CARMEN GRAY “Gates Of Lonliness”

“Gates of Lonliness”
(Gray Records)
OK, so we have another Finnish chart breaker to contend with. There seem to an endless stream of these kinds of Finnish bands that we rarely get to hear of outside of Finland. Maybe it is just me that don’t know where to stick my ear. Having already released an album that I missed out on I have no idea what this band is all about. Continue reading


(Liljegren Records / Doolittle Group)
I’m all for a heavy metal resurgence. I try to keep up with all new bands that keep popping up and now time has come to Charlie Shred. This is being described as power heavy metal. I really do hope so. I want this to shred like a knife in hot butter. And it did start promising. Continue reading


“Dawn Of Fury”
(To React Records)
I am glad that I don’t have chronic hate. Do you know how time consuming that would be? But all jokes aside, this is a totally new band to me and as I’m a huge sucker for new bands I really want to check this one out. So, please Windows media player start the record. With a name like Chronic Hate this could only start one way; full on blast. Continue reading

ESCARNIUM “Excruciating Existence”

“Excruciating Existence”
(Hellthrasher Records)
I know very little about the present Brazilian death metal scene. I seem to be stuck in the 80s deathrash of South America. So it is nice when a newer band from that continent arrives in my mail box. That means that I could get some new favourites that aren’t 30 years old. Escarnium are death metal the way Incantation or Immolation are death metal. Continue reading

HATERIAL “Twisted Verses”

“Twisted Verses”
(WormHoleDeath Records)
Haterial. Again I have no prior knowledge of this band. All I can go on is the music. This is thrash metal of the harder school. This is hard and heavy and while I might use all the clichés in the book to describe this band’s music it isn’t that bad at all. I kinda like their harder The Haunted thrash. There is a to the throat feel to it that gives it a hardcore kinda touch. Continue reading


(Xtreem Music)
Hands up all those of you who hasn’t seen the movie “Cannibal Holocaust”. Oh so many. Shame on you for calling yourself death metal fans. Released in the 80s this movie was a part of what could be called a cannibal wave. Known for its explicable nature it kinda pales in comparison with movies of today like SAW. Continue reading

INTESTINAL “The Rottening”

“The Rottening”
(Hellthrasher Records)
I’ve been reading about Sweden’s Intestinal. Now I’ll get to hear them too. I have kinda high hopes for this one. Not only because they are Swedish but because I’ve only heard good things about them. I need to hear for myself if they are as good as they are said to be. OK so I’m a sucker for the good old Nihilist, Unleashed, Grave and Entombed sound of the late 80s/early 90s. Continue reading

KRAANIUM “Post Mortal Coital Fixation”

“Post Mortal Coital Fixation”
I don’t get this whole sex and gore thing that seems to be going on with the gorier end of death metal. Not that I’m squeamish or anything but I just don’t get the fixation/fascination. I can enjoy it both in movies and on record. And a good thing that is. Otherwise I would have missed out on Cannibal Corpse when they emerged back in the 90s. Continue reading

NEVER TO ARISE “Hacked To Perfection”

“Hacked To Perfection”
(BadGod Records)
Never To Arise almost pulverized me with their opening track. Good thing I took cover otherwise I would have been a blood piece of meat by now. This comes up as heavy and menacing in a way that only great death metal does. Perhaps not the most brutal or heavy of death metal acts but Never To Arise still manages to conjure up enough “evil eye” kind of feelings Continue reading