MANIPULATOR “Voudbound + Unearthed”

“Voidbound + Unearthed”
(Soulseller Records)
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There are so many bands out there that it is impossible to keep up with everyone if you want to stay sane. Manipulator are a blank slate to me. I have never heard of them or their music, which apparently should be some sort of death metal. To my ears this sounds like that old Mayhem demo “Pure Fucking Armageddon”. Or is it Hellhammer that I’m reminded of… Continue reading

SVARTSYN “The True legend”

“The True Legend”
(Agonia Records)
Svartsyn was one of the first black metal bands that I got to review when they released “The True Legend” the first time in the late 90s. I don’t remember what I wrote back then. Don’t even remember if I liked it. Since then I’ve built a relationship with Svartsyn through several albums. And now we are back at square one with the re-release/rerecording of “The True Legend”. Continue reading

WEH “En natt kom doed”

“En natt kom doed”
(Soulseller Records)
OK, so Norway is very much tall mountains and deep valleys and some scattered cities in-between which might explain why so many Norwegian bands look to nature for inspiration but that doesn’t explain why something described as Neo Folk fights for space with bands like Manipulator and Ulverheim. They seem so totally out of place. Weh is acoustic and atmospheric and not bad at all but metal; no fucking way… Continue reading


It took me a long time before I actually lent ACHERON an ear. Don’t know why because the band has been in my consciousness for a very long time. If you like your metal extreme Acheron will deliver. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading


ANDROMEDA is a Swedish progressive metal band but don’t let that put you off. This is a metal band for all of us who love metal, period. Martin Hedin (keyboards/production) was kind enough to answer my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading


I found SKURL one day when I was surfing through Reverbnation. A French goth metal band is all the info I need to get going. So in order to find out more I just had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading

BLACK CROW KING “To Pay The Debt Of Nature”

“To Pay The Debt Of Nature”
(BadGod Records)
You can say whatever you like about Wolves In The Throne Room and their organic take on black metal. You might think that American black metal is an oxymoron. You might even be of the opinion that all these bands that pop up from out of the North-western forests should crawl back under the stones they came from. That you are free to feel. I on the other hand welcome the explosion of USBM that we’ve seen lately. Continue reading


“Up Yours”
(RockSector Records)
I often wonder why hardrock/metal is so male dominated on the performer side. With half the population or more being female there should logically be just as many females being good at playing hardrock/metal and not just be satisfied with being the spectator. Thankfully we see an increase in females taking action every year. Continue reading

ANTOINE FAFARD “Solus Operandi”

“Solus Operandi”
Antoine Fafard is a blank slate to me. I have no idea who he is or what he’s about. For all I know he might be the worst artist ever. Or he could be the best ever heard. Either which way this ends up I’ll be an experience richer. I have no prior relationship with the Canadian label Unicorn but from what I’ve gathered they seem to be very progressive oriented. “Solus Operandi” is proof of that. Continue reading