LOVER UNDER COVER “Set The Night On Fire”

“Set The Night On Fire”
(Escape Music)
The first time I saw the name I thought it was stupid. But the more I gotten used to it the better it fits in my mouth. It is actually pretty clever if you think about it. Hopefully the music they present isn’t as clever as the band name. I could really do with some big melodies right about now. I need some really good AOR/hardrock to light up an otherwise rather dark November day. Continue reading

SATURNUS “Saturns In Ascension”

“Saturn In Ascension”
(Cyclone Empire)
I liked Danish Saturnus from the very first note I heard from them back in the late 90s. I tried keeping up with them but sadly lost touch with them after an EP they did. So I haven’t heard the two albums they’ve done in between the first album and this their fourth one. Continue reading

TIDAL DREAMS “Once Upon A Tide”

“Once Upon A Tide”
(Iron On Iron)
I really hope that the band name is some sort of promise as to what I’ll get from listening to this album. I could really do with being swept away by some really great heavy metal. It doesn’t have to be symphonic or anything as long as it is great. Great is what I really need right now. And symphonic it isn’t. More like epic. Continue reading

UNHALE “Human Race”

“Human Race”
Unhale might not be the brightest of band names but who says that you gotta have a clever band name to be any good. What matters in the end is the music and if it’s any good or not. I admire bands that stick to their plan and don’t let trends and shot stand in their way. I get that kind of vibe from Unhale. Continue reading

URITUP “Overcome”

I’ve come upon some strange band names in my time but most of the time there’s been an easy explanation. Don’t know how this band will explain the name Uritup unless it is a surname or an anagram of sorts. But as they say; don’t judge the book by its cover. This could be anything but crap despite the band name. Let’s hope for the best? Continue reading

VALIDOR “Dawn Of The Avenger”

“Dawn Of The Avenger”
(Iron On Iron)
Just by looking at the cover to this album I got my hopes up that this will be somewhat along the lines of good old Swedish heavy metal heroes Heavy Load. I could do with some really classic heavy metal. But if it is not that then I just hope that Validor come close to Manowar. Continue reading