OFFENDING “Age Of Perversion”

“Age Of Perversion”
I remember the first time I heard extreme metal from France. It was on a compilation record. I don’t remember how I got to hear about it but it pretty much opened up a new world to me. The French bands weren’t at all like the bands I had heard previous. I had had some experience with French heavy metal but this was a whole new world. Continue reading

RAM-PAGE “Blooming Rust”

“Blooming Rust”
Ram-page might not be the most innovative band name no matter how you spell it. But that is just minor hick-ups as long as the music is good. This Ram-Page is new to me. And with a name that brings back memories of more straight up hardrock I didn’t know what to expect from this band. And I kinda still don’t. Continue reading

STALWART “Manifest Of Refusal”

“Manifest Of Refusal”
(PRC Music)
In the last couple of months I’ve come upon more Russian bands than I’ve ever done before. There is a treasure chest to be explored if you turn your eyes to the east. Forget all your preconceived ideas that bands from the East States suck big time. That has never ever been the case. Not even in the 80s did they suck that bad. Continue reading


Not knowing any Czech I posted a note on some Czech site that I was looking for bands to interview and all of a sudden I heard from a band called Spreading Dread. A couple days later I sit here with their CD. Not knowing what to get I start listening to the CD. This wasn’t as bad as my worst case scenario predicted. Actually this is some pretty cool stuff. Continue reading

THORNAFIRE “Eclipse Nox Coagula”

“Eclipse Nox Coagula”
(Ibex Moon)
I’ve been into metal for 30 years. Over these years I’ve come upon thousands of bands. Some I remember better than others. Some I don’t remember at all and some I think I remember but have no idea if I’ve heard or just read about them. Thornafire is one of these bands. I seem to remember their name from somewhere but I can’t place them anywhere. Continue reading

VESPERIAN SORROW “Stormwinds of Ages”

“Stormwinds of Ages”
(Amplitude Media Studios)
Half the fun of being a metalhead is finding new bands you’ve never ever heard before. Vesperian Sorrow are new to me but they are not new to the scene. Having already released a two records on Ducth Displeased Records prior to this new one they’ve built a following of sort already. That aside I haven’t heard a single note by them before this new third album. Continue reading