OVERLORDE SR “Medieval Metal Too”

“Medieval Metal Too”
(Heaven and Hell Records)
This is like a blast from the past. I might be totally off but I seem to remember this band’s name from the fanzine days. This is heavy metal the American way. If you like bands like Armored Saint and to some extent Malice and any other band that came from California in the 80s/90s before grunge killed off it all then you’re going to love this. I know I do. Continue reading


“Death In The Family”
OK so I have no clue who Mike Paradine is. And that is not because he’s a drummer. I just don’t think I’ve heard anything he’s been involved with prior to this his solo debut. So what can we expect from a drummer fronting and band with his own name? Well, this isn’t as bad as you’d think. It’s not some Bill Ward or Ringo Starr excursions into jazz land. Continue reading

SECTORIAL “”Erase And Reborn The Humanity””

“”Erase And Reborn The Humanity”
(Metalscrap Records)
When you see that an album has 20+ songs you pretty much know that you’re not going to get a prog metal album full of 15 minutes songs. No, better prepare for countless bursts of short sharp shocks. Get ready to be blown away from a massive assault of furious intensity. Sectorial is a blank spot for me. But knowing nothing about them can be a relief too. Continue reading

VALFREYA “Path To Eternity”

“Path To Eternity”
(Maple Metal Records)
I’ve lately overdosed on Canadian metal. Don’t know why but I have so far not come across one band that sucks totally. Valfreya might have taken their name from the Nordic mythology and yes, they are a folk metal band pretty much like any of the Finnish bands you can name but that shouldn’t put you off. Continue reading

WINTERS VERGE “Beyond Vengeance”

“Beyond Vengeance”
I simply love epic metal. I think that Italian Doomsword is one of the better bands in this whole epic metal sub-genre. I can’t get enough of them. Winters Verge can hopefully match Doomsword giving me a new favourite. I really feel like I need a shot of something epic. The grander the better. Continue reading