SEVEN SPIRES ”Solveig” (SAOL) SEVEN SPIRES is a US band that has a hype going for them. I’ve only heard a single track from the prior to getting sent this CD but that one triggered an interest in me. So I am really looking forward to hearing the full album. The music can best be described as symphonic metal. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t say that much. Even symphonic metal has come to be a wide field of metal. But is found that there is a dramatic element, almost King Diamond like to this band. Not saying that they sound … Continue reading


When I saw that ALTAIR will be playing Malmöfestivalen in August I thought my luck was made until I realized that that is a totally different band than the one I’ve interviewed here. Not that I am complaining because this one kicks some serious ass. Anders Ekdahl ©2017 Continue reading


There are times when I feel like I am new to metal and not a veteran of over 30 years but there are so many bands to keep track of that I cannot keep up with em all. But I do my darndest. So here I bring you BYZANTINE. Answers from Chris Ojeda. Anders Ekdahl ©2017 Continue reading


Sometimes it feels like I am still living in the 80s when it comes to heavy metal because I’ve been so into death/black the last 30 years that I am out of touch with acts like CHASTAIN for example. Another survivor from the 80s. Anders Ekdahl ©2017 Continue reading


For some strange reason SOULREST made me think back to the classic Finnish band Xysma with a touch of Death the first time I heard them. That intrigued me enough to wanting to interview them. Answering my questions was Non Anders Ekdahl ©2017 Continue reading