XENTRIX “Bury The Pain”

XENTRIX “Bury The Pain” (Listenable) This is really a blast from the past. Back in the 80s XENTRIX was the great big British thrash hope. Not everything went the way that they wanted but they did manage to release some really cool album. I was a fan back in the days. So much so that I still remember them and the records they released. Fast forward to 2019. 23 years has passed since they last released an album. Much water has passed under the bridges since then. I would be lying if I said that I do remember how they… Continue reading

CIOLKOWSKA “Циолковская показала свое лицо (Вечная 16 08 16) (Ciolkowska Showed Her Face (Aeonian 16 08 16)”

CIOLKOWSKA “Циолковская показала свое лицо (Вечная 16 08 16) (Ciolkowska Showed Her Face (Aeonian 16 08 16)” (addicted label) Do you remember the first time you hear something and you don’t really know what to make of it? I have had many of those over the years. Like the first time I heard Iron Maiden, the first time I heard Venom. I keep having these kind of moments. But once you are over that initial threshold it is hard to remember that initial phase. I felt that way with CIOLKOWSKA. Not knowing anything before I approached this album made me… Continue reading

CIOLKOWSKA ”Avtomat Proshlogo”

CIOLKOWSKA ”Avtomat Proshlogo” (addicted label) What struck me about this from the very first note was how somber it made me feel. It was like getting a wet blanket on a sun burnt face. It soothed me. I have no idea what this is really as it is my very first encounter with this group. But from what I hear on this album I feel it has the potential to be another fave of mine when it comes to prog/experimental/post rock. As always with this kind of stuff it is hard to put an accurate label on it. Not that… Continue reading

DISEN GAGE ” The Big Adventure”

DISEN GAGE ” The Big Adventure” (addicted label) To me it is a big adventure just to wake up in the morning not knowing what the day holds for me. Or something to that degree. Because most days you just wake up and know that it is just another day working to put bread on the table. Music is the great escape. I am not a stranger to trying anything once, sometimes even twice. Like DISEN GAGE. This is my second encounter with them and although I wasn’t too overly convinced the last time I will give them a second… Continue reading


FLOWER IN MY LUNG ”S/T” (addicted label) With no intention at all from my side I have come to be very well versed in the world of instrumental post rock/metal thingamajig. And to my surprise I find that for the most part I lie what I hear. FLOWER IN MY LUNG is yet another of these kinda bands that feel that vocals don’t bring anything to the music. And I gotta agree. This is so beautiful that it is hard to imagine what vocals would have brought to it. What I have discovered, and something I haven’t really thought about… Continue reading

GROGGY “Distant Lands”

GROGGY “Distant Lands” (addicted label) I am game for anything musically. Even a 26 minute long acoustic track divided into 4 musical parts by a two man band from Omsk called GROGGY. I know that it sounds anything but alright, but it is actually a rather cool concept. Not the stuff you might usually listen to but if you like me like the Johnny Cash American recordings you might like this too. Not that this is a cover album but because it has that sort of dark country kinda vibe that will appeal to even a die-hard extreme metalhead like… Continue reading

SOOM “Джєбарс”

SOOM “Джєбарс” (addicted label) Clocking in at 74 minutes this is not an easy album to take in. Mixing ambient with sludge with doom with metal with Ukrainian folk lore this is like a journey into the nethermost regions of the Ukraine psyche. Not an easy journey but a rewarding one if you can manage to stay the whole trip. Because this is a trip. This is the sort of album you need to sit back in the sofa for. You really have to invest 74 minutes of your life to just listening to this. No running around doing shore,… Continue reading

SOOM/Ил “Split”

SOOM/IL (Ил) “Split” (addicted label) I am not saying that Russian is the most depressing language in the world but whenever I hear it spoken it makes me think of any Ingmar Bergman movies you can name. So does that mean that I as a Swede feel the pain of the Russian melancholy? I guess it does. Or perhaps that is just me, being as weird as I usually am? SOOM is a strange beast. This is sludge metal, doom metal, ambient, experimental all mixed into one huge pot. And it is not one band as I thought at first… Continue reading

THY GRAVE ”Anhedonia”

THY GRAVE ”Anhedonia” (addicted label) Not being American I don’t have the same sort of tradition with drive-in movies and Grindhouse showings. All we had was Åsa Nisse and Ingmar Bergman. Not the same kind of dignity to that stuff, although Bergman is cult no matter what. If you wanted to experience the same kinda stuff that the US kids did you really had to dig deep. Thankfully it wasn’t the same with music. Today it is a whole different agenda. And one that I am thankful for. THY GRAVE is a doom/drone/sludge metal band that I am hearing for… Continue reading

Злурад (aka Zlurad ) ” Во благо злу”

Злурад (aka Zlurad ) ” Во благо злу” (addicted label) I often seem to return to John Zorn’s Naked City whenever something comes my way that I don’t fully understand. Not that I am the greatest fan of John Zorn, but because that is by far the weirdest stuff I have ever heard, beside Painkiller. Until know. Злурад is by far the weirdest i have heard in a very long while. I don’t even know how to describe this, other than pure fucking noise. They seem to have no boundaries or even self-control. Try imagining grindcore meeting free form jazz… Continue reading