ATER ERA ”In Autumn’s Solitary Decline”

”In Autumn’s Solitary Decline”
(Mater Tenebrarum)
Ok, so I don’t know too much about the Slovenian metal scene, even though I’m slowly getting to know more and more about it. Ater Era is a black metal band of the more basic kind. This is straight for the neck black metal (all vampire references non-intentional) that takes no prisoners. Think early Darkthrone, early Mayhem and maybe a bit of early Immortal and you have a pretty good picture of where you’ll find this band musically. Continue reading

BLOODSOAKED “The Death of Hope”

“The Death of Hope”
(Comatose Records)
A really good death metal album does something to me that I can’t really explain. There is something to the down tuned guitars that get my guts moving in a most pleasant way. Bloodsoaked might have a couple of albums to their name but I’ve managed to miss them all. Too bad given what I hear on this album. Continue reading

CYCLOPHONIA “Impact Is Imminent”

“Impact Is imminent”
(Battlegod Productions)
No this is not Norwegian Cyclophonia doing Exodus album by the same name. This is nowhere near thrash metal. Instead this is power metal the way it was done in the early 00s. It’s been a long time since I heard a power metal album and even longer since I heard a Norwegian one. With my love for trad metal I will always have a special spot for power metal in my heart. Continue reading

5 STAR GRAVE “Drug Store Hell”

“Drug Store Hell”
With a name like 5 Star Grave this could be anything. I actually don’t know what to make of this album. Do they want to be the next Sonic Syndicate or are they aiming at some sort of thrash’n’roll. All I can think of is that the Misfits have gone crazy on thrash and glam. Not the stuff I usually get going on but I gotta admit that there is something to the crazy, sped up version of what White Zombie used to do that appeals to me. Continue reading

LLVME “Yia De Neseu”

“Yia De Neseu”
(My Kingdom)
At first I thought the band name was some roman numerical code but it is actually the Leones word for fire. This Spanish band mixes all kinds of metal genres in an effort to make it all their own. I gotta admit that at first it all sounded like the emperor’s new clothes Continue reading

L’ALBA DI MORRIGAN “The Essence Remains”

“The Essence Remains”
(My Kingdom)
I can understand why Katatonia has started a trend amongst metal bands. There is no escaping the melancholy of our northern brethrens. But is there the same kind of melancholy in Italy. L’Alba Morrigan at least try to roam in the same quarters as Katatonia. And they succeed pretty well with it. Continue reading

MOONLOOP “Deeply From The Earth”

“Deeply From The Earth”
I sometime create an image of what I think a band will sound like just from seeing the band name. With a name like Moonloop I kind a expected something psychedelic but instead I got a death metal band that made me think of a cross between Morgoth and Six Feet Under. Continue reading


Whenever I see the word experimental mentioned along with any sort of metal I get vibes of something totally off the wall noise creations. Nachtvorst “Silence” might be labelled experimental but it wasn’t as weird or as hard to get as I thought. There are elements of funeral doom, regular doom as well as black metal as well as some sort of weird cabaret sounds. Continue reading


(War Prod.)
Rise Of Malice is a Greek black metal band in the old school. This is raw and basic the way it was in Norway back in the 90s. Think Darkthrone after they left their death metal to the wayward and went totally necro. There is a charm to this kind of black metal, a basic need that needs being served. I like the fact that it is only guitar, bass and drums and a voice from hell. Continue reading

THE RETICIENT “Le Temps De Detruit Tout”

“Le Temps De Detruit Tout”
(Heaven & Hell Records)
Every once in a while you get an album that you don’t know what to think of. The Reticient’s new album sounds very much like a continuation of Opeth’s acoustic album, or any acoustic part of any Opeth album. This is a hard album to comment on as it reminds me so much of Opeth that it over-shadows everything else. Continue reading