PREE TONE ”Kiddy” (addicted]) This is yet another of those albums that had it not been sent to me I would not have bothered checking it out. This is not the stuff I usually listen to but when I get sent it more often than not, I find that I dig it. This is what I would like to call drone garage rock. It is my very personal way of describing it. Don’t know how accurate it is but it helps me understand what it is I am hearing. This is not the most direct record you could hear but… Continue reading


SOUND OF GROUND ”Sick” ([addicted]) At first I wasn’t too sure about this band’s name, the art work fir this album or even the title of it but as I started to listento it, it kinda all fell in place. Let me say this much, had I seen this one in a CD stand in a store I would not have bought it. I don’t think I would have bought it even if it had been played in the store. As I listen to it now I realize how lucky I am to be doing this so that I can… Continue reading

Transnadežnost’ ”Monomyth”

Transnadežnost’ ”Monomyth” (addicted]) It is strange (well not that strange really) how music travels over borders and continents. Something that started in the desert of California can all of a sudden be heard coming from a band from Russia. The band Transnadežnost’ play a brand of stoner rock that is heavily influenced by psych and space rock. Space Rock to is Hawkwind. Heavy psych I have no clue what that is. But if it is anything like the stuff that this band plays then perhaps I need to check that out. This is from what I can hear mostly stoner… Continue reading

ZOMBIES ATE MY GIRLFRIEND Unleash Video for new single “The Worst Is Yet to Come” Nov 26.

After the release of the phenomenal new album Shun the Reptile on the 2nd November, an album that Angry Metal Guy called, “an exciting listen from a band that no doubt has a bright future ahead”, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend release the video for 1st single and opening track The Worst Is Yet to Come. The video features the band in a classic newsroom setting, director Tim Leibbrandt explains more about the concept behind the video, ” When Adriano first approached me about doing a music video for the new album, we both immediately agreed that we didn’t want this… Continue reading

Aetherial Are Back With A Vengeance! Brand new Video and Single Out November 23 I AM YOUR HELL

Melbourne Deathsters Aetherial have unveiled the first crushing single, “I Am Your Hell” Taken from their forthcoming second album. The single is the bands first new release since the debut LP, The Still Waters of Oblivion in 2015. Recorded in its entirety in Melbourne by Aetherial and mixed and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions (Architects, Periphery). Musically, the band has taken a darker, more ominous turn which sets the precedent for the forthcoming second full length album. I Am Your Hell also features a guest appearance from Joe Haley of Psycroptic with a spell binding guitar solo. Bassist… Continue reading