SLYTRACT “Existing Unreal”

“Existing Unreal”
(NoiseArt Records)
My experience with Hungarian metal is pretty much nil. Whenever I try to think of a metal scene in Hungary I end up with images of second rate Sepultura clones. Which I pretty much know isn’t true. In this day and age it doesn’t matter where you are from when it comes to playing metal. Continue reading


One of the most rewarding things is when new and promising bands fall into your lap. Canadian death metal troupe Xenocide did just do that, drop in unannounced. Interview answered by Tabreez Azad (Guitars/Vocals/Lyricist). Anders Ekdahl ©2011 Continue reading

ALIASES “Safer Than Reality”

“Safer Than Reality “
Now that I know what the hell Djent is, it is with renewed vigour I take on bands like Aliases. I can appreciate the hard work all bands put into their music even if I at times don’t understand their music. So it is with a mild trepidation that I take on “Safer Than Reality” with hopes that it will be just what the title says; safer than reality. Continue reading

MORBUS CHRON “Sleepers In The Rift”

“Sleepers in the Rift”
There’s a buzz going on for this new Swedish death metal troupe. So much so that I tracked down their demo tape (yes, a tape) a couple of months back. With bands like Feral, Miasmal and a handful more the Swedish traditional death metal sound lives on. I like that a lot. It’s like being teleported back to another time when everything felt new and vibrant. Continue reading

NIGHTRAGE “Insidious”

I’m a Nightrage virgin. Even though they’ve been around a while now I’ve pretty much made it my mission to stay away from them. For what reasons I don’t know. I’ve just felt that there is something about them that wouldn’t attract me. With my New Year’s solution of being more positive I’ve promised myself to give Nightrage a chance anyway. Nightrage makes me think of Arch Enemy in the way they mix melodeath with good old heavy metal and some really nice guitar solos. Continue reading