BEASTIALITY ”Worshippers of Unearthly Perversions”

BEASTIALITY ”Worshippers of Unearthly Perversions” (Invictus) This is old school. Or is it? What is really old school today when everybody seems to try and outdo each other in who’s the most retro. BEASTIALITY has a sound that apparently reminds of a time passed. But isn’t that just a subjective opinion. I mean, if you weren’t there when it happened the first time how can it be old school if it is brand spanking new to you? End of philosophy class. This is best labelled deathrash with a touch of black. If you like your extreme metal fast and intense … Continue reading

ENDE “The Rebirth Of I”

ENDE “The Rebirth Of I” (Cold Dark Matter Records) This is a rerelease of an album that I don’t really remember ever having heard. And with that having been said this is like a brand spanking new album to me. For some reason I get a Deathspell Omega vibe when I listen to this. Perhaps not as odd and OTT but still with that avant garde touch. Originally released on October 31st in 2015 this one passed me by totally unnoticed. Which is a shame as I would have appreciated it that very first time too. This is black metal … Continue reading

INVERTIA ”The Crimson Scream Vol 1”

INVERTIA ”The Crimson Scream Vol 1” () I was totally wrong in assuming that this would be somewhat related to hardcore. I don’t know why I ever thought so because this is anything but hardcore. I am actually not too sure how to label this. It has the feel of black metal but not. The first band that popped up in my head was Exit 13 but they were much more grindcore/hc. I guess I have to settle with calling this black metal. But whatever labelled it should be tagged with this is some really intense stuff. Very American in … Continue reading

JUPITER ZEUS ”Eyes On The Prize”

JUPITER ZEUS ”Eyes On The Prize” () Oh boy am I relieved to hear this. Not that I in any way have been expecting this but because there is no confusing over what this is. Or is there? The more I listen the less I am sure that I fully know where to place this. Modern heavy metal? Alt metal? There are too many sub-genres to make any sense of them all. So I’ll just settle for calling this metal. What I do know is that this turned out to be a really cool record. Guitar solos seems to be … Continue reading


KINJIIRU ”4D” () Boy, I have not been thinking about Pitchshifter in I don’t know how many years. That was a band that I really liked in the 90s. But what was new back then has since then been around the block more times than you can count. I will not say that KINJIIRU are trying to mask their sound with a load of cool gimmicks because there is more than meets the ear to this. What I am going to say is that there is a modern touch to it. A mix of styles that we don’t get to … Continue reading


LOCH VOSTOK ”Strife” (Label: ViciSolum Productions) This is LOCH VOSTOK’s 7th album. I have managed to miss all previous albums by this Swedish band. I have no idea how I’ve managed that. Because somehow I think that I would have liked what they have done in the past. As I am totally blank to this band I don’t really know what to expect. I do understand from the first track that they mix the progressive with the extreme. And since I have lived through and love Norwegian Atrox I don’t think that this is gonna be any harder to stomach. … Continue reading

LUCIFER’S DUNGEON “Music Of Lost Spirits”

LUCIFER’S DUNGEON “Music Of Lost Spirits” (-) It was not that long ago that I reviewed LUCIFER’S DUNGEON’s debut album. I gave “The Dark Army Raises” 3,5. I like the mix of ambient and black metal because it reminded me of a French band from the 90s. This second album is full of all the same from the first one. The black metal that is played is more of the Norwegian kind. Kinda like early Immortal. A touch epic but nothing like Bathory-epic. More epic like a snowclad forest. It is that wintry feel that appeals to me when I … Continue reading


MALEFIC LEVITATION ”The Ancient Plague” (Sentient Ruin Laboratories) I am not a person that find chaos enjoyable. On the contrary. I want order in my life. I want things to work tomorrow as they worked today. I might suffer from some sort of diagnosis but I don’t care. This most often than not reflects in the music I enjoy the most. I like music that is straight forward and easy to follow. You can call me simple if you like. I don’t care. But every now and then along comes a recording that put everything on its ends. The death/black … Continue reading

MILLENNIUM ”Awakening”

MILLENNIUM ”Awakening” (No Remorse) When the opening riff instantly remind me of Saxon I for one know that I am in for one hell of a ride. Having been formed originally in 1982 but resurrected in 2015 MILLENNIUM is a band with old roots. I missed out on the album from 2016 and I cannot remember the 1984 album but hearing this new one I think I missed out on something great back then. Because this is heavy metal that nods heavily towards the NWOBHM. The thing with this is that it will appeal to old farts like me as … Continue reading