CRYSTAL BALL “Crystallizer”

CRYSTAL BALL “Crystallizer” (Massacre Records) I cannot remember the last time I heard a CRYSTAL BALL album but it must have been back in 2013. Since then they have managed to released two more albums that I have missed out on. This new album is the band’s tenth one. So you can without a doubt say that they are veterans on the scene by now. CRYSTAL BALL have a sound that borderlines hardrock/metal. In a way this is classic German hardrock/metal even though they are Swiss. Listening to this up pops a ton of different cool bands. And that to … Continue reading

CULT OF EXTICNTION “Black Nuclear Magick Attack”

CULT OF EXTICNTION “Black Nuclear Magick Attack” (Sentient Ruins Laboratories) This is CULT OF EXTINCTION’s debut demo. 133 minutes of unrelenting deathrashgrind. If you like that sorta thing you might want to grab a copy of this tape. I know that I like what I hear. This is heavy and dark. There is an almost cloaked feeling to the sound of this. Like they are playing behind a curtain or something. Not that it takes away anything from this recording. In fact, it adds to it. This is pure extreme death indulgence. You don’t listen to this if you like … Continue reading

DAEMONHEIM “Widerwelt”

DAEMONHEIM “Widerwelt” (Naturmacht Productions) Here is another one from Naturmacht. This time it is a German two-man black metal band. And I like it. There is something to this that makes me think of Immortal. And since I like Immortal a lot I have no problems with this one. Throw in some atmospheric and melodic death metal too and you got me even more hooked. This is exactly what the doctor ordered right now. It cannot get much better (well, it can always be better) right now, right here. This turned out to be one hell of a cool black … Continue reading

THE DAHMERS “Creepiest Creep”

THE DAHMERS “Creepiest Creep” (Lövely Records) For one reason or another I have stayed away from THE DAHMERS. And for no rational reasons whatsoever. It has just turned out that way. But now that I do give them a chance I find that I actually like them. This is just an EP and since I don’t know anything about them I have no clue how representative this is for the band. But as I listen to this I find it full of references to both stuff like The Hellacopters but also to more Swedish things like Sator and more pop … Continue reading

DAYLIGHT SILENCE “Threshold Of Time”

DAYLIGHT SILENCE “Threshold Of Time” (Red Cat Records) I have no idea what the band name means. And I am a band name buff. I don’t know if I would have bought this had I seen it in a record store. Not based on the name. I might have picked it up for the cover. So I am glad that this was sent to me so that I got to hear this Italian heavy metal band. There is a bluesy edge to this. So not your typical Eurometal stuff. In a way the bluesy edge gives this an American vibe. … Continue reading

DEIQUISITOR “Downfall of the Apostates”

DEIQUISITOR “Downfall of the Apostates” (Dark Decent Records) I did not know that this was a Danish act until I read up on them. Because based on the sound they don’t sound Danish at all. This is instead some very brutal American sounding death metal. I love bands like Immolation and Incantation, bands that play uncompromising death metal. This is more of the same stuff. Perhaps a tad more brutal. This is unrelentless in it attack. It is not the world’s most complicated death metal but it is extremely efficient. It hits you like a ton of bricks and leaves … Continue reading

DREAMFIRE “Atlantean Symphony”

DREAMFIRE “Atlantean Symphony” (Minotauro Records) This is a rerelease of an album that originally came out in 2012. Listening to this today I realize why I never got around to check it out in 2012. This is in no way a metal release. This is an ambient release. I wish I had known of this in 2012 as this is some extremely beautiful music. This is structured like a film soundtrack. If you close your eyes you can imagine being taken on a journey riding on the back of a dragon. The sweeping sounds that come from this record paints … Continue reading

FISTER “No Spirit Within”

FISTER “No Spirit Within” (Listenable) The first time I saw this band’s name I thought that it was going to be some sort of thrash metal. but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. and had I been familiar with the band’s back catalogue I had known this. But as this is my first encounter with them I did not know what to expect. And now as I sit here listening to this I realize that for a very rare occasion I am not too thrilled. This is some sort of sludge/doom metal. It is heavy and sludgy. I … Continue reading

HUKUTUS “Oksitosiini”

HUKUTUS “Oksitosiini” (My Fate Music 2018) Formed in 2011 Finnish Hukutus and with three singles under their belts this mob feels it is time to unleash the debut album on an unsuspecting world. I don’t really know how to describe the sound of HUKUTUS. It is an amalgamation of styles. I would say that the music is based on heaviness. That seems to be the common denominator. But from there the band paint with a very broad brush. Because amidst all the heaviness up pops melodies that would put roses on even the most die hard metalheads cheeks. This is … Continue reading

KARDINAL SIN “Victorious”

KARDINAL SIN “Victorious” (Massacre Records) This is the debut album from Sweden’s new power metal hopefuls KARDINAL SIN. I often complain that I don’t get sent enough power metal albums so now that I do get sent one it feels like it is my day. And when then music reminds me of Helloween with Michael Kiske it all gets so much better. This is not the most original stuff but music doesn’t have to be original to be good. And good this is. I just sit here and indulge in the melodies and the cool guitar solos. Anders Ekdahl Continue reading