FORTERESSE “Crépuscule d’Octobre”

“Crépuscule d’Octobre”
(Sepulchral Productions)
I’ve only heard good things about the Quebecois black metal scene but I haven’t heard anything from it. Until now that is. Listening to Forteresse I get the same feeling I got hearing Norwegian black metal the first time. There is something revelatory to the music that brings out emotional memories of vast landscapes and snow-clad mountains. Something we don’t get in our urban concrete jungles. Continue reading

THE GARDENERZ “The System Of Nature”

“The System Of Nature”
You can always argue who was first. Was it Black Sabbath, Pentagram or any other band that defined what is now classic doom metal? In doing so you can not overlook the impact Candlemass’ debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” had on what is now considered archetypal doom metal. Without that album we would not have seen so many great doom metal bands surface. Continue reading


I’ve never been to Atlantic City, NJ. Don’t think I want to when I think of it. The decadence and depravity that city has come to represent isn’t exactly my bag. And it’s not even glamorous like Las Vegas. But if that means that great music will come from it I’m all for it. Hammerfight is crossover the way I like it. Equal amounts of metal and hardcore mixed together to make for a perfect drink. Continue reading

HERESIARCH “Hammers Of Intransigence”

“Hammers Of Intransigence”
(Dark Descent)
Lately I’ve had an epiphany concerning New Zealand metal. It’s not all sheep and more sheep down under. There are some pretty cool metal bands too. Heresiarch is one of these. This is black metal the chaotic way. No big symphonic arrangements. No female song birds, No melodic guitar solos. Just simple, straight forward black metal. Continue reading

ION VEIN “IV v1.0”

“IV v1.0”
(Mortal Music)
For some reason I kind of expected this to be some massive progressive metal. It turned out to be more along the lines of traditional metal than anything else. OK, not exactly traditional. More straight forward metal with little or no tingle tangle. One thought I can’t let go of is that that this reminds me of an up-tempo Pantera Continue reading

VENDETTA “Feed The Extermination”

“Feed The Extermination”
I owned an album by Vendetta back in the 80s/90s. I didn’t care too much for it so I sold it. Now it is 2011and Vendetta are back with a new album. Has age improved my taste or will Vendetta leave me with the same bland impression? I remember them to be middle-of-the-road and pretty bland. “Feed The Extermination” is pretty much classic thrash metal but not the classic German thrash metal I would have liked it to be. Continue reading