LIVARKAHIL “Signs Of Decay”

“Signs Of Decay”
In today’s extreme metal scene it’s not enough to just be extreme, you gotta stand out to even have the slightest of a chance to get noticed. In the case of Livarkahil it has to be the band name. Not only is it hard to pronounce correctly, it is also so strange that you have no idea what it means. Musically this is brutal death metal done in the Polish school of fast and technical. Think Decapitated, Hate or early Vader and you get a pretty good picture of what to expect. Continue reading

SACRED GATE “Creators Of The Downfall”

“Creators Of The Downfall”
For one reason or another I don’t seem to hear that new power metal releases. The ones I get my hands on are a welcomed break from all the extreme metal I get subjected to (and love). German Sacred Gate came as a, if not breath of fresh air at least as an gush of air that broke the monotony of same, same and even more same records that floods my computer. Continue reading

SIRANNON “Semper Caliga”

“Semper Caliga“
(Unmerciful Death)
I might not have given the impression that I like corpse painted black metal bands but the truth be told I find it fascinating to find out what hides behind the make-up. Sirannon have that ancient Scandinavian sound going for them that I like. It’s like being transported back in time when I hear harsh, primitive black metal with no symphonic or twisted turns Continue reading


For the longest of times I’ve had this romantic notion about PANDAEMONIUM being the perfect Italian metal band. Now that I had the chance to interview them I had to take it. A new, third album is to be released in early 2012. Answers by Lorenzo Zirilli and Daniel Reda. © 2011Anders Ekdahl Continue reading


“Breathe In Life”
I can honestly say that the more metalcore I hear the less I get it. In the end it all becomes too formulated for my taste. It’s all break downs, growl v/s clean vocals and what else. But then it is with metalcore as with all other music that becomes a trend. You gotta wade through the mud to find the pearls. I’m not saying that Betraying The Martyrs are a perfect gem but stood against all other hopefuls I’ve heard this pretty much stands out Continue reading


Judging by the name Electric Mary ain’t a black metal band. This gotta be more hardrock in the tradition of Hanoi Rocks, Gun’n’Roses or even AC/DC. Pretty basic and simple hardrock to party to. Music that I don’t seek out actively yet have no problem enjoying should I come upon it. With one foot in the blues and the other in the 70s Electric Mary feels like they’ve been born in the wrong era. This is more the thing I got to hear in the 80s when bands like Trash or Baltimore or Sweden’s Six Feet Under played on my turn table. Continue reading

HATRED EMBRACED “Suffering Of The Holy”

“Suffering Of The Holy”
That this is released on a limited edition cassette and most probably is sold out by now shouldn’t put you off looking for it. This is what tape trading back in the days was all about. You heard of a guy who had this or that hard to get demo. You sent him a tape, he duplicated the original and all of a sudden two guys had that hard to find demo. Hatred Embraced have a classic death metal sound going for them. Continue reading