When LIFE OF AGONY was the latest fad on Headbanger’s Ball I wasn’t that much of a fan. But as I grow older I … become more open. So with a new album about I’ll give them another chance. Answers from Joey. Anders Ekdahl ©2017


German power metal. Swedish power metal. American power metal. There are so many to chose from but this time I’ll go for American with SEVEN KINGDOMS. Answers from Camden. Anders Ekdahl ©2017

A LONG WAY TO FALL “Hatemosphere”

A LONG WAY TO FALL “Hatemosphere” (Rockaine Records) I know that it gets old very quickly but I feel so old when I hear any of these modern metal bands. I have no idea where they are coming from and where they want to go. I feel no connection to them. But as I start to dissect them I realize that most of them are just metal bands and that the emperor’s clothing shouldn’t matter. And it is there I start with this band; they are a metal band. I have been trying to get into this whole modern metal … Continue reading

FULL LEATHER JACKETS ”Forgiveness Sold Out”

FULL LEATHER JACKETS ”Forgiveness Sold Out” (Red Cat) I know that I am old when all I can think of is Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam movie Full Metal Jacket from 1987 whenever I see this bands name. I have not seen that movie or any other Vietnam War movie for that matter but the name got stuck in my head. Hopefully that will only be beneficial to the band. That this was going to be trad there was no questions about. But trad in what genre? I immediately get old Iron Maiden vibes from this. So that alone was comforting. This … Continue reading

HEXER “Cosmic Doom Ritual”

HEXER “Cosmic Doom Ritual” (Vendetta Records) I honestly don’t know what to expect from this band based on the band name and the album title. The name tells me this is going to be black metal (could be doom) but the title implies doom or stoner. I guess there is only one way to find out. By grabbing the goat by the horns. I was wrong about what this band is all about musically. This is doomy for sure but in a funeral doom way. This is heavy as fuck and slower than a sloth. You gotta have the patience … Continue reading

MALKAVIAN ”Annihilating the Shades”

MALKAVIAN ”Annihilating the Shades” (Finisterian Dead End) I LOVE French metal bands. So it wasn’t an option to not review this album by a for me new French lot. This promises to be metal as fuck and heavier than a rhino in heat. That alone wets my appetite. And with the track record I have with French metal this could very well be this week’s high light. This is thrash. THIS IS THRASH! From the very go I knew that this was going to get my blood pumping. This is the kinda thrash that pummels you into a pulp in … Continue reading