MORDAX “Violence Fraud Treachery”

“Violence Fraud Treachery”
(Ultimhate Records)
Say Danish metal and I sit up and take extra notice. I have only good memories of Danish dynamite. From back in the days to present time. I have not come upon that many bad Danish acts over the years. Partly because I haven’t come upon that many Danish acts period but also because there seems to be a standard to which Danish bands are held that is high. Mordax are no exception. Their death/thrash is up there with the best. Continue reading

NIGHTQUEEN “For Queen And Metal”

“For Queen And Metal”
(Massacre Records)
I am of the persuasion that if a label is ready to spend money on your music/promotion then you can’t be that bad a band. There is no way that a label like Massacre signs a band with the intention of losing money on it. With than in mind and the fact that I’ve already interviewed Nightqueen I have pretty high expectation on finally getting to hear this album in its proper shape. Call this symphonic metal. Call it female fronted metal. All I know is that this is some pretty cool metal. Continue reading

SHEAR “Breaking The Silence”

“Breaking The Silence”
(LifeForce Records)
I have nothing but respect for the Finnish metal scene. As with the Swedish I ravel over how many new acts that keeps popping up. It’s like there is a band behind every tree in the Finnish forests. Shear might not have the greatest and most eye-popping name but just by being Finnish you kinda know that this will be, if not great at least good. You gotta hand it to the Finns. They sure know how to play heavy metal. Continue reading

THORNIUM “Dominions Of The Eclipse”

“Dominions Of The Eclipse”
Thornium was one of the first second wave of Swedish black metal bands that I got into. I managed to track down their first album in a local record store and I was so pleased with myself for having found it. The music wasn’t perhaps what I had expected but at that time this whole aggressive black metal style was pretty new to me and it took some time getting used to it. Originally released in 1995 this proved to be a whole different beast to the stuff I was used to. Continue reading


Swedish doom is a well known force to reckon with inside the charred walls of metal. Think Candlemass, Count Raven as well as Draconian and you get a pretty broad picture of what the Swedish melancholia can do to you. Anguish is another of these sad and mellow mindsets put to music. Being a Swede I have this inherent in my genes. I might seem odd to some Mediterranean European, but it makes me happy listening to sad music. The sadder, more doomier the better I feel. No, I’m not some sort of masochist. I am Swedish. So when I heard Anguish’s album “Through The Archdemon’s Head” it made me feel like I’d won a million on Lotto. This is so sad and heavy that I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven, or pretty close to heaven at least. I feel like I can carry the burden of the World on my shoulders so why not an interview with them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012
Continue reading

DECAYED “Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal”

“Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal”
(WAR Productions)
Decayed is one of these bands that I’ve seen around in different places but never got a chance to check out, until now that is. This Portuguese band has been going for some time now and could best be described as cult to some. To expect anything but dirty, raw and pretty basic black/death metal would be to fool yourself. This is a blast to the past. This is so basic that it makes all South American black/death bands past and present seem overly technical, or something close to that description. Continue reading

MORTUUS CAELUM “Ad Libertatem Per Mortem”

“Ad Libertatem Per Mortem”
(WAR Productions)
WAR Prod. seems to have a very specific sound that they are looking for. Nothing fancy or extravagant. No, it has to be basic and raw for them to get into it, it seems. Not that I mind. As long as it is good it can be as basic and raw as it wants to. Mortuss Caelum is black metal the way it started, No big symphonic arrangements, just guitar, bass and drums. I am a big sucker for anything that is simple while still being highly entertaining. Which is why I still think Hellhammer’s “Apocalyptic Raids” is one of the best records ever released. Continue reading