OK so I do not know too much about the Australian metal scene of the 10s. But I’m slowly getting reacquainted by it band for band. Nekrofeist might have a name that scream death metal but the truth is something totally different. And while not a behemoth of a band this Aussie four-piece is one hell of a heavy entity. Continue reading

PUTERAEON “Cult Cthulhu”

“Cult Cthulhu”
(Cyclone Empire)
I’ve seen the name Puteraeon around some time now but I haven’t gotten round to checking them out. That might have been a big mistake. As with any band that has a female in the line-up I am a sucker for anything Swedish death metal. No, there are no females in this band. It is just plain Swedish death metal. Continue reading

SORROWS PATH “The Rough Path Of Nihilism”

“The Rough Path Of Nihilism”
(Rock It Up)
I am not ashamed of admitting again that I feel more strongly for certain geographic areas than others. I’ll always love South American speed/thrash of the 80s and I will always love the Stockholm death sound of the late 80s/early 90s. The same way that I will never find a bad band from Greece. Continue reading

69 CHAMBERS “Torque”

OK, so 69 Chambers features Tommy Vetterli of Coroner fame but that is as far as that goes. Perhaps as a sales pitch it might work but seeing a Coroner was highly underrated when they were active in the 80s I don’t think too many of today’s metal fans even know of him. No, 69 Chambers charm lies in the songs. Continue reading

THEATRES DES VAMPIRES “Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011”

“Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011”
(Dreamcell 11)
I don’t mind admitting that I rather look at a beautiful woman than a hairy dude on the front cover of my favourite magazine but still I can’t help wonder if we haven’t come further than being amazed by finding a girl in a band. Women make up half the population, if not more, on this Earth. Theatres des Vampires have a woman in their line-up and whenever I’ve seen an interview with them it is her that the focus is on. Continue reading

TOMBSTONES “Year Of The Burial”

“Year Of The Burial”
Doom metal from Norway isn’t your everyday experience. And while I totally love Candlemass I have a huge appreciation for the more heavier stuff too. I love things that go doom in the night. That are so slow and heavy that you can actually hear the drag marks it makes. Tombstones are that heavy. It’s like St Vitus or Witchfinder General had been played on 20RPMs. Continue reading