AD PATRES “Scorn Aesthetics”

“Scorn Aesthetics”
Every once in a while you come upon an album by a band that you knew nothing about previously. All you have to go on is the description given in the press release that comes with the album. Most of the time these kind of papers suck in a really bad way. I tend to not read them and instead leave it to myself to form an opinion of what the band sounds like. Which is what I’ve done with Ad Patres. Continue reading

BOMBS OF HADES “The Serpent’s Redemption”

“The Serpent’s Redemption”
There used to be a Swedish band called Tribulation (not to be confused with the present day Swedish band of the same name) that went from being a rather good thrash band to some sort of weird Primus hybrid on latter day albums. The first time I heard Bombs Of Hades they reminded me of that old band so much that I wish that I hadn’t traded away all my old demos from back in the day. Continue reading


This might seem like blasphemy but I have not heard a single Cryptopsy album, let alone a single song. I have always thought that Cryptopsy would be too much of a hassle to listen to to even bother checking them out. I remember how much of a struggle it was to listen to Atheist and latter day Death and then to go for something even more hard on the ear technically was too much for me. But now I can’t fight off the band anymore. I am not much of a jazz guy. Continue reading


“My Empire”
Old school death metal should really be called something different. But for the sake of making it easy to maneuver through all the sub-genre of death metal we’ll stick with old school as a way of describing a sound. Deserted Fear are new to me but from what I’ve read about them I know that this will be right up my alley. I can’t seem to get enough of that old Autopsy/Nihilist/Entombed sound. Continue reading


Drag The Dead has a very short and concise name. No need to over think what kind of metal they play. But despite the easy to decipher moniker this could turn out whichever way you’d like. Death metal isn’t just one way. We get all kinds of different variations on the topic and it can sometime be hard to tell one apart from the other. Just by reading the titles to this the latest Drag The Dead album you’d be forgiven for thinking that this will pick up were Carcass left with “Necroticism”. Continue reading

EUGENIC DEATH “Crimes Against Humanity”

“Crimes Against Humanity”
(Heaven And Hell Records)
I love old styled thrash. I guess that will never go away. And even though I can appreciate the more modern form of thrash I still keep returning to my old thrash albums whenever I feel a need for a dose of thrash. Eugenic Death are new to me yet I somehow expect them to blow my pants off my legs. I feel like it is time for some really good thrash to come my way. There is something to the galloping guitars that you find on Metallica’s debut album. Continue reading