ASYLUM PYRE “Fifty Years Later”

“Fifty Years Later”
I haven’t bothered to check out the origin of this band as it really doesn’t matter where they are from. What matters is if they are any good. That geography can’t help with. I know that I’ve said that I tend to lean more towards bands that have a female member or two more than all male bands but lately there seems to be a trend going in signing bands that are female fronted Continue reading

CYSTIC DYSENTRY “Culture Of Death”

“Culture Of Death”
(Deathgasm Records)
This has the promise of being along the lines of Cannibal Corpse or the stuff Sevared Records releases. Death metal in its most brutal and raw form. No pussy footing. Just plain good old take no prisoner death metal. I’ll be disappointed if this turns out any other way. I had not to worry. Continue reading

FALLBRAWL “Pure Mayhem”

“Pure Mayhem”
(Beat Down Hard Ware)
Hardcore to me can be some of the greatest music or some of the most tiresome. I kind have a love/hate relationship to it. I like albums like Agnostic Front’s debut or Cro-Mags debut but every once in a while I come upon some really boring albums that I tend to forget immediately. I hope that this won’t be one of those. Continue reading


(Mighty Music)
OK I’ll admit that the band’s name makes me think of the old Seattle band Forced Entry and the thrash metal that they played but that is as far as it goes. I haven’t heard of this band before so it is with some trepidation that I take them on. It could turn out to be anything from really good to some of the worst. Musically this is heavy metal with a rather high pitched vocalist. Continue reading

INFERNAL TENEBRA “New Formed Revelations”

“New Formed Revelations”
Metal from the Balkan isn’t overly present in my collection. But I’m slowly getting to there, piece by piece. Infernal Tenebra seem to have a great history, as many bands from that area have, that dates back several years but due to circumstances haven’t really taken off. Too bad as there are some really great bands coming from that part of Europe that deserves to be heard. Continue reading

LED ASTRAY “Decades Of Addiction”

“Decades Of Addiction”
German death metal. Now that is a term that might not be as common as thrash or power metal but there are and have been some really great German death metal acts. Who don’t remember Morgoth? That was one hell of a band back in the days. I’m not even gonna compare Led Astray with Morgoth. I just tried to make a point. Continue reading


“Follow The Rats”
(Mighty Music)
OK, this might begin to get repetitive but this is another band that I’ve only read about and haven’t heard (at least I don’t think so – the name seems awfully familiar). Yet I got kinda high hopes for this Swedish band now that I got their latest album to review. That this is thrash metal is clear from the very first note. Continue reading

NO SIGN OF LIFE “Embrace Your Demons”

“Embrace Your Demons”
(Mighty Music)
No Sign Of Life does seem like the name of a punk of hardcore band to be honest. Or perhaps if stretched a thrash metal band. But seeing as it is released on Mighty Music we could at least expect it to be full of attitude to begin with. I kinda hope that this will be up there with Nuclear Assault circa “Game On”. But I might be worng on that one. Continue reading

OCEAN MIND “2 Ready 2 Rock”

“2 Ready 2 Rock”
(The Leaders Records)
I have no greater knowledge of the Greek hardrock/metal scene outside of the extreme metal variant. I do have a desire to get to know more about it which leads me to Ocean Mind. A band that allegedly is more akin to the stoner rock inclination. I can take that. I like stoner rock. Continue reading

SEPTEMBER CODE “Remembering Mirrors”

“Remembering Mirrors”
(The Leaders Records)
I don’t know why but for some reason I kinda expect this to be along the lines of a band like LIVE. Borderline hardrock with strong melodies and a very expressive vocalist. I just get that kinda vibe from the band name and the press release. But then again I could be totally off my track and this ends up being something completely different. Continue reading