IN REVERENCE “The Selected Breed”

IN REVERENCE “The Selected Breed” (Non Serviam) A week without a Swedish metal release or two is a bad week. No, really. It has become so expected that if I don’t get a Swedish band to interview or review for a week I start wondering what’s wrong. That’s how common, or spoiled if you like, Swedish metal has become to me. I didn’t really know what to make of IN REVERENCE after the first track’s rather long intro but once they got going this turned out to be heavy death metal. I get vibes of old Dismember turned even darker … Continue reading

JORDABLOD ”Upon My Cremation Pyre”

JORDABLOD ”Upon My Cremation Pyre” (Iron Bonehead) The first time I saw this bands name I thought they were some sort of prog rock band from the 70s. Like Hoola Bandola Band or Sten Sax Påse. But apparently they are a Swedish black metal band. Which makes me wonder what the hell they’ll sound like and most importantly, will I be able to get my head around it? And even though I do like Swedish progg from the 70s I am not sure that that is what I want to think about when I listen to black metal. But the … Continue reading

MONKEY DIET “Inner Gobi”

MONKEY DIET “Inner Gobi” (-) Of all the strange band names in the world this has to be one of the oddest I’ve come upon lately. It doesn’t say anything about anything; MONKEY DIET? What the hell is that? Well, I suppose I am not meant to understand everything and as long as I get the music I have no problem with odd band names. And since I have declared my love for Italian band on more than one occasion I have to stand by it this time too. The problem I have with instrumental music is that I am … Continue reading


THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT “Versus 1” (Hammerheart Records) This is a band that has been in my conscious for a very, very long time but I don’t think I’ve ever checked them out. Whatever the reasons has been for that is in the past and now is now. So here we have the new THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT release. Not being familiar at all with this Dutch lot makes it easier to come into this with an open mind. I really expected this to be something along the lines of Gorefest or Thanatos but this is not that. Writing a concept album … Continue reading

NACHTGREIF “Dunkle Materie”

NACHTGREIF “Dunkle Materie” (D7) German band names are common in black metal. And this has the ring of a very black metal band name yet I suspect that this is as far away from black metal as you can get. But then the Germans are very good at playing really dark, romantic Goth so this might perhaps be of that sort. There is only one way to find out. NACHTGREIF mix 80s metal with Goth and they make it really interesting. The German lyrics are a dead giveaway that this is German but also the sound has a very clear … Continue reading


RUNNING DEATH “Dressage” (Punishment 18) This is an album that I do look forward to dissect. From what I have heard already this could very well be this week’s high light. German thrash used to be a really big part of my record collection back in the 80s and 90s. And I do still have all those old Teutonic thrash albums in my collection. Which make it nice to be able to add this to that collection. And even though there is more of an American feel to this album it is still thrash from Germany. This really rocks my … Continue reading

UNHOLY BAPTISM “…On the Precipice of the Ancient Abyss”

UNHOLY BAPTISM “…On the Precipice of the Ancient Abyss” (-) US death and black metal is unfortunately not that common in either my interview lists or review lists. Which is a shame as some of my greatest metal experiences have been American. But that only makes any new encounter with US metal so much more intriguing. And as strange as it may be to get an American band that pays homage to the Norwegian black metal scene of the 90s as nice is it to get just that. So if you like bands like Mayhem, Satyricon, Immortal and Burzum you … Continue reading


ALTHEA might be a girl’s name but it also the name of this beautiful Italian band. Read this interview and then check em out further. Anders Ekdahl ©2017