DISPYT “ Den ständigt närvarande ångesten ”

DISPYT “ Den ständigt närvarande ångesten ” (Immortal Frost Productions) Here we got something as odd as a Finnish black crust band that sings in Swedish. Perhaps not as strange when you know the Finnish history and that in Swedish Pietarsaari is called Jakobstad. A bilingual town on the coast of the Baltic Sea. If you like crust infected black metal, or is it the other way around?, and can’t get enough of stuff like Anti Cimex then this is for you. I am a huge sucker for stuff like Anti Cimex, Discharge and The Exploited and when it is… Continue reading

EDEN « El despertar de los sueños «

EDEN « El despertar de los sueños « () Here is another Spanish band that I had no idea existed until I got this their fifth album. This is yet another Spanish power metal band that sings in Spanish. I really, really wish that I had somebody who could guide me thoroughly in the jungle that seem to be bands that sing in Spanish because I very seldom get to hear of them. EDEN proves to be another power metal band that needs to be checked out. This is melody driven stuff. it got me hooked from the very first… Continue reading


LITTLE BOY LOST « Jaunt« () I was never a great fan of System of a Down. I have not heard a single full album by them, yet they have left an impression on me. So much that I do use them as reference in some reviews. Especially when I come upon a band that doesn’t really follow the norm. Italian LITTLE BOY LOST is one of these bands that seem to have an agenda all their own. Kinda like Primus or President Of the United States of America. Bands that seem to be on a whole different planet. I… Continue reading

NECRODEMON “In The Ecstasy Of Fire”

NECRODEMON “In The Ecstasy Of Fire” () While at Gamrocken I came to be introduced to this Chilean band. They were there as festival guests spreading the name of the band by handing out CDs. I only managed to grab ahold of the MCD but since they too have a full length out I thought I’ll review that one instead. You’ll find the album on Spotify. This is some really impressive death metal. I will not call it melodic because it isn’t in that genre. But it has melodies the way Dismember has melodies. This is a band that would… Continue reading

NYT LIV “Ensomhedens kolde kald”

NYT LIV “Ensomhedens kolde kald” (Indisciplinarian) Back in the day the Danish punk and hardcore scene where the place to look for really cool bands. But as with much of the Danish hardcore and metal scene it kinda all fell apart and the cool bands stopped being. But there seem to be a change happening now in the Danish extreme music scene. No more hygge. No, they are tired of being left behind while the rest of the Nordic countries invade the world with cool bands. NYT LIV is a hardcore band that sounds like a hardcore band. Angry vocals… Continue reading

SKALD IN VEUM “Stridslysten”

SKALD IN VEUM “Stridslysten” (Nordic Mission) I gotta say that this is another one of those bands that I have no prior knowledge of. But this is from what I have gathered a Swedish band that is released on a Norwegian label. I am kinda familiar with the label Nordic Mission and from what I remember it is somehow a Christian label. Not that I care. I am die-hard atheist and I don’t care what religion you are. You can promote Christianity or satanism in your lyrics and I don’t care. All I really care about is the music. And… Continue reading

WINDTHROW “Treacherous Beckonings”

WINDTHROW “Treacherous Beckonings” () It is really nice when bands want to send me stuff for free. That to me means that what I do matters. So when Sweden’s WINDTHROW wanted to send me the album I was thrilled as fuck. First if all because it is released on vinyl but also because I have only seen good things being said about the album, and that made me wanting to check it out for myself. This is the kind of metal that follows in the footsteps of Bathory yet carves a path all its own. This is what I would… Continue reading

XERIA “Tierra”

XERIA “Tierra” () This is getting ridiculous but this is the third Spanish band this week that I have no prior knowledge of. This time we are dealing with a symphonic metal band. And as with the previous two this one is also sung in Spanish. If there are this many good Spanish metal bands out there I want to know of them all, and especially getting sent all the great albums on CD/digital so that I get to know of them all. But enough about me and more about XERIA. I don’t know if it is because they sing… Continue reading

ZEPHYRA “Fall Rise Conquer”

ZEPHYRA “Fall Rise Conquer” () My feelings for ZEPHYRA is a two headed beast. On the one side there are stuff with them that I like. On the other side there are stuff with them that leaves me hesitant. I can’t really get to grips with what they want. Or at least that has been the feeling in the past. I really hope that this new album will set me on the right path. I gotta say that all the doubts that I had in the past are gone now, this new album is one hell of an album. I… Continue reading

THE SHAKING SENSATIONS (Pelagic Rec.) Premiere New Track: ‘Tremendous Efforts’

Copenhagen-based instrumental 5-piece THE SHAKING SENSATIONS are finally back with a follow up to their critically acclaimed 2013 album Start Stop Worrying. October 4th will see the release of How Are We To Fight The Blight?, an album that has been 6 years in the making. THE SHAKING SENSATIONS have expanded the classic post-rock constellation by addition of a second drummer, allowing the band to develop a unique approach to the rhythm section and a fresh and unconventional take on instrumental rock music. During 4 extensive European tours, the band have shared the stage with acts such as Caspian, And… Continue reading