There are times when I just want to sit back and relax, enjoying a really great record. This is not one of those moments. There is nothing relaxing to Outgunned full on metal(core) attack. I’m slowly getting used to this new form of metalcore (yeah I know I’m years off) and I’m getting to the point where it doesn’t annoy the shit out of me. Continue reading

SEXCREMENT “Sloppy Seconds”

“Sloppy Seconds”
With a name like Sexcrement you don’t expect lovely songs about the birds and the bees. Neither do you expect the band to sing about how lovely their girlfriends are, unless they are dead and lying on the autopsy table. I am not a connoisseur of this kind of metal but as with all that is done well I can enjoy it. Continue reading

SKYHARBOR “Blinding White Noise”

“Blinding White Noise”
I’m not going to say that I’m surprised to see an Indian band ending up in my review pile. Why would I be surprised? With a billion people some are bound to like hardrock/metal and want to start a band. And with India being an internet Mecca they sure know how to get to news out to those interested. Skyharbor could best be described as eclectic. Continue reading

SYLVATICA “Mosemanden”

Living only twenty minutes from Denmark with a ferry I’ve always had a special relationship to the Danish metal scene. Who doesn’t remember bands like Witch Cross, Evil or Mercyful Fate? Sure, they are all old so what has the new Danish metal scene to offer up. Sylvatica for example. I kinda came to expect a goth metal band but I’m not sure what I got. At first I thought this was going to be a full on black metal explosion but that turned out to be totally wrong. Continue reading

TEMPLE OF THE MAGGOT “Black Mass Apocalypse”

“Black Mass Apocalypse”
(Unmerciful Death Records)
This one came highly recommended to me. To me the USBM scene (if there is such a thing) is not made up of one single style of black metal. You got everything from Wolves In The Throne Room’s eco friendliness to the harsh misanthropic Profanatica. Don’t know if there is a black metal scene in Mongolia but Temple of The Maggot are more on the misanthropic side of things. Continue reading


You might have seen the name HEATHER LEATHER when you’ve surfed the net. I sure have. As I wanted to know a bit more I tried contacting the band. This is what I got back in return. Not too long but see it as an introduction. Anders Ekdahl ©2012
Continue reading