THE FORCE is a thrash band that took me back to the 80s and the second wave of thrash metal. Being a huge fan of that era and having grown up on that kind of music I just had to interview this Paraguan band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading


I can’t keep emphasizing how fun it is to discover new bands and what great tool internet can be in that search. French SOLEIL VERT came to me when I surfed Myspace (yeas, it is still worth something) and I knew that I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading

AVENGER “Bohemian Dark Metal”

“Bohemian Dark Metal”
(Deathgasm Records)
There are so many bands in the World that it is hard to keep track of them all. I’ve been aware of Czech Avenger for some time now but never got round to checking them out. Now that time has come. And I like what I hear. There’s a slight Swedish death/black metal touch to this but mostly it stands very well all on its own. Continue reading

DARKNESS BY OATH “Near Death Experience”

“Near Death Experience”
(Cyclone Empire)
I can’t help wondering whom all these bands that keep releasing albums are aiming for. We are just so many that are into metal that someday we’ll all overload/dose on metal albums. Until that day comes I’ll just keep on discovering new and cool bands. Don’t know how cool Darkness By Oath are but that they have overdosed on At The Gates is clear from the word go. Continue reading

DERELICT “Perpetuation”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Some geographical locations are more interesting than others. I find bands from South America more exciting than another one from Germany if the choice had to be made. The same can be said for bands from Canada. I take extra notice of any band that calls Canada home. Derelict might be Canadian but they are new to me… Continue reading

ELVENSTORM “Of Rage and War”

“Of Rage And War”
(Inferno Records)
I have a very soft spot for Belgian Acid. Have had so ever since I first heard them in the 80s. The first time I heard Elvenstorm I had a flashback to that very first time I heard Acid. Not only because they have a female vocalist that doesn’t sound like all the other song birds we get in metal but because the music has that up-tempo and active feeling to it. This is metal, call it heavy, power or speed, that is just that; metal. Continue reading

ENTHRONED “Obsidium”

(Agonia Records)
I remember the first time I heard Enthroned back in the late 90s. I wasn’t too impressed by their black metal back then but times have changed. I’ve moved on and so has Enthroned. From being that little band from Belgium to being one of the bigger black metal acts… Continue reading

EREVOS “Descensus Ad Inferos”

“Descensus Ad Inferos”
(Orkestral Promenade Productions)
I know that it might seem a bit repetitive to keep mentioning how high a standard I hold the Greek metal bands to but so far I haven’t been let down by any Greek band. So why should I change my mind about the standard of the Greek bands? Erevos is a black metal band, there’s no doubt whatsoever about that… Continue reading

IMPIETY “Ravage & Conquer”

“Ravage & Conquer”
(Pulverised Records)
From that first moment when I heard Impiety back in the day I knew that this was something special. I haven’t spent too much time with them since then but they’ve always been in my conscious, lurking somewhere deep inside. But now in 2012 it is time to re-acquaint myself with them. And what better way to do it than with a brand new album. Continue reading