HAK-ED DAMM premieres new track

HAK-ED DAMM to release “Holocaust Over Dresden” album 26/11-17 Hak-Ed Damm is black metal commando founded in Quebec city (Canada). Formed in 2007. Lyrical themes about War, Asylum, Psychiatry, Torture, Suicide. In 2007 Zokvist (lead vocalist 2007-2016) was wandering for a new and intense project, something raw and brutal. Connecting with Silencer (2007-Still active), they decided to create a musical war machine concept, putting forward the pure hatred against religions, human being and general mockery. After a long quest to recruit additional members, they found Vikker (2007-2011) as the first guitarist member and Zuhrosis (2007-2011) takes the commands on the … Continue reading

ENOQUIAN premieres new track

ENOQUIAN to release “LLAMAS DE GLORIA PRIMERA” 24/11-17 Enoquian – Argentinian black metal band from General Roca (Rio Negro), formed in mid-2015. In early 2016 released 2 promo tracks. Officially make their debut on NO DIVINE FEST in the summer of 2016. Then ENOQUIAN entered the El Otro Lado studio and recorded their first album called “LLAMAS DE GLORIA PRIMERA”. In December of the same year, the band shared the stage with bands Master, Devastation, Ezkisofrenia and others. The group continues to play live at different concerts in their city and does not stop, because they are already working on … Continue reading

BASTARDÖS premieres new track

BASTARDÖS, Argentinian thrasher to rerelease album 24/11-17. Bastardös – Thrash Metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2009. Band name is translated into English as “Bastards”. The points above the ‘O’ is just a thrash metal well known gimmick taken from German ‘Umlaut’ and doesn’t make the letter sound different. Self-titled album “Bastardös” recorded, mixed, mastered and self-released by band in 2015 at Kirkincho Records in Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This reissue-2017 includes new artwork design. Lyrics of songs about combat and horror. For fans of Sodom, Deathraiser, Toxic Shock, Alkoholizer, Hyades and many others. The band was founded … Continue reading