”El Rito”
I gotta admit that Peru is a blank to me when it comes to South American metal. I used to have a decent idea about the Colombian scene in the 90s. The Brazilian and Chilean scenes I’ve followed over the years but the Peruvian scene has huge holes that needs to be filled. This three way split contains bands that I’m not familiar with. Continue reading

ANNO DIABOLI “Morbid Dreams”

“Morbid Dreams”
Just from looking a t pictures of ANNO DIABOLI I get a feeling that this will be “old school” black metal. For some reason I came to think of a Czech band from the 90s that wrote lyrics in Norwegian. And while that was admirable the last laugh was on the band. ANNO DIABOLI is musically far from a joke. Continue reading

DARK AT DAWN “Noneternal”

I seem to remember this band’s logo from way back. I might even have reviewed a previous album of theirs or I might just have seen them featured in some German magazine. Whatever the correct answer is this scream heavy metal a long way. This is only an EP and a digital only release. Continue reading

EPSYLON “Age Of Freedom”

“Age Of Freedom”
I will continue to say it for as long as I get sent stuff from bands directly; I love discovering new acts. This band I knew absolutely nothing about before they decided to contact me. With that initiative I now know of another metal band. And while this is only a five track EP it still shows enough promise for me to want to hear more. Continue reading