominant, almost to the point that they take over the metal side of this. But only … Continue reading

FROST GIANT “The Harlot Star”

FROST GIANT “The Harlot Star” (Transcending Records) What hit me first after that intro was how much this reminded me of Norwegian acts like Arcturus or Limbonic Art. It has that same progressive tone to it that they have. but do not go thinking that this is something light and soft because of it being progressive. Because once they get started this is a full on black metal album. With the added touches of different styles. It is just weird to sit here and think Norway when I listen to a band that comes from Pennsylvania. But it guess that … Continue reading


FULL THOTTLE BABY “Rock’N’Brawl” () I gotta admit that I was a bit sceptic what to think of a band called Rock’N’Brawl but that was until I discovered that the band name actually is FULL THROTTLE BABY. Not that my skepticism dropped because of that. But it did once I started to listen to this. This is bloody brilliant. If you like Hardcore Superstar (for example) but wanted them a bit more punked up, look no further. This is a real vitamin injection on a cold and gray Tuesday in January. Or any other day of the year for that … Continue reading

LEGION OF WOLVES “Bringers Of The Dark Sleep”

LEGION OF WOLVES “Bringers Of The Dark Sleep” (Metal Scrap Records) This is the debut from Irish LEGION OF WOLVES after two demos. This is old school death metal with a modern twist. Or so the promo sheet says. Today everything seem to be old school. Why not just leave it a being death metal. Sure, when I listen to this memories from the past keep popping up but that I just because this is that good that it sparks memories. If you like your death metal full of cool guitar solos and perhaps not so extreme (easy listening) you … Continue reading


THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY “Stygian” (InnerStrength) You can always argue if we as humans are not slaves under one thing or another. That we in actuality do not own our own lives. We are just puppets in a great marionette theatre. And no matter how much we try to fight our way out of it we are still only allowed as much freedom as our keepers allow us. But they cannot take away our minds. And that is where music comes in. Through music you can experience freedom. The freedom to travel wherever you like. THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY is … Continue reading

ORION DUST “Duality”

ORION DUST “Duality” (-) A progressive French rock band? Does that sound like your thing? I gotta admit that I am a bit of a Francophile when it come to music. Or movies for that matter. I have a very good eye/ear towards things that are French. That means that it must be atrociously bad for me to not like it. ORION DUST are nowhere close to being atrociously. This is in fact really good if you like your rock/metal progressive. It’s not widdly diddly the way that you get lost already by the first track. That is a plus … Continue reading

SECURE ”Chasing Rainbows”

SECURE ”Chasing Rainbows” (-) At first I thought that this was just another new metalcore act but the more I listen to this six tracker the less confident I get. But since I don’t have anything better to c all this than metalcore, metalcore it will be. And will this is nothing that I haven’t heard before there is something to it that spikes my interest. Good quality music will always conquer. And this is good. I find myself stop in the middle of typing just to take it in even deeper. This is a band that shows great promises … Continue reading

SNAKEYES ”Metal Monster”

SNAKEYES ”Metal Monster” (-) When I grew up there was no internet or smart phones. All you had for communication was the written letter. Today you can travel the world from in front of your computer. And that is cool. But back in the day there was something special to receiving a letter from some band you never had heard of. That way I travelled all over the globe and learned about stuff. It was that way I got in touch with Spanish heavy metal. Fast forward 30 odd years and here I sit and listen to a Spanish heavy … Continue reading