V/A ”Brown Acid 6th Trip”

V/A ”Brown Acid 6th Trip” (Riding Easy Records) I don’t really like compilations. I don’t really know why but I don’t. But there are exceptions. I do like when a compilation is really thought out and done with the labour of love. Those are the ones to treasure. Like the “Brown Acid” series. This is one hell of a labour of love. Just tracking down all these hidden and forgotten gems must be a hell of a job. But then we get to enjoy songs from way back. And I really mean gems because on this compilation there are no … Continue reading

VYRE “Weltformel”

VYRE “Weltformel” (Supreme Chaos Records) German black metal is not something that I come upon too often even though Germany has given the world so many great metal acts over the years. I don’t know why that is but I am thankful whenever one do come along. I cannot recall having come upon VYRE before but as I look through their discography online it all feels very familiar. And then it hit me that I did interview them back in 2014 when they released their second album. This not really black metal per se, more like avant garde/post metal with … Continue reading


WENDESS ”MMXXIII” (Archaic Sound) This was originally released digitally in 2016, then rereleased on limited CDr the third album since 2009 by Quebecian WENDESS now gets a proper release on physical format. Canadian black metal and especially the one coming from the Quebec (Métal Noir Québécois) has a very distinct sound with a whole host of bands that have made themselves a name internationally. WENDESS are no exception. They seem to incorporate a whole host of different influences in the realm of black metal making it a very interesting listening. To my ears the base for the Quebec black metal … Continue reading