OXYGEN “Final Warning”

“Final Warning”
(Escape Music)
Oxygen makes me think of the musical Hair (“your love is like oxygen”). Not that the band has anything to do with it or me being a fan of musicals but I got so much shit stuck in my head that stuff like that pops out at the most inopportune moments. This Swedish band play hardrock the way it was played in the 1980s Continue reading

POLUTION “Beyond Control”

“Beyond Control”
(Escape Music)
Beside the obviously misspelled band name I hope that there won’t be too much wrong with this album. Not that I’m that familiar with this Swiss band. My hope is that this will be some good old hardrock with not too much modern influences. I feel like that is what I need right now to get in the right mood. My hopes were not in vain. Continue reading

REINXEED “Welcome To The Theatre”

“Welcome To The Theatre”
After the Swedish Hits debacle I have little interest in checking out Reinxeed. Perhaps it will be my loss but I feel that this could be a total waste of time. I haven’t even paid attention to the previous releases but I am not worse than I at least can give it a fair chance. Continue reading

7 HORNS 7 EYES “Throes Of Absulution”

“Throes Of Absulution”
For some strange reason I got this band’s origin confused. Instead of placing them in Seattle I transported them across the border to Vancouver. Now that I’ve been corrected on my mistake I remember that they are Americans and from the home of one of the greatest metal bands all time; Sanctuary. 7Horns7Eyes are nowhere near power metal. Continue reading

TOMMY VITALY “Hanging Rock”

“Hanging Rock”
(Rock It Up)
I do not think that I’ve heard of Tommy Vitaly before, or even heard anything by him before I got this record. I gotta say that I’m pretty impressed by it. I kinda expected a guitar wanking album but this turned out to be a full on heavy metal album akin to what Judas Priest has done, just faster. I really miss guitar solos in modern metal. Continue reading


I have no idea why it is so surprising to see a metal band like ABONOS from Serbia making the rounds. It’s been close to 25 years since the communist regimes fell to the ground in Europe and despite the awful civil wars that ravaged the Balkan in the 90s most ex-Yugo countries are a part of the EU now. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading