“Total Depravity”
From the first note I thought that this was going to be a total Entombed rip-off but it turned out to be a bit more original than that. This is heavy death metal with a slight Swedish touch. Perhaps along the lines of Grave in their heavier moments. That only brings along nice memories. And nice memories you can’t have too many of, even if it is death metal you reminiscence about. Continue reading

AZAGHAL “Nemesis”

I have an on/off relationship with Azaghal. There was a time in when I tried following all their releases but somehow I got sidetracked and lost touch with the band. Now it is time to reacquaint with the band. “Nemsis” sounds like the albums I remember from the first time around. This is black metal the very raw and extreme way. More Dark Funeral than Darkthrone but done the Finnish way. Continue reading

BESTIA ARCANA “To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu”

“To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu”
(Daemon Worship)
I find it hard to slump together a whole continent’s black metal as one unit with no greater variants on the pallet. USBM seem to be a common denominator in describing a whole country’s collected black metal but within it lies a myriad of sub-genres all its own. Bestia Arcana might be a part of the USBM but trust me that is not the only truth. Bestia Arcana are cold and harsh, like a winter’s night in deepest Alaska. There’s nothing nice about “To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu”, no fancy keyboard arrangements or beautiful female vocals. Continue reading


(Chaos Records)
Being a Swede I feel a certain pride and joy whenever I come upon a new record by a Swedish band. Especially when a band comes along that makes me think of the Swedish death metal scene of the late 80s/early 90s. A very vibrant and interesting time. Blood Mortized makes me think of early Entombed, Grave and Unleashed all meshed together as one. Continue reading

CALIBER666 “Blood Fueled Chaos”

“Blood Fueled Chaos”
(Ibex Moon)
Caliber666 are totally new to me. Judging by the promo pictures I’d say they are Swedish. But I’m not too sure and it really doesn’t matter the truth be told. As long as the music is good I don’t care where you come from. Caliber666 are death metal the way Centinex was death metal. Nothing fancy, just deep growls and down-tuned guitars. This is darkness embodied. Continue reading