EVERSIN ”Armageddon Genesi”

EVERSIN ”Armageddon Genesi” (My Kingdom Music) I have no idea what post thrash metal is. And even if I do I am not sure what I think of it. My overall state of mind is to be open to everything, at lease once. EVERSIN as a band name seem very familiar to me but as per usual when I check them out I find out that I have never heard them at all. The music they play is best labelled thrash metal, even if they want to add the post prefix to it. But there is a sort of post-apocalyptic… Continue reading


FIRESWORD “Antique” () I gotta say that I kinda expect this to be something completely different based on the band name. but that just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a band by its name. so instead of power metal I got black metal. Not that it really matters. This is not pure black metal. There are influences from good old traditional heavy metal and even some hints of thrash. But what this is is good stuff. I just sit here and am impressed by how good this is. Every now and then an album comes from the blind… Continue reading

HAMADRIA “Reina Azul”

HAMADRIA “Reina Azul” () I don’t remember the last time I heard a Peruvian band that wasn’t dirty necro black metal. But I guess it must have been a very long time since that last happened. Having been formed in 2004 and released a demo in 2006 it has taken them until now to deliver that very first album. And what an album it is. This is power metal of the highest order. This is melodic and the tempo is intense. This is in all its glory bloody great. I am glad that I got to hear this album as… Continue reading


LORDS OF THE CEMETERY “Citipati” (Great Dane Records) Every know and again along comes a band that claims to be influenced by Death and every time I feel like the luckiest kid on the planet. I simply love Death (especially the first 3 albums). But it also makes me realize that I don’t listen to Death as often as I should. I really should take a day when I only listen to Death, from start to finish. This French band aren’t a total Death clone. But you do feel that the spirit of Death lingers in the air. This is… Continue reading

NOOKIE “Exceptions (Исключения)”

NOOKIE “Exceptions (Исключения)” (Sliptrick Records) As much as I struggled against it in the beginning I have no surrendered to it. Not completely. It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. What you might wonder? Modern metal/metalcore. Today I can listen to it and like it. it is as with anything in life. If you let yourself be embraced by it, you will eventually like it. the better you get to know something the more you’ll understand it. And now I like it. Like this album from Russian singer NOOKIE (Daria Stavrovich). This is her third album under… Continue reading

OF MISERY “Black Noose”

OF MISERY “Black Noose” () I now understand what it was that I heard when I saw Danish Ghost Iris at Helltown Indoors. To me they just sounded like a wall of noise but hearing this EP from Australian OF MISERY I now understand the Danish band better. Not saying that I like them more because of that. OF MISERY are a heavy bunch. This is not happy metal. This is deathcore. And they got a bone to pick with the whole world it seems. If you like your music dystopian this is for you. if you like movies like… Continue reading

OUTLIAR ”Taste The Blood”

(Malevolence Records) Having formed in 2004 it took OUTLIAR until 2012 to release their debut album “Provoked To Anger”. An album that I haven’t heard. Fast forward 6 years and here is album number two. This is thrash metal of the angrier kind. There is an almost hardcore feel to this. This isn’t too bad. I kinda had a thought that this wasn’t at all for me but the more I listen the more I like this. In a way this reminds me of The Haunted with Marco Aro on vocals. Hardcore thrash with mosh parts. This is not as… Continue reading

PROFANE BURIAL ”The Rosewater Park Legend”

PROFANE BURIAL ”The Rosewater Park Legend” (Apathia Records) This is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band. Yes, I know. Not the most sexy thing you could stumble upon in today’s metal landscape. I am not the greatest fan when it gets too symphonic. That is to my ears to much chaos. But I gotta say that this wasn’t as hard to follow as I thought it might be. In parts it does remind me of Emperor. It has that aggressive edge to it that you find in Emperor. This has managed to do what they band set out to do:… Continue reading

ROTTEN EVISCERATION ”Ancient Grave Ascension”

ROTTEN EVISCERATION ”Ancient Grave Ascension” (Blood Splattered Axe Records/Guts´N´Blood Records.) This Peruvian band will release this slab of death metal on November 1st. That will give you plenty of time to pre-order the album. If you like your death metal brutal and gory this is the stuff that will get you going while you are waiting for Immolation or Suffocation to release new stuff. I know that it will keep me a happy dude for a long time. Ever since I first heard Cannibal Corpse I have been in love with this style of death metal. There is something liberating… Continue reading

SLAP GURU ”Diagrams of Pagan Life”

SLAP GURU ”Diagrams of Pagan Life” (SixteenTimes Music) In Swedish slap guru means something completely different than it does in English. Thankfully this is not a Swedish band but a Spanish band with an Italian singer. The band name makes much more sense. This is musically psychedelic stoner/hardrock. If you like your music with a sort of jam feeling you are gonna like this. if you on the other hand have a huge aversion for anything slightly resembling open endings and jazz you should stay away from this. But for us that don’t mind things dragging on this is the… Continue reading