HORRORGRAPHY “Season Of Grief”

HORRORGRAPHY “Season Of Grief” (Satanath Records) This one very quickly grew to be a fave of mine. Not being familiar at all with HORRORGRAPHY before this debut I didn’t know what to expect from this. but what I do hear makes me sit up and take notice. This Greek (where else could they be from) band mixes doom with gloom with black with experimental with whatever seem to come to their minds. This is some seriously twisted stuff. But not in an unlistenable way. This is highly entertaining. The journey that band takes me on is like a rollercoaster ride… Continue reading

INDESIDERIUM “Of Twilight And Evenfall… ”

INDESIDERIUM “Of Twilight And Evenfall… ” (Satanath Records) There is no doubt what this is all about. Total fucking black metal assault. as a huge fan of Marduk and Dark Funeral I revel in the chance of hearing this sort of assault on the senses. There is something special to a band that takes no prisoners and just goes for the throat. I tend to be very repetitive in what I write when it comes to this sort of black metal but that is because the music takes over and the words don’t really mean that much. This is the… Continue reading


INTERNAL SUFFERING “Chaotic Matrix” (Satanath Records) I feel a bit ashamed that I haven’t really checked out this Colombian band before. I am not even sure if the band has been existing in my conscious before the rerelease of this album even though the name seem a bit familiar. Listening to this is am sure I haven’t heard them before. This is brutal slamming death metal in the Cannibal Corpse vein but turned up to 11. As a major fan of stuff like Immolation and Incantation as well as CC this is right up my alley. A shame really that… Continue reading


PANCHRYSIA “Dogma” (Satanath Records) I thought that the name sounded familiar but I couldn’t really pin point why. But in checking out their discogrpahy I realized that I back in 2002 reviewed their debut album. I don’t remember what that album sounded like, but I do remember having it. This Belgian band play a sort of black metal that I have a hard time to place. The closet I get is comparing it to stuff like Primordial and Borknagar that uses both clean and screaming vocals. Not that they have that much in common musically with the beforementioned bands but… Continue reading

PANNYCHIA “Missense Mutation”

PANNYCHIA “Missense Mutation” (Satanath Records) I love all sorts of metal equally but depending on the mood I am in I crave different things. But something I never say no to is a good death metal album. No matter what mood I am in a death metal album always comes in handy. Russian PANNYCHIA play a sort of death metal that has a lot of tempo changes. Not really my number one style but they do it so good that I cannot stop listening. So if you like your death metal with break beats you are advised to check this… Continue reading

STRIBORG “Spiritual Catharsis” “Mysterious Semblance”

STRIBORG “Spiritual Catharsis” “Mysterious Semblance” (Satanath Records) I usually don’t lump two albums together in one review, but I will make an exception for STRIBORG. I honestly don’t know what to think of this. musically I will describe this as ambient black metal but as that doesn’t really tell you much about what it really sounds like I will say this much; imagine that you are put in the woods and all of a sudden hear a faint sound I the distant. You can’t really make out if it is synth or guitar or both but you get a feeling… Continue reading

UTBURD “The Horrors Untold”

UTBURD “The Horrors Untold” (Satanath Records) I am one of those kinda guys that really, really like atmospheric black metal. the more melancholic the better. I cannot get enough of the really great ones in this genre. And I am always on the look out for something new. So when this one from UTBURD came my way I had high hopes for this one. As for the band name UTBURD. I don’t know how common this myth is in Russia but in Swedish folklore Utburd are the spirits of dead children that lurks in the forests, haunting lone wanderer wanting… Continue reading

VOMITILE “Pure Eternal Hate”

VOMITILE “Pure Eternal Hate” (Satanath Records) I have no idea what it is like to live on an island. If you feel isolated from the rest of the world or what. But that doesn’t seem to stop Cyprian VOMITILE from delivering their bastard form of death metal. In my book all death metal is good death metal but there are different nuances of heaviness to it. And this comes close to being somewhere in the middle of it all. Still heavy enough to appeal to the die-hard death metal fans but still enough accessible to appeal to those that are… Continue reading

WRATHRONE “Reflections Of Torment”

WRATHRONE “Reflections Of Torment” (Satanath Records) Back in 2016 I interviewed this band. it seems like it was longer ago but I have no concept of time passed so yesterday feels as far away as last year does. But I apparently liked them back then and hearing this new album I see no reason not to like them this time too. This is death metal that has that dark, sinister bass feeling going for it. It is hard to explain but you’ll know which one I mean once you hear this album. This is for fans of old Swedish death… Continue reading


A THOUSAND SUFFERINGS “Bleakness” (Symbol Of Domination) I feel that a band name should in sort represent the sound of the band. A band name like Satan’s Penguins (it is a real band. check Youtube for proof) doesn’t really work if you want to be taken seriously. A THOUSAND SUFFEREINGS work much better. This Belgian band play a sort of black/doom metal that I find extremely entertaining. You could almost call this atmospheric black metal, if there ever was such a term. All jokes aside. This is full of the melancholy that I like in my black metal. a really… Continue reading