MORVIGOR ”Tyrant” (-) Not so long ago I revisited Pestilence debut album “Malleus Maleficarum” simply because I wanted to check if it was as good as I remembered to be. And it was. It has nothing at all to do with MORVIGOR’s album “Tyrant”. I just remembered it because they too are Dutch. It just reminded me that I have been following Dutch metal for more than 30 years now and I am still amazed at the quality of bands that come from this submerged country. MORVIGOR are more black metal than they are anything else, even though the influences … Continue reading

MYRHOLT ”Med Samme Nål, Under Samme Måne”

MYRHOLT ”Med Samme Nål, Under Samme Måne” (-) Norwegian black metal is nothing new. Yet I feel some excitement whenever I do find a band/project that I am not familiar with. I have had some really cool moments with Norwegian black metal over the years. And I hope to have some more in the years to come. MYRHOLT (which is the surname of the sole member) brings back memories of bands I have heard in the past. Some I can name and some I can’t. The music has a feel of nature to it. Being Swedish I can relate to … Continue reading

MYSTIC PROPHECY ”Monuments Uncovered”

MYSTIC PROPHECY ”Monuments Uncovered” (Massacre) I am not much for cover albums. But I gotta say that I was massively impressed by what Exit Eden do. That one took me a while to realize that it was actually a cover album. Not so much this time. From the first note I totally got the album title. Starting with a Kim Wilde track kinda set the tone for this album by MYSTIC PROPHECY. And then to follow that one with a Donna Summer track pretty much painted the whole picture. But it is not all 80s pop/disco that is being covered … Continue reading


OBSCURE BURIAL ”S/T” (Invictus Productions) You just know from the band name that this is gonna be something really rotten. And Finland’s OBSCURE BURIAL does not disappoint. This is as rotten as it gets. If you like Obituary but think that they are too polished you might consider this. There is nothing polished whatsoever about this. Musically this is the equivalent of having just risen from the grave. All muddy and dirty. The old school sound does nothing but adding to that whole feeling. This is really a true gem. OBSCURE BURIAL has managed to create an album that will … Continue reading


PROFESSOR EMERITUS ”Take Me To The Gallows” (No Remorse) Chicago has always been a great place to find cool metal bands. I did so in the 80s. and I do so in the 10s. PROFESSOR EMERITUS might not be my all time fave Chicago band. They might not even make my top 5 but that is only because there are so many more cool bands that I am so much more familiar with. But if they keep churning out metal like on this debut album I might very well bump them up on my list. Musically this is classic heavy … Continue reading

RIKSHA ”Five Stages Of Numb”

RIKSHA ”Five Stages Of Numb” (Zombie Shark Records) I am not at all familiar with this band. My only interest in them is based on the great critique they have gotten from others. So I thought I’d give it a go. I don’t give new years resolutions but if I’d have done so one would be to be more open to modern metal/metalcore acts. As long as I can look beyond the hype I think I’ll be alright in checking out a band like RIKSHA. Because musically they are not bad at all. There is a groove to this that … Continue reading


RISE OF AVERNUS ”Eigengrau” (Code666) This Australian entity is a beast all its own. If you like your extreme metal epic and orchestrated then this might be right up your alley. In a way this reminds me of Bal-Sagoth. It is just as orchestrated as Bal-Sagoth was. And as doomy too. If you expect anything as bombast as Dimmu Borgir you better look elsewhere. This is much more constraint. But in that it is also easier to follow. You don’t feel like your head is about to explode from all the impressions. This might be easy to process but that … Continue reading

SACRAL NIGHT ”Darkness Process”

SACRAL NIGHT ”Darkness Process” (Infernö Records) I am not a very nostalgic or sentimental person. I live in the now and don’t think too much of the past or even the future. Unless it comes to music. I more often than not find myself enjoying the stuff of the 80s and even the 70s more than I do the contemporary stuff. I am much more NWOBHM than I am modern metal. I am much more Swedeath than I am metalcore. I am much more Omen than I am Sabaton. So it is no tough guess that I find the whole … Continue reading

SILVER WIND ”Legion Of The Exiled”

SILVER WIND ”Legion Of The Exiled” (No Remorse) After the more obvious NWOBHM and FWOSHM I got into French heavy metal thanks to bands like ADX, Sortilege, H-Bomb and not to forget Trust. So whenever I get to hear a French heavy metal band today I am taken back to that era. As I listen to SILVER WIND I imagine that I can hear traces of the 80s in their metal. Other than that I get early Hammerfall vibes from this. The more I listen the more I realize that there is something for every heavy metal fan on this … Continue reading

SLOW ”V- Oceans”

SLOW ”V- Oceans” (Code666) I don’t know what it is with doom that appeals to me but I am a huge sucker for anything doomy. So whenever I get sent anything doom I usually take even more notice than usual. I am not familiar with this Belgian one-man funeral doom project but from what I hear I know I have been missing out on something really cool. This is as slow and melancholic as you think funeral doom should be. There is not one single happy note on this album. And that to me is perfect. I like my melancholy … Continue reading