BATTLERAGE “The Slaughter Returns”

“The Slaughter Returns”
(Metal On Metal)
I was late in discovering BATTLERAGE, as I think many with me were, so it wasn’t until their third album that I got into them. But then it was love at first sight. So in my quest to learn more about them I’ve gone all the way back to the first album. When I hear albums like this it gets me thinking of songs off of Iron Maiden’s albums from Piece Of Mind and Powerslave Continue reading

BATTLERAGE “Blood Fire Steel”

“Blood Fire Steel”
(Metal On Metal)
This is the second album from the Chilean metalgods BATTLERAGE. I have a fondness for metal that is epic and bigger than life. It’s such a thrill hearing a band playing metal that feel like it could move mountains and part seas. This one continues in the same style as the “The Slaughter Returns” ended. Perhaps a tad better and more focused. Continue reading

BULLETBELT “Down In The Cold Of The Grave”

“Down In The Cold Of The Grave”
(Headless Horseman)
New Zealand black metal might not sound like a too enticing entity but from what I heard on the MCD they released in 2011 this is not your ordinary black metal crap. There was something extra to that CD that made me take notice. Don’t know how much pure/true black metal this is really. I’d say it has got a more blackish thrash edge to the sound. Continue reading


OK, I’ll bite. What the hell is a clock paradox? Is that when time travels backwards? Don’t know the answer to that one and don’t really care that much either. After all it is just music and not some advanced philosophy class at the uni. If there is such a thing as progressive death metal then this comes pretty close to that without sounding like Death. Continue reading


Don’t know anybody I’d describe as the devil even if I’ve come upon enough assholes that could be described as anything but good. I have no specific feel for this band. They could be anything yet I kinda hope that they’ll be alone the lines of Danzig around the first three- four albums. But seeing as this has very little to do with Danzig I need to re-think my whole approach. Continue reading

DEATHRED “Factor Inside Destiny 640”

“Factor Inside Destiny 640”
It should not matter where you are from, whether you come from Montevideo, Uruguay or from Gothenburg, Sweden. Not today it should. With internet as the main tool you can sit wherever in the world and create music that is universal. The first time I heard DEATHRED’ s album I thought it was the same tune played over and over again but as I continued listening I did notice that there are more to it than repetition. Continue reading

GERM “Loss”

This is a totally unknown entity. Not knowing anything about it prior to being sent this record I have nothing to go on but my imagination. In my head I kinda wish for this to be along the lines of early Godflesh. Something on the more monotone, industrial side of things. And while this might not be as Godflesh as I had hoped for it still seem to be some sort of very eclectic music. Described as black metal/heavy rock/electronic/trance there is a wide canvas to paint on. Continue reading

GODLIKE “Malicious Mind”

“Malicious Mind”
Don’t know how bright it is to set yourself up for ridicule if you don’t live up to your band name. But then again I like a band that set the standard high. Why settle for second or third place when you can aim for the top? And perhaps somebody will think this is the best thing since sliced bread but to me this is the kind of death’n’roll that I never got into. Continue reading

NOMINON “The Cleansing”

“The Cleansing”
The first time I hear NOMINON I thought them to be totally crap. But that was then and it was a long time ago. Since then I’ve come to actually appreciate the band. I don’t even know if that album that put me off them actually is that bad. I have to dig it out to check it out again. This is death metal in that typical Swedish style that I like so much. Continue reading

QUAKE THER EARTH “We Chose To Walk This Path”

“We Chose To Walk This Path”
I like the word play that this band has going for a band name. There used to be a Japanese band called Earthshaker back in the 80s that pretty much did just that, shook the earth for me, with their music. I don’t know if this band will come close to doing that. Much water has passed under bridge since that Japanese band. Continue reading