SINSID “Enter The Gates”

SINSID “Enter The Gates” (Pitch Black Records) I am not at all familiar with this Norwegian band but then again it ain’t that surprising as they are not a black metal band. I am not totally sure where to put them metal wise. I want to say heavy metal but there is also a power metal feel to this. I also get a German feel when I listen to this album. There is something to the melodies that flickers the German metal switch. There is an epic metal feel to this that makes me headbang as I write this. I… Continue reading

GEOFF TYSON “Drinks With Infinty”

GEOFF TYSON “Drinks With Infinty” (Cargo Records) I always seem to return to the same old saying when it comes to instrumental albums. I am no musician so I cannot judge the technical skills. All I can go on is if I like it or not. But that is not cat shit. What the gut wants is what the gut gets. Not being familiar at all with GEOFF TYSON I didn’t know what to expect from this album. What I got was a bluesy guitar album. And with blues you don’t really need vocals to get the feel. Whenever I… Continue reading


RAGING SPEEDHORN “Hard To Kill” (Red Weed Records) I have been aware of RAGING SPEEDHORN for a very long time now but never really paid that much attention to them. I have never felt the need to check them out, mostly because they have always seemed like not my kind of music. I did interview them back in 2016 but never investigated them further. Now it is 2020 and I sit here with a new album and a fresh start from scratch for me with them. I am the first to admit that I might have been wrong about RAGING… Continue reading


RAZOR SHARP DEATH BLIZZARD “The World Is Fucked” (-) I am a band name buff and the name of this band is a pretty rad one. It kinda sets the tone for what to expect from them once the music starts. And I gotta say that the name does match the music. This is heavy as hell and with an attitude that can scare even the most hardcore dudes and dudettes. This Scottish band play a blend of punk and metal that at times reminds me of a more metallish The Exploited. It has that hardcore edge to it that… Continue reading

ROME “The Lone Furrow”

ROME “The Lone Furrow” (Trisol Music Group) ROME is really truly a well kept secret. At least for me. Prior to getting this promo I had only heard o them through their previous album. And that one I didn’t even get around to listen to. Having heard this one I kinda ban myself for not having checked it out. I am a huge New Model Army fan. I am not saying that ROME are even close to sounding anything like them but I get the same kinda emotional vibe from this that I get from listening to New Model Army.… Continue reading


ANAXAGOR ”S/T” (Great Dane Records) Thrash death metal anybody? The first band that sprang to life when I started to listen to this one was the mighty Kreator. A band that I totally love and have done so since the 1980s. This is my kinda extreme metal full of energy and with a cool drive that you can bang your head to relentlessly. This is bloody cool stuff to listen to. And I guess perfect work out music too, if you are into that kinda thing. I am not but I can really see myself power walking with this blasting… Continue reading

HEBOÏDOPHRENIE ”Cannibalism For Dummies”

HEBOÏDOPHRENIE ”Cannibalism For Dummies” (Great Dane Records) I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not the biggest connoisseur of deathcore. So don’t ask me to name drop any bands because that won’t happen in the any foreseeable future. But I am game for anything if it tickles my fancy. And I gotta say; if this is deathcore then I am converted. Because this is really good stuff. It is brutal as hell while also being heavy as fuck. I am usually a bit allergic to break beats and strange twists and turns but this time… Continue reading


SHRAPNEL STORM “S/T” (Great Dane Records) Whenever Bolt Thrower gets mentioned I take extra notice. Bolt Thrower is one of my all time fave bands. Easily on my top 10, if not top 5 of bands that has meant the most to me when it comes to shaping my taste in extreme metal. This Finnish old school death metal band has that vibe to them that makes me think back to old school bands. This is heavy but without losing the groove. To my ears there is something special with the sounds of yesteryears. Nothing against modern day death metal… Continue reading

CRÉPUSCULE d’HIVER “Par-Delá Noireglaces et Brumes-Sinistres”

CRÉPUSCULE d’HIVER “Par-Delá Noireglaces et Brumes-Sinistres” (Le Acteurs De l’Ombre Productions) Every now and then along come a band that triggers memories in me. Not all the time true memories. That was the case with CRÉPUSCULE d’HIVER. I thought I had heard them before I got sent this album but seeing as this is their debut my memory wasn’t correct. But that has been corrected with a first listen to this album. I have always had a good eye towards the French metal scene, ever since the 80s. And there is no reason to change my mind after having heard… Continue reading