RAZZMATAZZ “Rock’N’Roll Hero”

“Rock’N’Roll Hero”
The band name made me think Nazareth. A band that I have no relation to whatsoever. But that might be wrong of me thinking that this will be music in the vein of Nazareth just because the band name reminds me of that band. This could be so much more. Or it could be nothing less. No matter how you twist and turn everything will be sorted by the end of this review. Continue reading


Silver Horses
Silver Horses sounds like a typical hardrock band name. Nothing wrong with typical hardrock. Some of my earliest musical memories are of typical hardrock. That I’ve moved on from that since then doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on my past. I still find enjoyment in finding some good hardrock every now and then. I never cared for Black Sabbath with Tony Martin. Not because I believe he’s more of a bluesy singer than the fact that I didn’t care too much for Sabbath at that time. Continue reading


Skeletal Remains
“Beyond The Flesh”
(FDA Rekotz)
Californian death metal has for the longest of time been Autopsy to me. And although I’ve heard countless of bands from that area I can’t seem to remember a specific sound making any kind of impact on me. But maybe Skeletal Remains (not to be confused with Skeletal Earth) will do that, or not. It did start with a very promising track that made me thing of early Death and perhaps Autopsy too. Continue reading

VEXILLUM “The Bivouac”

“The Bivouac”
(Limb Music)
There used to be a time when Limb Music where quite cutting edge, when they had bands like Rhapsody that felt fresh. Can’t say that I’ve felt like that for the label over the last 5-10 years. But I gotta hand it to them for sticking by with what they started with. Vexillum is another progressive Italian metal band. And given the standard of all other Italian progressive metal bands you can never get too many of that kind. Continue reading