NEPHELIUM “Coils Of Entropy”

“Coils Of Entropy”
Metal from the Middle East isn’t my everyday meal. Nephelium might reside in Canada now but they have their roots in the Middle East. In a place like the Emirates being a metalhead could be an everyday struggle with the authorities. But that struggle could also act as fuel for creating some of the m most vicious metal ever heard. Nephelium’s “Coils of Entropy” might only be six songs long but I can promise you that after those six you need a breather. Continue reading


“Blank slate”
Another Italian band that tries to sound modern. Nothing wrong with that. As long as they don’t try to sound like Nickelback I’m happy. This is what you’d call modern hardrock like the tons of American bands you most likely will hear on college radio shows. I know the names of the bands this reminds me of but I can’t for the life of me pull them out of my head. I even have a couple of CDs by these bands in my collection. Continue reading


NECRONOMICON are as old school as it gets. Dating back the original German thrash invasion of the 80s they should be mentioned with the same reverence as Kreator, Destruction and Sodom but something stopped them from going all the way. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading


As I don’t know too much about UNITY I thought an interview with them would straighten out the biggest question marks. You might not get to know all you want to about UNITY but you will be much wiser than before. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading

JEFF AUG “Wedding Song”

“Wedding Song”
This is about as eclectic that Battle Helm will ever be. There used to be a time when MTV Unplugged was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Acoustic performances was what every self-respecting artist should do, From Nirvana to Metallica to whoever. All did it. That was acoustic. This is also acoustic but in a whole different league. Continue reading


There used to be a time when British death metal was something you talked about loudly. Nowadays you almost get laughed at mentioning British death metal. No panic now. There are those who are trying to right that wrong. Bloodshot Dawn are one to start with. This is death metal that is not melodeath or old school death or any other of the trendy deaths. Continue reading


I can honestly say that this album made me scratch my head in confusion. What is it that the band wants to tell us with their music. It’s not as confusing as Celtic Frost’s “Cold Lake” album was but still it leaves me wondering what to think. Something that I’ve noticed is that the band seems to want to incorporate as many styles as possible in their music. Continue reading

IRDORATH “Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches”

“Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches”
Thanks to the success of Rammstein everything sung in German makes me think of them instantly. No matter what style of music we’re talking about. Irdorath could best be described as death metal. In a way they too make me think of Lemming Project. That old German band keeps popping up every now and then when I hear a new band from Germany or German speaking countries. Continue reading