(The Leaders Records)
As I write this I realize that I seem like a little child that doesn’t get what it wants but I really don’t like EPs or M-CDs. I buy them out of a sense of duty to the bands but I still feel cheated out of a full album when I play them. Show Your Face released a full album in 2011 that was described as metalcore. Continue reading


Let’s hope that this album don’t leave me bitter and resentful. I have no idea what to expect from Acrimonious despite the fact that the band name seems awfully familiar. But then again perhaps it’s more the word than the name that lights tiny sparks in my head. At least it started the way I imagined that it would. This is promising to be some very hazy music. Continue reading

ASHES YOU LEAVE “The Cure For Happiness”

“The Cure For Happiness”
Here we have another of those bands that I’ve known of for ages but haven’t bothered checking out. And it’s not because they are Croatian. I have no prejudice against Croatian bands. I just haven’t gotten round to checking them out. With this being their 6th album you could hope that the time is now for the band. Continue reading

DAVID CARON “Thru Never Ending Black”

“Thru Never Ending Black”
I don’t know how bright it is to release a double CD with close to 30 tracks but red has to be given where it is deserved. You can’t complain that you haven’t gotten enough songs to enjoy with this album. That I have no prior knowledge of David Caron just makes this so much more worthy of my attention. Now I really get to make his acquaintance. Continue reading