MARENNA “Living No Regrets”

MARENNA ”Living No Regrets” (Lions Pride Music) I don’t know who Rob MARENNA is. I have never heard of him before I got sent this new album by his AOR/melodic hardrock band. From what I can tell this Brazilian singer and his band are not bad at all. I don’t know about the AOR tag because this is so much melodic hardrock that it leaves nobody unsatisfied. My softer side really like this kind of stuff. There is nothing wrong with melodies. Like everybody else I like to sing along. It took me a while to realize that this is… Continue reading


PASTORATET ”THLM” (Cramada) Swedish punk is one of my small treats. I wish that more Swedish punk releases was sent my way, or punk releases in general. Ever since I heard Ebba Grön back in 1978 I’ve been hooked on punk. I am not gonna lie and say that I have the greatest check on what is going on in the world of punk but I do know if something is good or not. And to my ears PASTORATET are classic Swedish melodic punk. Unfortunately all my references are stuff like Asta Kask and Strebers and Dia Psalma. I have… Continue reading


POSTMORTAL ”Soil” (Solitude Productions) There are words and sentences that I keep repeating every now and then simply because they are so very much me. Like my love for melancholic metal, the sadder the better. At times it feels like my life’s mission is to find the saddest possible metal. I really hope I won’t find it because then there would be no need to look any further. But in my quest to do so I have no stumbled upon Polish POSTMORTAL and their funeral death doom. This is slow and heavy and melancholic just like it want it. It… Continue reading


ROCKSTAR FAME/KIARA LEATITIA ”Bullet Proof” (Musicarchy Media) KIARA LEATITIA I know from her work with Skylark. A symphonic/power metal band. I was not that naïve to expect this to be more of the same but I wasn’t really ready for what this is. to be honest I don’t know how to properly label this. For some strange reason I get flashes of Nena mixed with Nina Hagen when I listen to this (yeah, I know. I am older than time). But apart from my strange mind working in mysterious ways I still can’t get my head around this. If I… Continue reading

VELD “S.i.n”

VELD ”S.i.n” (Listenable Records) This is a collaboration between musicians from Poland and Belarus. Even though this is the fifth full length I have managed to miss every single one prior to this one. Which is a shame as this is some really cool death metal. I don’t want to say that this is a typical Polish death metal release but it does have that sort of sound. You know, the intense, full on attack kinda sound. But then again it does remind me equally as much of the US death metal sound. So I’ll give that a rest and… Continue reading


WHEN REASON COLLAPSE ”Omen Of The Banshee” () This French band is new to me. And from hearing this new album I kinda know why. This is what my ears tell me metalcore sounds like today. And since I haven’t been the greatest fan of this style until very recently I have stayed away from it as much as possible in the past. But now I kinda feel that I have been to unfair to it and have therefore revised my dislike for the genre. My biggest bug with modern metalcore has been that it is too stop and start-y.… Continue reading

ASILA release new video for their second single “Ignite”

South African alternative rock band Asila have released the live performance video for their second single Ignite Taken from their forthcoming debut album Acid Rain which is set for release later this year. The video was shot over the last three years at various shows in Johannesburg as well as the multiple practice studios they’ve used. Band statement: “It’s a very personal video for us because it reminds us of how we’ve grown as friends and musicians and as a band. Ignite is a song about empowerment and growth. The video is an honest reflection of who we are and… Continue reading