BLACKDRAFT “The Quest” (Mighty Music) This is yet another band that I have missed out on. Having released their debut on a small label in 2016 this is the follow up to that album. This time around they have done a concept album about the young researcher Runa Ágústsson and her travels to Iceland. A story as interesting as the music. Not being familiar at all with the band I did not know what to expect from this German band. What I did get to hear was an album full of melodic metal with both female vocals and growls. I… Continue reading

BLACK SUNDAY “Backyard Freaks”

BLACK SUNDAY “Backyard Freaks” (Mighty Music) Norwegian BLACK SUNDAY are new to me. This is from what I understand the second album. Everything on this album is being handled by Tricky T although there is now a full live line-up. This is supposed to be hardrock with a punk attitude. To some extent I agree with that tag. To my ears this sounds like Hanoi Rocks, Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters met in an alley and decided to punk up the combined sound. At first I wasn’t too impressed with this but it turned out to be one of these… Continue reading

DOLLS RAIDERS “Free Yourself”

DOLLS RAIDERS “Free Yourself” (Mighty Music) Rock has for a very long time been an international thing even though in the past the bands that have succeeded the best have been US or British. But that was then. Right now, it feels like the rock explosion is being led by Swedish bands. Not that it has any sort of bearing on French DOLLS RAIDERS. Or has it. This is some rally feel good hard rock that we have heard from bands like The Hellacopters, The Hives and a dozen more. There is a drive and a go to this that… Continue reading

ELECTRIC BOYS “The Ghost Ward Diaries”

ELECTRIC BOYS “The Ghost Ward Diaries” (Mighty Music) 4/5 I caught ELECTRIC BOYS live at the beginning of November. I went because my friend wanted to see them. I had no greater expectations on them. But I gotta say that I was positively surprised at how good they were live. I remember them from the 80s and their debut album, but this was something completely different. I am not their greatest fan and will never be but I gotta hand it to the band, because this new album do rock like there is no tomorrow. That dreaded funk is still… Continue reading

FANNEFJELL “Dovrefall”

FANNEFJELL “Dovrefall” (Mighty Music) This is a Norwegian black metal band. On the symphonic side. Yes, I know. Nothing new under the sun here. But I don’t really care. Emperor is one of my all time fave Norwegian black metal bands and they are symphonic in a way that Dimmu Borgir never will be. FANNEFJELL have a very brutal approach to their symphonic black metal. so brutal that you at times forget that this is symphonic. But the band is kind enough to remind of that every now and then. I had no great hopes for this but I gotta… Continue reading

M1NUS ONE “Red Black White”

M1NUS ONE “Red Black White” (Mighty Music) I cannot say that I have had that many Cypriote musical experiences. Not that I know of at least. But M1NUS ONE are here to change that. I am no expert on AOR but to my ears this doesn’t sound like the AOR I am thinking of. MINUS ONE has a more bluesy sound and not a too sugary one. This is melodic and very accessible music. You don’t have to think too much when you listen to this. Just put it on and let it sweep you away. This is really easy… Continue reading


PURSER DEVERILL “Square One” (Mighty Music) I don’t know if it is because I haven’t slept well that I find the opening track on this album to be annoying or what. But there is something about it that puts me off. I wasn’t too off in my initial reaction. If you know your NWOBHM history you will know who Fred Purser and Jon Deverill are. If not you gotta read up on their history. This album has been in the making for 30 odd years. It is a progressive journey into a landscape strongly shaped by Pink Floyd, Yes and… Continue reading

REECE “Resilient Heart”

REECE “Resilient Heart” (Mighty Music) I missed REECE when they played a local pub because I had to work but from what I have heard they did a hell of a gig. With that in mind I expect to be somewhat blown away by this album. I cannot say that I have great memories of his time with Accept, or even know what he has done since then. I am though glad that I get to hear this album because I have only read great things about it so far. If you expect anything Accept you better think again. Sure,… Continue reading