CARDIAC ARREST “Vortex Of Violence”

“Vortex Of Violence”
(Ibex Moon)
I could make some fun of the band’s music not giving me a cardiac arrest but I think I’ll restrain from doing so. I honestly didn’t know what to think the first time I heard this. Was it any good? Or was I just tricked into thinking that this was anything but ordinary. That it is death metal there’s no doubt about. Is it any good death metal then? Continue reading

CHAOS INCEPTION “The Abrogation”

“The Abrogation”
I like when an album burst into action. When you are spared the intro and you’re taken into the action straight away. Chaos Inception dispersed with the usually intro and instead bombarded me with their metal of death. I liked Krisiun the first time I heard them simply because they didn’t take no prisoners. Continue reading

COFFIN TEXTS “Tomb Of infinite Ritual”

“Tomb Of Infinite Ritual”
(Dark Descent)
With a name like Coffin Texts you could be in for any sort of ride. Everything from stoner to doom to death metal to I don’t know what. What we get is death metal. There was a time when I thought that Morbid Angel were the gods in the death metal sky. I couldn’t get enough of them. Coffin Texts remind me of that era of Morbid Angel. Continue reading

DRAGONY “Legends”

Austria might not be the most sexy country when it comes to symphonic power metal. I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t too excited over hearing Dragony the first time. It wasn’t as pretentious as I feared at first. There is an edge to this that stops it from going overboard completely. Thankfully I can appreciate this without feeling sick to my stomach. Continue reading

FASTKILL “Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer”

“Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer”
Japanese thrash that sounds like it’s been through a blender might not sound like the world’s most charming proposition. And while it might sound fabricated with its paper thin sound and razor sharp guitars there is a charm to this that can’t be denied. This is thrash in all its 80s glory. The stuff that kept pouring out of South America en masse back in the days. Continue reading

LASTER “Wijsgeer Narreman”

“Wijsgeer Narreman”
(Dunkelheit Productions)
Without knowing anything about Laster I’d say that they are Dutch. Don’t know and don’t really care. It’s just something about the name and the song title that screams Dutch. Could be Belgians too. Musically this is black metal in the early Burzum school. You might think whatever you like about the Count but those early albums were great, still are. Continue reading

MAJESTY REVIVAL “Through Reality”

“Through Reality”
With a name like Majesty Revival this could not be anything but power metal with a symphonic touch. And so it is. As with all kinds of metal there are the good, the great and the not so great. Majesty Revival belong to the good category. This is meal in the same category as for example Evergrey or Andromeda. Continue reading

MORTAL INFINITY “District Destruction”

“District Destruction”
(Digital Media Records)
I am a big sucker for German thrash. Had it not been for bands like Sodom, Destruction and Kreator I wouldn’t be doing this. I can name a handful more influential German thrash metal bands from the past. Mortal Infinity seem to want to carry on the great tradition of German thrash metal. This is thrash that continues the tradition started by Destruction. Continue reading