SIMONE TERIGI “Rock Meditations”

“Rock Meditations”
I find it hard to have any sort of opinion on instrumental albums as they are so scarce in my collection. So whenever one comes along all I can do is take it in and try to enjoy it for what it is. “With “Rock Meditations” I just opened up my mind and let it embrace my senses. Continue reading

TRIBUNE “Elder Lore – The Dark Arts”

“Elder Lore – The Dark Arts”
(Corpse Corrosion Records)
Canadian metal has always held a high standard. From the sappy Loverboy, the more traditional Triumph to Razor’s thrash to Rush’s progressive tendencies to today’s scene. If it’s Canadian you’re pretty damn sure that it will be of the highest quality. Not all is good though. Continue reading


“Lost Souls”
I’m not too familiar with the Romanian metal scene but one band that I have a relation with is Empty Dreams. I’ve been following them on and off for some years now. This is a new EP from the band that continues their journey on the goth metal road that they’ve set out on. Continue reading