AMERICAN ”Violate And Control”

AMERICAN ”Violate And Control” (Sentient Ruin) I am not the greatest fan of powerviolence. To be honest I have no idea what it really is and if I’ve ever heard anything from that genre. But I do know that I like a bit of noise mixed in with my metal. You might think what you like about this band’s moniker but it is the music that I am here to judge, not the name. Listen to this is for me like listening to modern day Mayhem. I hear what they are playing but I do not always understand it. I … Continue reading

ATREXIAL ”Souverain”

ATREXIAL ”Souverain” (Godz ov War Productions) I usually don’t mix politics with music but given the shitty world we live in with all the motherfucking terrorists threatening our way of life and given the recent tragic events in the world (Charlottesville, Paris, London, Berlin etc.) I am glad that there is music for me to ventilate my anger at the fucked up individuals that inhabits out beautiful planet. And Barcelona’s ATREXIAL are a fine example of a ventilator. Perhaps not the most brutal death metal you’ll ever hear but a fine slab of death it is nevertheless. There is a … Continue reading

BRANCH ARTERIAL ”Beyond The Border”

BRANCH ARTERIAL ”Beyond The Border” (-) I’ve never been to Australia. All I know about the country is from what I have seen on the telly. And as much as I despise Neighbours as much do I like my metal from Australia. Over the last 30 years I have had some amazing musical experiences from down under. Starting with Mortal Sin and still spilling over into 2017 and beyond. BRANCH ARTERIAL might not be my latest fave Aussie band but there is potential in this their debut album. When I listen to this I hear stuff like Rage Against The … Continue reading

DAMASCUS ”Forest Of Dreams”

DAMASCUS ”Forest Of Dreams” (Arkeyn Steel Records) Whenever I see the word DAMASCUS it triggers something in me that I can’t really put my finger on. What I do know is that it doesn’t evoke memories of this band from Muskegon, Michigan. Even though I might have read about them in a fanzine or two back in the days. And as much as I love the fact that there are metalheads out there that invest time and money digging up obscure gems that might have gone unnoticed I sometime feel that is has become a sport in finding the most … Continue reading

GALDERIA ”Return Of The Cosmic Men”

GALDERIA ”Return Of The Cosmic Men” (Massacre) Not knowing anything about GALDERIA I would guess that they have listened a whole lot to both Helloween and Gamma Ray. But seeing as this is some sort of universal French power metal sensation that might not be the truth even though that is what this album makes me think of. And no, I am not complaining. On the contrary. I thoroughly enjoy this melodic power metal album. This is my kind of power metal. full of energy and full of melodies to sing along to. Yes, I am a sucker for a … Continue reading

LAPETUS ”The Long Road Home”

LAPETUS ”The Long Road Home” (-) I get sent review request every now and then. As I am all about discovering new bands I really appreciate the effort the bands go through in sending me cool stuff to review. LAPETUS from Long Island is one band that has done so. And as I sit here with their album “The Long Road Home” it is with some sort of anticipation. What if this sucks majorly? Do I have the heart to totally trash their effort? Thankfully I don’t have to be too cruel. The band describes their music as prog/melodeath. A … Continue reading


LOST DREAMS ”Exhale” (Massacre) In much I still live in the 80s when it comes to my metal. Not that I haven’t updated my collection since then but almost all my memories are from that time period. But back then everything was new and fresh. And everything since then has just been adding new impressions on top of the old ones. So today when I come upon a band from like Austria memories of what it was like to find an Austrian metal band for the first time. Nowadays it ain’t as exclusive as it was back then. So it … Continue reading


NECROMANDUS ”S/T” (Mandus) Back in 73 when this was originally released I was 3 years old. So it is no wonder that this little gem of British hardrock/metal history has gone by me unnoticed. But I am bloody thankful that this has finally been rereleased. There are ties to Black Sabbath in more ways that I care to mention but I’ll say this, if you like the sound of early 70s British hardrock you’ll love this as much as I do. This is one of these albums you didn’t think existed. Listening to this in 2017 makes me want to … Continue reading

SLAY MY DREAMS ”Heartbeat of Chaos”

SLAY MY DREAMS ”Heartbeat of Chaos” (-) This Russian two-piece thrash metal band are new to me. I have never ever thought about it before but when I listen to this album I realize what an impact a band like the The Haunted has had on the global metal scene. Just like The Haunted are melodic in all their aggressive chaos SLAY MY SANITY are the same. If you look beyond the barb wire guitars and the almost death metal-ish vocals you find a melodic streak. I have always tried to look for this kind of sound in much older … Continue reading


SUFFER YOURSELF ”Ectoplasm” (-) I promised to review this album a long time ago but it somehow slipped my mind. For that I apologize. But as the saying goes: better late than never. So here comes my review of SUFFER YOURSELF’s album “Ectoplasm”. As I did not know what to think of this album I somehow imagined it to be another death metal album but the truth is that this is much more funeral doom than it is anything else. And with songs that clock in at 16 and 19 minutes there is no doubt that this is going to … Continue reading