REVEL IN FLESH “Deathevocation”

(FDA Rekotz)
You might say that retro death metal is the brand new thing but I rather chose to think that it never ever went away; it just hibernated. Revel In Flesh is another of these bands that have found that old school is better than new school. That good old death metal is so much better than any metalcore/melodeath can ever be. Continue reading


Shroud Of Despondency might be a USBM band but as I’ve stated before that doesn’t really say too much about the band’s music as that definition includes a variety of different sounds. SoD seems to work very much with different atmospheres. I like the contrasts this can create. In the case of SoD they go from the sombre to the serene to the chaotic (sometime within the same song). Continue reading

TARANTULA “Spiral Of Fear”

“Spiral of Fear”
(Rock It Up/Ice Warrior)
I am a sucker for a really good heavy metal album. My love for heavy metal will never go away no matter how many death or black metal albums I get subjected to. Tarantula might not be as deadly as the spider they’ve named themselves after but it sure bites really hard. This is heavy metal that is shaped after the old formula. Continue reading

DONNIE VIE “Wrapped About My Little Finger”

“Wrapped About My Little Finger”
I’m the first to admit that there were moments when I like Enuff Z’nuff’s stuff but they were few and far away. So a solo album by Donnie Vie might not get my blood pumping but hey I’ll give everything a try once. This is hardrock in the classic way. Very melody/guitar driven in a Van Halen kinda way. The stuff American bands do so very well. Continue reading