”The Hand Of Death”
(M&O Music)
The band name doesn’t sit nicely in my mouth. There is something to it that doesn’t work for me. I can’t put my finger on what it is that bothers me about the name. That aside this French band could very well end up on my top list of French metal bands that you ought to keep an eye out for. One of my latter day discoveries are Legion Of The Damned. Continue reading

FORTID “Pagan Prophecies”

”Pagan Prophecies”
Icelandic metal seems like an improbability seeing how many people that lives on that small volcanic island but just as there are national teams in football and handball there are metal bands. Truth be told most Icelanders emigrate to bigger countries like Norway or Denmark or Sweden but that doesn’t seem to matter as to the origin of you band. Once Icelandic always Icelandic. Upon hearing this I couldn’t help thinking of Sweden’s Dawn. Continue reading

HELLWELL “Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin”

”Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin”
(Shadow Kingdom)
OK, I gotta admit that I’ve never bothered to check out Manilla Road although I’ve been aware of them close to 30 years now. Perhaps that’s my loss, well it is isn’t it? I can’t give you a reasonable explanation for it really. It’s just one of those things that keep happening from time to time. Hellwell is an offspring of Manilla Road, sort of. Continue reading

ODIUM ”Burning The Bridges To Nowhere”

”Burning The Bridges To Nowhere”
(Year Of The Sun)
There are a number of bands that have or still uses the moniker of Odium. From Portuguese black metal to Canadian melodic metal to German death/thrash to how knows what. Don’t get them confused unless your taste is wide enough. This Odium is the Canadian one. I kinda hoped that this would be a blast of fresh air much needed. Don’t know how melodic this is though as all I can hear is a heavy beat that drives the music forward. Continue reading