DEAD SUN “Soil’s Kingdom”

DEAD SUN ”Soil’s Kingdom” (Iron, Blood and Death Corporation) Man, I have been doing this since 1995, reviewing and doing interviews and yet I find myself discovering bands that I have missed out on over the years. Like Swedish DEAD SUN. I have no idea why I missed out on the 2013 debut, or why I didn’t know of the band prior to that album. It annoys the fuck outta me. But now I do get to hear this band and for that I am grateful. This is death metal of a more melodic kind. Not exactly melodeath but still… Continue reading

EYE OF PURGATORY “The Rotting Enigma”

EYES OF PURGATORY ”The Rotting Enigma” (Iron, Blood and Death Corporation) Rogga Johansson! How I wish that I was a prolific as that man. He is the true renaissance man of death metal. Or extreme metal I should perhaps write, although most of his bands/projects are inclined towards death metal. How this man can come up with so much cool death metal is unknown to me but I am grateful that he does as it gives me hours of pleasure listening to it. I have no idea where EYE OF PURGATORY fits in the picture but this is yet another… Continue reading

FALCUN “Kingdom Come”

FALCUN ”Kingdom Come” (Eat Metal Records) Hearing Indian FALCUN brings me to when I heard Skullview the first time in 1998. This is pure heavy metal nostalgia. Not done in a parodic format, but instead in highest praise. I could write all kind of stuff about old school and NWOBHM but the fact is that there is a movement nowadays that goes under the banner of NewWaveOfTraditionalHeavyMetal (NWOTHM) that FALCUN fits right in with. And as much as this reminds me of stuff like Sweden’s Heavy Load and a whole host of similar 80s acts this also brings a smile… Continue reading

IMMORTAL “Northern Chaos Gods”

IMMORTAL ”Northern Chaos Gods” (Nuclear Blast) You can say whatever you like about the videos that came with the “Battles In The North” album from 1995 but IMMORTAL has always been my fave Norwegian black metal band ever since I bought that very first 7” that Listenable released in 1991. When IMMORTAL released “All Shall Fall” in 2009 I thought that this was gonna be the great comeback for the band but something happened and nothing much came from it. That album came after a 7 year long silence. Fast forward to 2018 and we see yet another comeback from… Continue reading


INHUMAN REMNANTS ”Solipsis” (Eschatonic Records) This Australian band are new to me (my most common sentence ever) but upon hearing this three track EP I gotta say that this is a band that I will keep an ear or two out for. This is some brutal death metal they got going for themselves. If you like you death metal thick and muddy then this is right up you alley. Heavy as a rhino and about as lethal too INHUMAN REMNANTS plummet through in an unstoppable manner. This is one massive force of a death metal band. Throw in some tech… Continue reading


INTERCEPTING FORCES ”S/T” () I am forever grateful for all the bands that send me stuff for review. That way I get to hear some cool stuff that I otherwise would have missed out on. It is with that honour I take on Norwegian INTERCEPTING FORCE’s debut album. To be honest I have no clue what kind of heavy metal tradition there is in Norway. As I sit here thinking I cannot think of too many Norwegian heavy metal acts over the last 25 years. I can think of tons of black metal and hardrock acts but pure heavy metal… Continue reading

ISA “Chimera”

ISA ”Chimera” () Psychedelic death metal sounds to me like an oxymoron. But I have been subjected to so many different styles of metal over the years that on paper shouldn’t work but in reality has turned out to be some of the greatest things since sliced bread. I am not saying that this will bring about that sort of reaction but it sure does sound interesting. If you like your music meandering up hills and down valleys and not just go from point A to B then this will be your trip. I am a person that enjoy a… Continue reading


THE LAST SEED ”Hellboy” (Nihilistische KlangKunst) I gotta admit that I wasn’t that impressed by the band name. And I am still not too sure about it even after having heard this album. To me it reminds me too much of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. But then that is just me and my brain. Musically this appeals so much more to me. This is black metal. Not revolutionary black metal in any form or shape yet there is something extremely charming about this that makes me sit up and pay my fullest attention to it. There is such… Continue reading

MALICHOR “Nightmares And Abominations”

MALICHOR ” Nightmares and Abominations” (Iron, Blood and Death Corporation) Ever since I heard Hellhammer and in the extension Bathory’s “The Return” I have had a thing for basic, raw extreme metal. There is something charming about a band that just thrashes away like there is no tomorrow. So hearing this album by Australian MALICHOR is like a cleansing bath to get rid of all the toxic waste in everyday life. This is my kinda colonic treatment. A pure thrash bash to cleanse my sphere of all shitty gritty bullshit. If you have issues with bands that get too technical… Continue reading

MYRKVID “Demons Are Inside”

MYRKVID ”Demons Are Inside” (Immortal Frost Productions) French black metal is something that is close to my metal heart. Ever since the 90s I have had some really cool encounters with French black metal. I am a bit of a Francophile if I am to be honest. When this EP by MYRKVID dropped in on me I hoped for this to be another cool experience. And I gotta say that I do enjoy this. This is black metal in the Norwegian school of doing things. Basic, raw and with an attack that can fight off the harshest of winter nights.… Continue reading