SOULBURNER “Blessed by Fire”

SOULBURNER “Blessed by Fire” (Australis Records) If I got this right this is a rerelease of SOULBURNER’s debut album from 2008. Since I haven’t heard this band before it is fittingly to start from the beginning and then work my way through the two other albums they have released. This is supposedly melodic death metal but I am not sure I agree with that tag hearing this debut album. We might have a differing opinion about what is or is not melodic. To my ears this is brutal death metal. Not mega super brutal death metal but still brutal enough… Continue reading

SWARM OF HATRED “Shrine of Negativity”

SWARM OF HATRED “Shrine of Negativity” (Australis Records) This one impressed the hell outta me. Not being familiar with this band before I got sent this album I had no idea what to expect. But the black metal that this band plays is of the brand that gets your heart pumping. This is very close to sheer brilliance. I don’t remember the last time a band impressed me this much. SWARM OF HATRED’s black metal contains so many elements that it is hard to pick them all. Listening to this gives me chills down my spine. I am really glad… Continue reading

TARGET (Chile) “Deep water Flames”

TARGET (Chile) “Deep water Flames” (Australis Records) I have no idea how many bands there are out there called Target but apparently there are enough for this lot to want to make certain that you know which one this is by adding Chile in brackets. This is technical death metal. When I read that they play technical I kinda feared that this would be way above my head but as I started to listen to it I realized that I actually like what I hear. It might be technical, but it is not technical in a Meshuggah kinda way. I… Continue reading


UNDERTAKER OF THE DAMNED “Satanas Potestas Est” (Australis Records) This is a really cool record. Filled with black metal of the colder sort this album really rocks my world. I like it when the music is raw. When it feels like it cuts like a knife. It is nothing I haven’t heard before but since I like this kind of black metal I have no problems with this not being too original. This is an album that I will spin when I drive to work, when I do the dishes, when I vacuum. Whenever I do the mundane everyday things.… Continue reading


TEZURA is another cool band to check out. Answering musicians: Timo (Vocals, Guitar), Phil (Guitar), Max (Bass), Luke (Drums). Answers representative for the whole band are marked by “Tezura”. Anders Ekdahl ©2019 Continue reading


DIGITAL VERSION OF OKTA KHORA OUT TODAY !! “This may come as a surprise, but MONOLITHE and LES ACTEURS DE L’OMBRE have decided to release the band’s new album “Okta Khora” in its digital version TODAY. You can listen and buy the album in its entirety right now at the following location: Full album Videos 1/ Okta Khora (Part 1) Title : Introductory video about this song’s concept: 2/Onset of the Eighth Cycle Title : Pre-orders of CDs and Vinyls have also started : Why an early digital release? It has happened before and it… Continue reading

MARA “Rök”

MARA “Rök” (Immortal Frost Production) This is the stuff you should support if you like black metal inspired by the greats. Nobody can deny the importance of Mayhem’s debut album. And this album follows in that tradition. Cold and dark black metal with an aura of mysticism. This is some really cool stuff. I only discovered this band at this year’s Gamrocken but it turned me into a huge fan. So much so that I tracked down the previous two albums. It is really cool when you find a new band that impresses the hell outta you, like MARA did.… Continue reading

BLIGHTMASS “Severed From Your Soul”

BLIGHTMASS “Severed From Your Soul” (Great Dane Records) Back in the day Floridian death metal was da shit. Bands like Death, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel and a handful more rocked my world. Then came the whole Swedish scene and blew my world away. To this day I am still a major fan of these kinds of death metal. So when a band comes along that mixes the two, I for one sit up and take notice. This debut album from French/American BLIGHTMASS is one hell of a death metal assault. If you like your death metal heavy and thick and… Continue reading

CARCARIASS “Planet Chaos”

CARCARIASS “Planet Chaos” (Great Dane Records) This is a band name that I have come upon several times during the years but never really gotten round to check out. I have no particular reason for not having checked them out. This is supposedly some sort of technical death metal. That in itself doesn’t say too much. But think old Coroner, a bit Atheist and you might be a bit on the way to understanding what this sounds like. And since I like both Coroner and Atheist a lot this is right up my alley. This might not be the most… Continue reading