ASSYMETRY OF EGO “Forsake Beyond The Dusk”

ASSYMETRY OF EGO “Forsake Beyond The Dusk” () I gotta admit that I wasn’t and isn’t the greatest fan of bands like Linkin Park and their ilk yet that was the first band that sprung to mind when I started to play this album by ASYMETRY OF EGO. Perhaps not as poppy as Linkin Park but with the same sort of darkness and mystery. This is for lack of a better term alternative progressive metal, or should that be progressive alternative metal? Or perhaps even modern metal? Post metal? You get where I am going don’t you. As an ancient… Continue reading

BLUE DAWN “Edge Of Chaos”

BLUE DAWN “Edge Of Chaos” (Black Widow Records) ‘ I have interviewed BLUE DAWN on two occasions yet I haven’t reviewed a single one of their albums. Strange, but that will be changed with this one from 2017. BLUE DAWN is a heavy/doom metal band from Genoa, Italy. This is their third album. I missed out on the digital only second album but I have heard the first one. Although this is doom metal it is still aggressive in a way that I hadn’t expected it to be. With the dual male/female vocals there is also an added theatrical aura… Continue reading