It seems that by just being Norwegian or Swedish gives you an edge over other bands when it comes to attract interest from labels. Norwegian So Much For Nothing might not have the most sexy band name but if you look beyond that you’ll find a band that has something interesting to tell you. Continue reading

UNITED MIND CLUB “World Blood History”

“World Blood History”
(Metal Scrap Records)
There used to be a time when I thought that Megadeth was the greatest band ever. I listened to the first three albums over and over and never got tired of them. Then we all got older and I wandered elsewhere and Megadeth went their way. Still to this day I value those Megadeth albums high. Without them I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Continue reading


(Metal Scrap Records)
I had for a long time problems getting to grips with the band name Voice Of Midnight. It sounded so anonymous and bland but I’ve grown accustomed to it by now. “Bifrost” is all sung in Russian which makes it hard to decipher what it is that they are singing about. So to me the voice(s) are just another instrument. Continue reading

VORE “Gravehammer”

Vore as a band name is familiar to me that I want to think that I’ve heard their music prior to receiving this album and looking through my collection I found their “Lord Of Storms” album from 2001. Ten years later I rekindle my friendship with the band on their fourth album “Gravehammer”. Continue reading


“Ordinary Lives”
I used to worship at the altar of My Dying Bride. For a long time I couldn’t get enough of them. I played their records constantly. But then all of a sudden I missed out on a couple of albums and my obsession with them waned off. I still to this day buy everything with them that I can find and I still love their music but I’m much more controlled in my love for them. I don’t think I’ll ever feel like that for Italian Your Tomorrow Alone but if they are 50-75% of what My Dying Bride/Paradise Lost/Anathema where when they shook my world in the 90s then I’ll be in for a grand voyage. Continue reading


I can’t remember how I came upon ACEPHALIX in the first place but I must have read about them
somewhere and then decided to check them, out. What I heard made me think bolt Thrower crossed with Amebix and with a very strong crust feel to their metal. KH / Kyle House Guitar, LI / Luca Indrio Bass, DB / DanIel Butler Vocals. Anders Ekdahl ©2012
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ANIHILATED is a classic British thrash metal band that has had its share of turmoil but now seem to be back for good. There’s always place for the good guys and Anihilated are certainly worth of any praise given. Anders Ekdahl ©2012
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There is no denying that it only takes one band to open the flood gates. Had it not been for the success of Arkona I’m sure that we’d seen less bands from ex Soviet countries making it onto records on European labels. One that would have made an impact any which way is WELICORUSS. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading