ADVOCATES “Mindless”

(Ghost Music)
I’m not too familiar with this band or the label but somehow I still expect this to be good. Don’t know why but there is something about it that speaks to me. And not because they are from New Zealand but because my gut tells me so. I’m not usually much for following my gut but with this one I’ll give it a shot. Continue reading

ALGORITHM “Polymorphic Code”

“Polymorphic Code”
Can’t say I’m too familiar with Basick artists and releases but the ones I’ve heard so far have been good. I can ’t say that I’m all that familiar with the kind of music that most of the bands on the label seem to all play. But I’m game for anything, at least once. So I’ll give Algorithm a chance. And it didn’t start out too promising. Continue reading

ALUNAH “White Hoarhound”

“White Hoarhound”
I think that I’ve read about Alunah. Don’t know why where but there is a familiarity to this band that has to come from somewhere. This English band is supposed to be the future of doom. Big words from the critics and hopefully they won’t be bringing the band down. Continue reading


“Wake Up”
I’m not going to start by saying that I don’t understand instrumental albums to its fullest extent. I’m not going to say that I guess I’ve been so imprinted by vocalists that I feel like there is something missing if there are no vocals. I’m not going to start this review by being negative. Continue reading

DAD MARIA “Sequences”

There are some band’s names that I don’t even begin to understand. Dad Maria is one of them. What the hell!!! Hopefully the music will be way better than the band name. I doubt it could be much worse than it already is. Talk about an anonymous name. OK, I’ll stop focusing on the band name. Every so often along comes a record that doesn’t do a thing for me. Continue reading

DILUVE “What The Hell”

“What The Hell”
(-/Ladymusic Records)
I’m a huge fan of Italian metal bands. Not all bands that I’ve heard have been good. Some have been really bad but mostly the quality has been high. Diluve is another in a long line of Italian bands that have come my way this year. I have great expectations on this one. I get a strong old school punk/metal feel to this. Continue reading

DISSIPATE “Tectonics”

I really hope that this band will match its name. That this is either some very cool thrash or some ultra brutal death metal. I don’t want to hear anything sappy coming from my speakers when I put this on. Perhaps not fair on the band but I don’t really care. A guy can dream, can’t he? This isn’t sappy in any way. Continue reading

FROSTHELM “The Northwinds Render Flesh”

“The Northwinds Rend Flesh”
OK. I might seem obsessed with band names this week. I’ve said countless times before that you shouldn’t judge a band by its name but this one just gotta be some sort of pagan/folk/black metal band. What else could they be with a name like Frosthelm? Don’t know how much folk/pagan this is but black metal it is. Continue reading

GALDERIA “The Universality”

“The Universality”
I’m not going to lie. I’ve been looking forward to hearing this album ever since I first saw it advertised. Don’t know why but for some reason I think this is going to be one hell of a metal album. I just got that tingling feeling in my gut that says this is going to shake and rattle my bowels in a very positive way. Continue reading