Spanish Doom Metallers HELEVORN Posts New Lyric Video “A Sail To Sanity”

Exhibiting their elegant and gloomy music around the world, Palma, Spain’s melancholic doom outfit HELEVORN have posted their new lyric video “A Sail To Sanity” in support of their fourth album “Aamamata” due out on January 23rd via Solitude Productions / Bad Moon Music. “Aamamata” follows their 2014 album “Compassion Forlorn”, 2009’s “Forthcoming Displeasures” and 2005 debut full length “Fragments, which have anchored HELEVORN’s place in the global doom scene. The band comments: “We think that fans will love the new album. We know that we are not discovering something new, we are creating 90’s goth-doom metal in present times.… Continue reading

LORD DIVINE New video online

The 2nd advance single of LORD DIVINE’s upcoming 4th album “Facing Chaos” comes in the form of a lyric-video for the song “Into My World”, and you can watch the video here: LORD DIVINE’s 4th studio album “Facing Chaos”, contains 11 tracks of impeccable technical quality and a modern sound. Vocals were recorded by Diego Valdez (DREAM CHILD, IRON MASK, ELECTRONOMICON). As guests, the incredible Mark Boals (YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN, RING OF FIRE, DOKKEN, ROYAL HUNT) recorded vocals for the song “The Darkest Light” and Julian Barrett (TARJA, ASSPERA) did guitar solo on “Divided”. Cover artwork was made by Federico… Continue reading


BLACKDRAFT “The Quest” (Mighty Music) This is yet another band that I have missed out on. Having released their debut on a small label in 2016 this is the follow up to that album. This time around they have done a concept album about the young researcher Runa Ágústsson and her travels to Iceland. A story as interesting as the music. Not being familiar at all with the band I did not know what to expect from this German band. What I did get to hear was an album full of melodic metal with both female vocals and growls. I… Continue reading

BLACK SUNDAY “Backyard Freaks”

BLACK SUNDAY “Backyard Freaks” (Mighty Music) Norwegian BLACK SUNDAY are new to me. This is from what I understand the second album. Everything on this album is being handled by Tricky T although there is now a full live line-up. This is supposed to be hardrock with a punk attitude. To some extent I agree with that tag. To my ears this sounds like Hanoi Rocks, Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters met in an alley and decided to punk up the combined sound. At first I wasn’t too impressed with this but it turned out to be one of these… Continue reading

DOLLS RAIDERS “Free Yourself”

DOLLS RAIDERS “Free Yourself” (Mighty Music) Rock has for a very long time been an international thing even though in the past the bands that have succeeded the best have been US or British. But that was then. Right now, it feels like the rock explosion is being led by Swedish bands. Not that it has any sort of bearing on French DOLLS RAIDERS. Or has it. This is some rally feel good hard rock that we have heard from bands like The Hellacopters, The Hives and a dozen more. There is a drive and a go to this that… Continue reading

ELECTRIC BOYS “The Ghost Ward Diaries”

ELECTRIC BOYS “The Ghost Ward Diaries” (Mighty Music) 4/5 I caught ELECTRIC BOYS live at the beginning of November. I went because my friend wanted to see them. I had no greater expectations on them. But I gotta say that I was positively surprised at how good they were live. I remember them from the 80s and their debut album, but this was something completely different. I am not their greatest fan and will never be but I gotta hand it to the band, because this new album do rock like there is no tomorrow. That dreaded funk is still… Continue reading