ANTI CIMEX ”Victims Of A Bombraid”

ANTI CIMEX ”Victims Of A Bombraid” (Dissonance) If there ever was a seminal Swedish punk (hardcore?) band it has to be ANTI CIMEX. I remember how happy I was when I found an ANTI CIMEX album in my local record shop in the 80s. I knew of the band beforehand so it was like a total revelation finding that album. The band carried on releasing a couple more album (“Absolut Country Of Sweden” and “Scandinavian Jawbreaker”). Everyone a classic today. Without ANTI CIMEX there would not be kängpunk. This is a compilation that collects everything that has ever been released … Continue reading


APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE ”From Gold To Ash” (Cruz Del Sur) I gotta gratulate the band on having one of the coolest names that I have come upon lately. With a name like that they have pretty much declared what type of metal they play even before you hear the music. Sure, they could have been black or death but to me the name screams doom a long way. This Indiana band sure know how to doom. With a drummer that used to be in Gates Of Slumber that now plays guitar and sings you know that this is gonna be … Continue reading

AVSLUT “Deceptis”

AVSLUT “Deceptis” (Osmose Productions) When a band is put in the genre Swedish black metal it puts a smile on my face. Not because I am a Swede but because it usually means that it is going to be a real metal assault. I really miss that full force black metal assault that I got back in the 90s. The one that took no prisoners and killed everything in its way. AVSLUT from Stockholm, Sweden are not as full on as I would have liked. The tempo is quite moderate but they do have that attack that I like. Which … Continue reading

BEORN’S HALL “Estuary”

BEORN’S HALL “Estuary” (Naturmacht Productions) I have no idea what New Hampshire is like but I can imagine that there are a lot of forests and really dark places where folklore can thrive. BEORN’S HALL sound like a place where witches could have met up in the old age. But all I know is that it is a band that plays pagan black metal. I often make assumptions based on band names or album art work. With this one I really expected some grander than life (death) kinda sound and to some extent that was true. There is a primitive … Continue reading

BLACK WIZARD “Livin’ Oblivion”

BLACK WIZARD “Livin’ Oblivion” (Listenable) As I didn’t know what to expect from this Canadian band I hadn’t made any sort of assumptions before I started to listen to this album. But I gotta say that I was still surprised. From reading up on them I kinda expected this to be some sort of 70s stoner/doom kinda sound. You can hear that stuff in their sound but what struck me initially was how much this made me think of Bombus. Not that they are anywhere as heavy and hard as Bombus but it was that kinda feel I got. What … Continue reading

CANDLE “The Keeper’s Curse”

CANDLE “The Keeper’s Curse” (Fighter Records) When Hammerfall released their debut album it meant a rejuvenation of heavy metal like we’ve never seen before. Since then much water has passed under all bridges but heavy metal is still standing strong. Thanks to labels like Fighter Records we are served up new and interesting acts on a regular basis. CANDLE from Sweden are the latest to release and album full of classic heavy metal. I usually don’t comment on stuff like vocals but this time I have to. They are not too bad but I believe that with a different vocalist … Continue reading

DELIVERANCE “The Subversive Kind”

DELIVERANCE “The Subversive Kind” (Roxx Records) There used to be a rather big white metal movement back in the days. With bands like Believer and DELIVERANCE flying the flag for the heavier end of the specter. I was never much for DELIVERANCE. I was much more into Believer. But now it is 2018 and Believer are nothing but a memory but DELIVERANCE are back with a new album. The first in in 4 years. This is not really a comeback as such. I didn’t care too much for them back then and I don’t care too much for them now … Continue reading


FINAL HOUR “S/T” (Wargear Records) At first I thought that this was another modern metal album but the more I listen to this the more I realize that this is modern death metal if anything. Hailing from Aalborg, Denmark this young band has produced an album that will do them a lot of good on the international market. What I like about this is that they haven’t taken any short cuts. This is a death metal album. With bits of more modern metal thrown in. But most of all this is good stuff. As with much modern metal there is … Continue reading