VENOM INC ”Avé” (Nuclear Blast) You can say whatever you like about the fact that there are two VENOM operating simultaneously. As somebody that has been there since the very first Venom album “Welcome To Hell” and through all the different incarnations I gotta say that two is better than none. You can always debate which one is the true VENOM, if it is the one with Cronos and his buddies or the one with Mantas and Abaddon. I know where I stand on that matter. “Avé” is really an album I never thought would be made. When VENOM INC … Continue reading


This is a real blast from the past. One of my all time fave German speed metal bands is AVENGER. They released an album and a 12” EP before they transmorphed into Rage. Now as the EP “Depraved To Black” will be rereleased an interview with Peter “Peavy” Wagner was in place. Anders Ekdahl ©2017 Continue reading


I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the bands that are out there. Trying to keep up with them all is a full time job but I do my darnest to at least bring you a fraction of all cool bands, like Swedish NORRSKÖLD. Anders Ekdahl ©2017 Continue reading