“The Outsider”
(Forbidden Records)
A Transylvanian Funeral have all the old Darkthrone aesthetics going for them. The b/w cover, the crude black metal sound and most importantly the raw black metal that made those early Darkthrone albums so interesting. While not being close to original I still find the kind of black metal that ATF play to be worth investing time into. Continue reading


“Forever In Chaos”
(Forbidden Records)
Who the hell programmed the drum machine? That can’t be real drums. Whoever he is he should be stood before a firing squad. Never have I heard a more annoying drum sound than on “Forever In Chaos”. It completely ruins the sound. It makes Mayhem’s “Pure Fucking Armageddon” demo sound like a sound engineer’s wet dream. Continue reading


(Unexploded Records)
I kinda expected something totally different from Nattsmyg than what I got. Instead of some jolly folk metal with violins and bagpipes or whatever folkish instruments this turned out to be so much darker and brooding than I ever expected. This is like being lost in the deep dark forest with only the stars as your guide and every troll and whatever that lurks in the woods coming out from their hidings. It’s like being trapped in an evil fairytale without any light at the end of the tunnel. Continue reading

PAGAN RITES “Preachers From Hell”

“Preachers From Hell”
(Unexploded Records)
I have fond memories of an old Pagan Rites LP on purple vinyl. I liked their old school black metal when I heard it back then and I’ll hopefully do so now too. Pagan Rites are old school like Gehennah was old school. Meaning that all is the 1980s and everything after doesn’t exist. I’m cool with that as long as you do it full on. No fucking half wits here, no sir. Continue reading

REGARDLESS OF ME “Pleasures And Pain”

“Pleasures And Fear”
(Unexploded Records)
Italian Regardless Of Me are totally new to me. I had not even heard the name before I received this new album by them. Not knowing what to expect can be a challenge all itself. This could be the worst crap ever or it could be the most revelatory release of 2011. I’m pleased to say that this does not suck majorly. It doesn’t even suck a little bit. Continue reading

SKALD “Vitterland”

(Unexploded Records)
I can’t say I was impressed by Skald’s previous record. It felt like there was something missing, like they didn’t take it serious enough and just fooled around with no intention or direction. Instead of leaving me with a great folk metal record all I remember is how disappointed I was listening to that album. I usually don’t comment on the vocals because it isn’t necessary but this time I can’t help feeling that this is substandard. Continue reading