PAINTED BLACK ”Raging Light”

PAINTED BLACK ”Raging Light” (Wormhole Death) I have a some labels that I value higher than others. Labels that not often lets me down. Wormhole Death is one of these labels. The labour that goes into running this label is infectious. You just gotta love the work that the label does. And then there is the music. So much cool metal has come my way over the years. This Portuguese band play a kind of gothic/doom metal that is introspective in an almost extreme metal version of System Of A Down if you can imagine that. Don’t go expecting a … Continue reading

RAM-PAGE ”The Grave Of Seven Billion”

RAM-PAGE ”The Grave Of Seven Billion” (Grimm Distribution) This is a band that I have reviewed on several occasions over the years. And I have always found them highly entertaining. So I have no doubts that they will entertain this time too. So with further ado I’ll take this one on. Musically this is thrash on the harder side. Maybe with a touch of death making this almost deathrash. I don’t know whom to compare them to but for some strange reason Tankard popped up in my head, even though they don’t have too much in common. But if you … Continue reading

SINNERANGEL ” Sinister Decálogo”

SINNERANGEL ” Sinister Decálogo” (Grimm Distribution) I don’t get sent as many Colombian black metal releases as I wish. But when it does happen I almost always thoroughly enjoy what I hear. I have no doubt whatsoever that SINNERANGEL will be highly entertaining. My patience for intros are very short but the one that opened this album wasn’t too bad. It set the tone for the album. I often use early Marduk and Dark Funeral as references in my reviews but I am not too sure that I am that correct most of the time. But this does remind of … Continue reading

TEMPEL OF NIHIL ” Soul Extremist”

TEMPEL OF NIHIL ” Soul Extremist” (Symbol Of Domination) This is a band name that I have seen before. But looking through the archive at I cannot find that I have done anything on them before. So this is gonna be my virgin flight on the TEMPEL OF NIHIL airline. This is only an EP but I still feel that it is an appropriate way to start my journey with TEMPEL OF NIHIL. And seeing as this is supposedly the debut release from the band there is not much else to choose from. This is heavy black metal in … Continue reading

TOWN TUNDRA ”Misanthropy Never Fails”

TOWN TUNDRA ”Misanthropy Never Fails” (-) TOWN TUNDRA is a metaphor for this bands home town of Murmansk. With that explained I understand the name a bit better. But I have seen so many strange band names over the years that I don’t really reflect on it anymore. All that matter is the music. This is what my ears tell me is modern metal. They have that Swedish In Flames/Soilwork sound that has been so influential all over the world. I might not always agree with it but when done well even I have to succumb to the fact that … Continue reading

WOLF COUNSEL ” Age Of Madness / Reign Of Chaos”

WOLF COUNSEL ” Age Of Madness / Reign Of Chaos” (Czar Of Bullets) Swiss doom metal. I don’t think that I have come upon too many Swiss doom metal bands over the years. Not that geography matters. But it is still a bit cool to hear Swiss bands seeing as much of my extreme metal taste was shaped by one single Swiss band; Hellhammer. Doom metal is not just one style. You got the Candlemass style that is epic, Sabbath-like and melodic. Then you have the Cathedral “Forest Of Equilibrium” kinda thrash that is slower as hell and not so … Continue reading

BASTARDÖS premieres new track

BASTARDÖS, Argentinian thrasher to rerelease album 24/11-17. Bastardös – Thrash Metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2009. Band name is translated into English as “Bastards”. The points above the ‘O’ is just a thrash metal well known gimmick taken from German ‘Umlaut’ and doesn’t make the letter sound different. Self-titled album “Bastardös” recorded, mixed, mastered and self-released by band in 2015 at Kirkincho Records in Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This reissue-2017 includes new artwork design. Lyrics of songs about combat and horror. For fans of Sodom, Deathraiser, Toxic Shock, Alkoholizer, Hyades and many others. The band was founded … Continue reading