SINCERA “Cursed And Proud”

“Cursed And Proud”
I think I remember Fester. I know I bought that first Fester album simply because it was released on No Fashion Records, along with Marduk’s first album. Sincera is as far as I understand some sort of continuation of Fester. I had kind of expected a more retro oriented album but this turned out to be quite contemporary in its dark/black metal approach. Continue reading


There is a certain charm to the band name Single Bullet Theory. It is a statement of intent if any. I kind of expected Single Bullet Theory to be along the lines of Machine Head’s debut album but this turned out to be something totally different, yet equally good. Continue reading

CORNERSTONE “Somewhere In America”

“Somewhere In America”
(Atom Records)
Everything about this album screams America. Yet I’m not too sure that they’ll break big in America. Don’t get me wrong. Cornerstone are not bad but they don’t seem that conformist too make it big on radio in the US. What struck me the first time was how much the first track made me think of Jingo De Lunch. Continue reading

ENTRAILS “The Tomb Awaits”

“The Tomb Awaits”
(Dark Descent/FDA Rekotz)
The album cover might look like an Entombed cover at a distance but this is Entrails second album. I missed out completely on the first one but this time I’m on top of things. This is old school death metal the Swedish way. Think the break of the 80s and 90s. Think Grave, Dismember, Entombed, Carnage etc. and you get a pretty good picture of where this will take you. Continue reading