You might have seen the name HEATHER LEATHER when you’ve surfed the net. I sure have. As I wanted to know a bit more I tried contacting the band. This is what I got back in return. Not too long but see it as an introduction. Anders Ekdahl ©2012
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BEGRIME EXEMIOUS “Visions Of The Scourge”

“Visions Of The Scourge”
(Dark Descent)
I have no idea where Dark Descent find all these bands that sound like they’ve been through a cement mixer before they end up on record. I like it. There is something to be said about music that sounds like it has no smooth edges. This Canadian troupe is about as raw as it gets without it ending up sounding like a blender gone mad. Continue reading

DEMONICIDUTH “Valley Of Decision”

“Valley Of Decision”
I believe in neither God nor the Devil. I really don’t care if you sing your praise to the one above or the one below. You can whatever religion you may as long as the music you make is good. OK, there are exceptions to the rule. I do have my standards but basically I believe in the right of free speech and we at Battle Helm are strong believers in the right to express yourself any which way you like. Continue reading