MOONLOOP “Deeply From The Earth”

“Deeply From The Earth”
I sometime create an image of what I think a band will sound like just from seeing the band name. With a name like Moonloop I kind a expected something psychedelic but instead I got a death metal band that made me think of a cross between Morgoth and Six Feet Under. Continue reading


Whenever I see the word experimental mentioned along with any sort of metal I get vibes of something totally off the wall noise creations. Nachtvorst “Silence” might be labelled experimental but it wasn’t as weird or as hard to get as I thought. There are elements of funeral doom, regular doom as well as black metal as well as some sort of weird cabaret sounds. Continue reading


(War Prod.)
Rise Of Malice is a Greek black metal band in the old school. This is raw and basic the way it was in Norway back in the 90s. Think Darkthrone after they left their death metal to the wayward and went totally necro. There is a charm to this kind of black metal, a basic need that needs being served. I like the fact that it is only guitar, bass and drums and a voice from hell. Continue reading

THE RETICIENT “Le Temps De Detruit Tout”

“Le Temps De Detruit Tout”
(Heaven & Hell Records)
Every once in a while you get an album that you don’t know what to think of. The Reticient’s new album sounds very much like a continuation of Opeth’s acoustic album, or any acoustic part of any Opeth album. This is a hard album to comment on as it reminds me so much of Opeth that it over-shadows everything else. Continue reading


I gotta say I almost deleted the file I had on this British band simply because I couldn’t remember what it was. I am glad that I didn’t. The Sun Explodes moves in the outer circles of what could be considered hardrock. With one foot in Radiohead land and with toes spread out all over the remaining areas this album has an eclectic feel to it. Continue reading

TALES OF DELIRIA “Beyond The Line”

“Beyond The Line”
(ToReact Records)
Another band that is clearly inspired by what At The Gates managed to let loose with “Slaughter Of The Soul”. Not that I’m complaining. If that only means that we get to enjoy metal that tries to improve on what At The Gates started then I’m there all the way to the end. Tales Of Deliria aren’t straight outta the ATG box. Continue reading


I’m not gonna go on about how great the Swedish death metal of the late 80s/early 90s was because that you all know. All I’m going to say is that Swedish death metal of the 10s is just as great. Interview with Anders Biazzi and Gustav Myrin of BLOOD MORTIZED. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading