DEVASTATOR “Conjuring EVil”

“Conjuring Evil”
I really, really love Kreator’s first two albums “Endless Pain” and “Pleasure To Kill”, so much that anything released today that even resembles those albums gets my thumbs up. So when I heard Devastator’s “Conjuring Evil” I knew that this would be right up my alley. Continue reading

ENID “Munsalvaesche”

Enid is a strange beast. Not that it is hard to understand their music. This is more of an emotional journey than a full on metal frenzy. I usually do not want to be transported back to the medieval but it’s hard not to when listening to Enid’s “Munsalvaesche”. I don’t understand the fascination for the medieval that seem to exist in Germany with fairs and festivals. Continue reading


We got readers. WE GOT READERS!!! Lion Splicer is made up of two brothers who seem to love metal so much that they’ve started a band together. And they seem to like Battle Helm too since they’ve sent us this, their debut album, to be reviewed. That this sounds like it was recorded in a rehearsal room doesn’t bother me that much. Continue reading

LIVARKAHIL “Signs Of Decay”

“Signs Of Decay”
In today’s extreme metal scene it’s not enough to just be extreme, you gotta stand out to even have the slightest of a chance to get noticed. In the case of Livarkahil it has to be the band name. Not only is it hard to pronounce correctly, it is also so strange that you have no idea what it means. Musically this is brutal death metal done in the Polish school of fast and technical. Think Decapitated, Hate or early Vader and you get a pretty good picture of what to expect. Continue reading

SACRED GATE “Creators Of The Downfall”

“Creators Of The Downfall”
For one reason or another I don’t seem to hear that new power metal releases. The ones I get my hands on are a welcomed break from all the extreme metal I get subjected to (and love). German Sacred Gate came as a, if not breath of fresh air at least as an gush of air that broke the monotony of same, same and even more same records that floods my computer. Continue reading

SIRANNON “Semper Caliga”

“Semper Caliga“
(Unmerciful Death)
I might not have given the impression that I like corpse painted black metal bands but the truth be told I find it fascinating to find out what hides behind the make-up. Sirannon have that ancient Scandinavian sound going for them that I like. It’s like being transported back in time when I hear harsh, primitive black metal with no symphonic or twisted turns Continue reading