TODAY FOREVER “Relationshipwrecks”

Oh no, not another metalcore album. What is it with all these metalcore acts? Why can’t they just leave the hype behind and just concentrate on the music. Today Forever aren’t that bad. They do have all the characteristics of metalcore but it isn’t that hard to listen to once you get past the fact that it is metalcore. Continue reading


I guess it gets harder and harder to be original with every new band that arrives on the scene. You only got so many chords to choose from that they’re bound to be repeated sometimes by somebody. So you need to find your own niche in the field of metal to even have a chance to stand out. Thunderkraft seem to have found their own path on this wet and slippery road that we call metal. Continue reading

ULVERHEIM “När Dimman Lättar”

“När Dimman Lättar”
Swedish black metal is something to worship by. Has been since that very first Bathory album back in the days. I don’t know if it is just me but whenever I see an album title in Swedish I kinda get a feeling that this will be another ode to the nature and its many different souls. Not that I mind. I like the “folkish” elements of bands like Arckanum or Finntroll (although they are Finns). Continue reading

WYKKED WYTCH “The Ultimate Deception”

“The Ultimate Deception”
(Goomba Music)
Wykked Wytch might not have gotten the easiest of starts in life but they’ve proven resilient and are still at it and on their fifth album. I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed by Wykked Wytch on that first album back in 2000. But for every new album I’ve been turned around little by little to where I am now; really appreciating the extreme metal of Wykked Wytch. Continue reading


Romanian ABIGAIL came to me by chance. I was looking for female fronted bands and by chance I found info on the WASP cover ABIGAIL did for a tribute album. That line-up no longer exist but the band is still kicking around . Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading

CRUSHER “Endless Torment”

“Endless Torment”
(Metal Scrap Records)
Crusher seem to be an old school thrash metal band like the one we found in the 80s/90s. A band that likes to smoke pot and skate till death. A perfect crossover band in other words. Like a Suicidal Tendencies for the 10s. Or for those of you younger a Municipal Waste. When you do a cover of a slayer song and it isn’t “Angel Of Death” you get my two thumps up. Continue reading

FATAL ERROR “Conglomerate”

Metal Scrap Records)
OK, so the intro sucked but once the music started we were thrown into a really heavy metalcore assault. Or is it a Meshuggah insanity we are experiences. This is so heavy that I at first thought that something must have broken in my CD-player or that something might break from the sheer heaviness of the opening track. Continue reading