There is no denying that it only takes one band to open the flood gates. Had it not been for the success of Arkona I’m sure that we’d seen less bands from ex Soviet countries making it onto records on European labels. One that would have made an impact any which way is WELICORUSS. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading

DRAKKAR “When Lightning Strikes”

“When Lightning Strikes”
(My Kingdom)
This was like a bolt of lightning from a clear sky. Drakkar hasn’t been on my radar for a good few years now but apparently they are still going strong. This Italian band can best be described as part of that whole power metal wave we saw coming from Italy at the end of the 90s/beginning of the 00s. Continue reading

DISGUISE “Second Coming”

“Second Coming”
(My Kingdom)
Can’t say that I’m familiar with disguise even though their logo looks familiar. Most have seen it somewhere. I kind of expected this to be, well I don’t know what I expected this to be like but whatever it was the reality was something completely different. 5 years on from the previous album Disguise return with “Second Coming”. Continue reading

EXMORTIS “Resurrection… The Book Of The Dead”

“Resurrection… Book Of The Dead”
(Xtreem Music)
Not so long ago I reviewed Exmortis entire back-catalogue and I enjoyed every moment of it. Now it is time for a brand spanking new MCD to go under the knife. Will it be just as good as the old stuff but different or will it be just as good as the old stuff but a continuation. That this will be good I have no doubts about. How could it be anything but good? Continue reading

OPERA IX “Strix Maledictae in Aeternum”

“Strix Maledictae in Aeternum”
This one has been a long time coming. I remember the first time I got to hear about Opera IX and how excited I was back then. That was a long time ago and with a different vocalist. No it’s 2012 and Opera IX is back with a new album. I have had a rollercoaster relationship with the band. I’ve liked some albums while others have been less to my liking. Continue reading

PAGANIZER “Into The Catacombs”

“Into The Catacombs”
(Cyclone Empire)
For a band that is on its 8th album I am pretty new to them. I can’t even remember if I’ve heard a single album by them prior to this new one. Paganizer flies the banner of old school death metal high. This is death metal the way it sounded in the late 80s/early 90s when that whole genre exploded onto the scene only to never leave. Continue reading

RITUAL “The Resurrection”

“The Resurrection”
(Funeral Rain)
Ritual seem so familiar. I think I had a demo by a band named Ritual way back in the 80s. Not sure if that is relevant. So many bands must have had that name in mind and body over the years. This ritual started in 1993, released an album in 1995 followed by albums in 1997 and 1998 all on Wild Rags Records. Continue reading

XENOCIDE “Galactic Oppression”

“Galactic Oppression”
You might have read the interview I did with the band. Here’s that promised debut album. Al I had previously was a sneak preview. Now with the whole album it’ll be a whole lot easier to get a clear picture of what they are all about. This is heavy the way Cannibal Corpse are heavy while not even being close to CC in any way. But there is that death metal touch to this album Continue reading