ABJECTION RITUAL ”Soul Of Ruin, Body Of Filth”

ABJECTION RITUAL ”Soul Of Ruin, Body Of Filth” (Malignant Records) I don’t exclusively listen to metal. I do like other styles of music. Such as industrial, ambient and all different variations on industrial and ambient that you can think of. I also listen to more mainstream things but that has nothing to do with ABJECTION RITUAL. If you like stuff like Trepaneringsritualen and She Spread Sorrow or stuff similar to that you will find enjoyment in this. But it also works if you like your metal doomy and black. This is like a Kinder egg. You get so many surprises … Continue reading

BEFOULED ”Refuse To Rot”

BEFOULED ”Refuse To Rot” (Great Dane Records) With a name like BEFOULED I expect this to be at least a mega thrash-out. At best a really cool death metal assault. I know that I should not expect things based on a band name but when you have one like BEFOULED you ask for me making assumptions. I have to say that it did not meet any of my expectations. This is neither a thrash-out, nor is it a death metal assault. Instead it is some sort of thrash with death tendencies. They do blast a bit. In a way this … Continue reading


BESVÄRJELSEN ”Vallmo” (Suicide Records) Here is another band that sings in Swedish. I am not really used to this just yet so I won’t comment on that until I actually know what I think of it. BESVÄRJELSEN is a doom/stoner/psychedelic band from Stockholm, Sweden that I only recently got to know of. And here is their debut album. And I gotta say that this is some impressive stuff. Being a Swede I knew what great talent there is in this country but I am still impressed by all the cool bands that keep popping up. To my ears there is … Continue reading