ALL OF THE DIRT ALL AT ONCE “Vire” () This Australian band with the slighty odd sounding name is an instrumental duo. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t sound too cool on paper but wait until you hear this lot. They are heavy as fuck. I like my music with lyrics but this time I think I am quite satisfied as it is. This is really good stuff to mosh to like a maniac in your living room, bed room, backyard or wherever the hell you find yourself when you listen to this. I don’t really know what to compare this… Continue reading


BLOODSHED WALHALLA ”Ragnarok” (Hellbones Records) Despite not knowing anything about this band I had high hopes for this album. Don’t ask me why because I cannot tell you. And once I started to play this album I knew I had been right in expecting the best from this. With Quorthon dead there will never ever be anything new from Bathory but when there are bands like BLOODSHED WALHALLA the pain is being eased a bit. This is bloody brilliant and so incredibly beautiful Viking/epic/battle metal that I just had to lay down on my sofa and listen to this from… Continue reading


CULTURAL WARFARE “Warmageddon” (M-Theory Audio) For some reason I expect this to be some sort of death metal/grindcore explosion. I could be terribly wrong and this could turn out to be something completely different but my gut feeling tells me I am correct, even though the band pic says differently. I must have been gassy or something because my gut feeling was off. This is thrash metal in the second style of the second wave. Not that I complain. I am huge second wave thrash fan, so this sits well with me too. It is cool to hear an album… Continue reading

ERIPHION “Δοξολογία”

ERIPHION “Δοξολογία” () Back in July I reviewed ERIPHION’s debut EP. Now it has come time for the debut album. I liked what I heard on that EP and I like what I hear on this album. This is black metal with a really dark vibe. You can almost feel the atmosphere of descending to Hades to meet Charon before you cross the river Styx. It has that looming atmosphere to it. And that is something I like in my black metal. A feeling of despair and the final ending. I don’t know if it is because I am Swedish… Continue reading