NORD “Play Restart”

NORD “Play Restart” (Geenger Records) I did an interview with a band called Nord a while back. That was a Danish lot. This is not them. This is a Croatian lot. I don’t get sent a hell of a lot of metal from the Balkans but when I do I sit up and take notice. This band isn’t as metal as the rest but they still have a vibe to them that is dark enough for me. This is rather modern sounding in a way that I am not the greatest connoisseur of. I do enjoy it but I am … Continue reading

SVARTSTORM ” Иллюзия Выбора (Illusion Of Choice)”

SVARTSTORM ” Иллюзия Выбора (Illusion Of Choice)” (Requiem Distribution) I kinda expected this to be another Russian black metal act but it turned out to be so much more than that. I’ve been listening to this at work and I am super impressed by what this band offers up. It is symphonic, melodic and very modern sounding. I find myself wanting this is my CD collection displayed right in front of everything else. This is the album that has impressed me the most this year. Even that they sing in Russian is a bonus. It adds to that rural feel … Continue reading

VICINITY “Recurrence”

VICINITY “Recurrence” (Mighty) Norway hasn’t been on my map lately. But in the recent weeks I’ve almost been bombarded with great new Norwegian releases. The metal scene in Norway isn’t as dead as I thought it was. I have been a progressive fan since the first time I heard Pallas back in the 80s and with Dream Theater entering the scene everything changed. I cannot say that I am that well versed in music theory but I do know if I like what I hear and that is all that matters. To my ears this isn’t as intricate as Dream … Continue reading


WHEN ICARUS FALLS ”Resilience” (Czar Of Bullets) This is a band that I know of and have reviewed in the past. I liked their previous albums that were filled with metal in the Tool/Opeth/Isis (my references) school. But this time around I understand that they have steered their journey on a different route. And that can be either a journey I want to join or a journey that I have no interest in. But knowing me I will most likely never get of the WHEN ICARUS FALLS trip. And to be honest I hear not much difference in this new … Continue reading

CORNERSTONE released second single & video

======================================= CORNERSTONE RELEASED SECOND SINGLE @ VIDEO¨ ======================================= After a three-months rest, Cornerstone are back with their second Single from their Longplayer “Reflections”: the song “Northern Light” was released on 03/31 and was produced, like the whole album, by Harry Hess (SIMPLE PLAN, MUSE, BILLY TALENT) in Canada. The video for the song, which had been shot the same time as the first Single “Last Night”, was produced by the well-proven filmteam THE COCKPIT and director Christian Enzmueller. “Northern Light” is orderable on iTunes and available on all Online-Shops. To pre-order the Single, please click here: ======================================= CORNERSTONE TOUR-DETAILS … Continue reading


Yet another band that I didn’t know of before this week’s interview batch but I found BLACK MIRRORS to be cool enough to be interviewed. Answers from Marcella & Pierre! Anders Ekdahl ©2017


Spawned from the break-up of Vomitory CUT UP are here with a new slab of Swedish death metal excellence. Answers from Tobias G. Anders Ekdahl ©2017


HÄXAN is apart from being a cool Swedish silent movie from the early 1900s also a cool British band that needs to be checked out. Anders Ekdahl ©2017