EMPYREAL VAULT “Judgement” (Great Dane Records) Reading the bands you might like to like this makes me realize that; one, I’m old and two; I have no idea what to expect from this band, although I did like their 2019 album. Perhaps it will all come back to me as I start listening to this album. I have always had a hard time with the heavier end of death metal, unless it is Bolt Thrower. But I gotta admit that I like this in some weird perverted way. This is brutal as hell while still being heavier that the stone… Continue reading

NIHILANTH “Graceless Planet”

NIHILANTH “Graceless Planet” (Great Dane Records) Reading the description given of the bands that have influenced this album I get the impression that I will be in for a real treat. Taking influences from the US, Sweden and the UK mixed with a bit of homeland French this is all over the place influence wise. But if that is you thing you will probably be as excited as I was hearing this for the first time. In a strange way the mix of US brutal death and Swedish primal death works well. This to my ears is a treat of… Continue reading


NERVOUS DECAY “s/t” (Great Dane Records) I don’t know how popular it is to admit that I don’t fancy latter part Death as much as I do the first three albums. The latter albums became too technical for my taste. So when I read that this band will remind me of that period of Death I have no idea if I’ll like it or not. This did turn out to be a hard one for me. It isn’t bad in any way but it is just not my cup of tea. A bit too technical and intricate to catch my… Continue reading

TERMINAL CARNAGE “The Sickening Rebirth”

TERMINAL CARNAGE “The Sickening Rebirth” (Great Dane Records) German old school death metal. This will be nice to discover. Simply because I love old school death metal, be it original from the late 80s/early 90s or newer talents doing the old school thing. So this one will be a real treat sinking my teeth into. Just the fact that it mentions Bolt Thrower and Paradise Lost in the same sentence makes me think that this will be a real stonker of an album, an album that will blow my socks off. And I wasn’t wrong in thinking so. This turned… Continue reading