THE AMENTA “Flesh Is Heir”

“Flesh Is Heir”
I know that I reviewed an EP by this band earlier but to be honest I don’t remember too much about it other than I sorta liked it. I hope this new album will do the same to me as that EP did, or better. I’m not averse to this being a high light of 2013. Apart from hearing that EP I have very little knowledge of THE AMENTA. Continue reading

THE BLACK RAIN “Night Tales”

“Night Tales”
(Street Symphonies Records)
Italian rock music is not my strongest bit. I know that there is a rock scene (?) going on in Italy but to be honest I feel that that’s more of an internal Italian thing. Not much of it ever gets out to us on the outside. Despite being a diehard metalhead I have my moments when I listen to stuff that at best could be described as borderline hardrock. Continue reading

CREMATION “Rise Of The Phoenix”

“Rise Of The Phoenix”
With a name that at a quick glance could be mistaken for Crematory CREAMTION don’t have it easy. Or do they? The Crematory that pops up first is the German one that has been around for ages now. But I can think of a Swedish one with called Crematory that CREMATION might be closer to in sound. Continue reading


“Day Of Judgement”
(Maple Metal)
ECLIPSE PROPHECY sounds by name alone as a power metal band. I really hope that the reality matches my expectations because I really would like to hear some cool power metal right about now. I have nothing against death or black metal but there is just so much you can take before you need something to clean out the ears with. Continue reading

EPICRENEL “The Crystal Throne”

“The Chrystal Throne”
EPICRENEL are totally new to me. I’m really looking forward to make their acquaintance. I love discovering new bands. It’s like Christmas all over again. There is something to opening packages that you know absolutely nothing about. You can be super surprised or mega disappointed. Continue reading