LONDON is the creation of siren London Gabraelle and legendary Australian heavy music producer & songwriter dw Norton (Superheist, Walk The Earth). Think Lacuna Coil meets Kate Bush & Parkway Drive… yeah it’s heavy, it’s Epic… it’s Pop! It’s massive hooks and even bigger riffs! London Gabraelle’s sweet but heart-wrenching vocal delivery blended with Norton’s crushing guitar style makes for an infectious and original concoction of life and death proportions. Today London is bringing Sunlight to the world – it’s the first single and music video from a forthcoming album expected to drop in 2019. The single will be live… Continue reading


Quintet To Release “Broken” on September 7th West Midlands based quintet Fear Without Reason are set to release their comeback single, “Broken”, on September 7th! The band streamed the new track exclusively over at Pure Grain Audio, which can be found here: Fear Without Reason as a name comes right from the heart. Anxiety has affected band members, family and friends, it touches everything they do. The result is a sound that puts energy and feel first, taking inspiration from bands such as Alter Bridge, Mallory Knox, Funeral For a Friend, Paramore, Senses Fail, Incubus, Breaking Benjamin, Blink 182… Continue reading

DRIFT INTO BLACK release single/lyric video and new album details

New Jersey’s Doom Metal act DRIFT INTO BLACK has just completed their first full length album entitled “Dead Suns Under the Forever Moon” to be released October 12th on Digipak CD as well as all streaming services. “This is a concept album about absolute cold revenge by being used as the devil’s puppet” Craig Rossi says. “How much revenge is too much? Do two wrongs make a right? When all of that rage, adrenaline is gone and there’s nothing left, can you feel normal again? Was it all worth it?”. The first single “Death From Above” can be heard below… Continue reading

ABHORRENCE “Megalohydrothalassophobic”

ABHORRENCE ” Megalohydrothalassophobic” (Svart Records) Man, this is classic Finnish death metal. I remember this band from back in the fanzine days. I might even have owned their debut demo “Vulgar Necrolatry” back in the day. I was stupid enough to trade my whole demo collection for some CDs back in the day simply because I didn’t have room for it. Now I regret that move. But getting to hear this new album by ABHORRENCE sorta make up for that loss. This is old school death metal. Old school as in new school because they were there at the beginning… Continue reading

AEOLIAN ”Silent Witness”

AEOLIAN ”Silent Witness” (Snow Wave Records) I have never been to Mallorca and I don’t think I will ever go there, unless it is to see AEOLIAN play live on their native island. I haven’t heard of this band before but I gotta say that I am really impressed by what I hear on this record. This is best described as melodic death metal. But as I listen to this I start to think if it really is the best tag for this. I actually think this is more of a deathrash release. I get those kinda waves. But that… Continue reading

A.H.P. “Forakt, Hat og Död”

A.H.P. ”Forakt, hat og Död” (Avantgarde Music) This is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway. Nothing revolutionary about that. But it mustn’t be revolutionary to be good. A.H.P. are proof of that. And this is good. There is something to this that I cannot really put my finger on but as I listen to it I get flashes of having heard something similar to this before. But no matter what it is that I cannot think of this has an industrial feeling to it, a monotonous groove. Add to that some melody and you get a black metal sound… Continue reading

ANCESTORS “Suspended In Reflections”

ANCESTORS ” Suspended In Reflections” (Pelagic Records) Progressive stoner/doom metal from a LA band. Is that something for you? I didn’t think it was anything for me but as I listen to this I realize that this is actually really beautiful. There is a charm to this that is hard to resist and that makes me sit here grinning like an undertaker. This is not the hardest or grooviest album you’ll hear this year, but it could very well be one of the most beautiful albums you’ll hear. I know that I am totally floored by this album. So much… Continue reading