RESUMED “Year Zero”

RESUMED “Year Zero” (Mighty Music) Technical progressive death metal from an Italian band. With my total love for anything Italian of French this should be right up my alley. Even more so if it had been a French technical progressive death metal band. But I gotta say that this second album from RESUMED proved to be a real keeper. I know that there is really one band that you can link to when it comes to this kind of death metal and yes, there are touches of the great Death in the sound of this album. Which just makes me… Continue reading

SEVEN THORNS “Symphony Of Shadows”

SEVEN THORNS “Symphony Of Shadows” (Mighty Music) This is only the 4th album since 2007 from this Danish symphonic power metal band. 4 album in 11 years is does not make for a very productive band. I do hope that things will pick up with this new album since it is a really strong power metal album. It has the melodies, it has the power and most of all it has the songs. Really strong songs that makes you want to pound your fist in the air. I tend to say it whenever I get sent a power metal album,… Continue reading

VERNI “Barricade”

VERNI “Barricade” (Mighty Music) With a new Overkill album basically just around the corner this solo album from DD VERNI will keep you on your toes until the release. I cannot say that I have paid too much attention to the stuff that VERNI has done outside of Overkill. And listening to this album all I can say is that it at times do sound an awfully lot like a more punky Overkill. Nothing bad at all with that. I am of the opinion that it is better to get too much than nothing at all. This does in a… Continue reading

INIRA “Gray Painted Garden”

INIRA “Gray Painted Garden” (Metal Scrap Records) This is a band that I am not at all familiar with even though this is their second album. I might have been against modern metal to begin with, but I have with time come around to liking most of the stuff I do get to hear. My main objections have been the vocals and the break beats that most modern metal seem to be abundant with. But even those things I have come to terms with. INIRA have a sound that makes me think of At The Gates, In Flames and to… Continue reading


LOCUS TITANIC FONUS “Never Pretend” (Metal Scrap Records/ Another Side Records) With all new music I get to hear it is easy to forget the old bands. But then along comes an album like this second one from LOCUS TITANIC FUNUS and boom, brings back memories of early Anathema and My Dying Bride. This is doom death in all its glory. This Russian band is a fave of mine and it wasn’t that long ago that I went back and listened to their first album. If you, like me, like really slow and melancholic doom mixed with death then you… Continue reading


BA’A/VERFALLEN/HYRGAL “Split” (Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions) I have an ambivalent relasionship to split records. As much as I love discovering new bands as much do I want to hear as much as possible. On a split you only get one or two tracks from each band. But when it comes to this kind of black metal split we are dealing with here you get value for money as the tracks are long and winding and you have a chance to get to know the bands a bit better. Of the three bands featured here I know of HYRGAL only.… Continue reading

BLURR THROWER “Le Avatars Du Vide”

BLURR THROWER’ “Le Avatars Du Vide” (Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions) I don’t know if the band name is any indication of what to come. I gotta say that I have no idea what to expect from this release. It is with open ears that I let the first track rip into me. With a running time of over 18 minutes I do expect this to be a long and winding road with loads of instrumental parts. The first thing I did notice is the kinda screamy vocals. To my ears is this is like a continuation, a further exploration… Continue reading

VOID “Jettatura”

VOID “Jettatura” (Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions) French black’n’roll. For a very long time I had issues with the whole black’n’roll thingamajig but I have come around to liking it. Especially when it is done the way VOID do it. This is raw and very basic. No glitter or glam about this. Just dirty, chain cutting black metal. I would imagine this to be a really cool experience live on a small and dark stage at a club. It has that vibe to it. This is what is so great with doing what I do. I get to hear stuff… Continue reading


KILLBODY TUNING “Pictorial” (Hummus Records) This is another instrumental album from a band that I am not at all familiar with. Lo fi rock. Post rock. Instrumental rock. The description seems to be many for this album but what it all boils down is that this a really cool journey through a landscape that isn’t the usual one I travel through. But this was a really cool journey. I have kinda gotten used to this whole lofi/post rock thingamajig and I really dig it. This is a band that I will dig deeper into. Anders Ekdahl Continue reading

ÖLTEN “Ambience”

ÖLTEN “Ambience” (Hummus Records) How do you avoid an instrumental album to become just one prolonged jam session? That is my biggest concern whenever I get sent an instrumental album. I don’t really have a good answer to that question but I have so far not come upon an instrumental album that do sound like a prolonged jam. The stuff I have had the fortune to hear has all given me a really nice trip. ÖLTEN’s nee one is no exception. I don’t know if it has anything to do with growing up with weird Swedish kiddies shows like “Vilse… Continue reading