THE BECKONING “Demystifying The Oracle”

“Demystifying The Oracle”
There is nothing like being blown away by a new acquaintance on the first encounter. Finding new bands you’ve never heard of is the biggest blast with this job. I came upon Canadian The Beckoning courtesy of Facebook. I saw a message from the band posted on Facebook and I sent them a note and now I’m reviewing their record. Continue reading

CHASMA “Declarations Of The Grand Artificer”

“Declarations Of The Grand Artificer”
Monotony doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Even in the most monotonous beautiful music can be created. The repetitive meanderings of Chasma bring about an aura of misery and pain that in the right environment are as beautiful as the sun rising on a summer morning. I like this kind of black metal that is so basic in its simplicity that you cannot do anything but succumb to it. Continue reading

HELLCRAWLER “Wastelands”

(Hollow Earth Records)
What struck me at first is how much this sounds like a lot of Swedish crust/kängpunk bands overdosing on Motorhead. This is punk metal in its finest form. This is like listening to Anti-Cimex, Wolfpack, Disfear and whatever other Swedish bands in the same category you can think up all mixed up into one very messy but good mash. And they are not even Swedes. Continue reading

LORD VOLTURE “Never Cry Wolf”

“Never Cry Wolf”
I know what a cliché it is to judge a band on its country of origin but then there are some countries that have been consistent in delivering great heavy metal. Holland is one of these countries. All the way from the 70s through to now you know that you can trust a band if they are from Holland. Lord Volture are no different. Continue reading

MORIFADE “Empire Of Souls”

“Empire Of Souls”
(Rock It Up Records)
I have a relation to Morifade. At first I didn’t like them that much but with time I came to understand and in the end like them. I hadn’t heard from them in a while until this album dropped in on me. Morifade are heavy metal the way Hammerfall are heavy metal, no other comparison made. Continue reading

SCAVANGER “Between The Devil Andd The Sea”

“Between The Devil And The Sea “
(Rock It Up Records)
Sometimes an album comes along that needs getting used to and even after that happens it might not stand out too much. I’m not saying that “Between The Devil And The Sea” is a bad album. At times it is great but then there are those moments when everything feels bland and middle of the road. Like the band is playing it safe and by the notes instead of going wide. Continue reading


When I heard Edge Of Paradise’s debut album “Mask” the first time I got the same feeling as when I heard Meldrum’s (the band) first album. Here we had a band trying to take traditional metal one step further. Interview answered by Margarita (vocals). ©Anders Ekdahl 2011 Continue reading


I’m not a big fan of AC/DC but hearing Jaggedy Ann brought back memories of a sandy soccer field outside Copenhagen in 1990. Jaggedy Ann is bluesy, ballsy hardrock done the classic way. Interview answered by Leona Marie (guitar). Anders Ekdahl ©2011 Continue reading