SHADES OF SORROW ”Ascension” (Sliptrick Records) This album by Canadian SHADES OF SORROW was originally released in 2015. Now it gets the rerelease treatment by Sliptrick Records. I have already interviewed the band but now it is time to dissect the album. Before the interview I knew nothing about the band. And upon hearing this album I have to admit that if I had imagined that this would have sounded a certain way, the way it sounds is nowhere near my expectations. I get vibes from both System of a Down and Mindfunk when I listen to this. I guess… Continue reading

SODOMIC BAPTISM “Black Fire Pandemonium”

SODOMIC BAPSTISM ”Black Fire Pandemonium” (Iron, Blood and Death Corporation) This Belarusian death metal duo surprised me. Not having any greater expectations other than that of a moment of death metal this turned out to be a cool one. This is not just full on death metal assault. There are also moments of more somber character. But it is this diversion that surprised me. Because amidst the inferno they break into tracks that are almost atmospheric. And as odd as it feels as well does it work. Sure, it is like getting two bands for the price of one but… Continue reading

SPACESLUG “Eye The Tide”

SPACESLUG ”Eye The Tide” (BSFD Records) The world is full of bands to be discovered. And it doesn’t seem to end. You think that now surely there cannot be anything that I haven’t heard and along comes a band like Polish SPACESLUG and prove you wrong. This might not be the most original I have ever heard, I hear traces of Sleep and Monster Magnet for example, but it sure is something I haven’t heard this week. This is best described as stoner doom with a psychedelic touch. I don’t do drugs and I don’t have to when there are… Continue reading

WINTERBLUT ”Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch!”

WINTERBLUT ”Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch!” (Nihilistische KlangKunst) I gotta say that Nihilistische KlangKunst has quickly grown into a fave label as of recently. The stuff I have so far heard has all been top notch and I have no reason to doubt that WINTERBLUT won’t be. Having started out as more traditional German black metal the band has since then turned away from it to a more dissonant and experimental form. I can but agree. The first track on this album felt like one long journey to hell. Dissonant and eerie as fuck it took me into the universe… Continue reading

SUM OF US – new single “Eleven Tigers” from EP “Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels” Out this Friday.

Brisbane’s Sum of Us’ debut EP release, “Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels” will see the light of day this Friday July 13. The release from the Brisbane supergroup showcases the band’s prowess and out and out talent – and today they are dropping track “Eleven Tigers” as a final taste before the whole thing is released this Friday. The “Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels” EP is available for pre-order now. The band worked with Head Atlas – a teaming of Chrispy Town (Osaka Punch) and Joel Myles on the production of this EP. The band has so far released tracks… Continue reading


One of the most spirited rockers today is undoubtedly singer/guitarist Jacob Cade, who’s seemingly never-ending energy has landed him opening slots with the likes of Steel Panther, Bobaflex, Winger, and Dokken. And now, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger are on board the Jacob Cade train, as they helped write what will be the follow-up single to Jacob’s Top-40 charting debut, “What’s Your Problem?!” The new track, “Icky Nikki,” was produced and mixed by Michael Wagener, known for his work with Metallica, Motley Crue, Megadeth, Alice Cooper and many more rock legends. Many stations have already added the song into… Continue reading

CIRCLES drop brand new single & video “Tether”

Circles are going from strength to strength – the four-piece prog powerhouse band has wall-to-wall tours and shows from now until the end of 2018 – and show no sign of slowing down (they have just been announced on Euroblast Festival 2018!). The Melbourne-based, world-class outfit are releasing their highly anticipated new album The Last One worldwide on August 31st 2018 through Wild Thing Records (AUS) and Season of Mist (EU/USA). Today they bringing their brand new single & video “Tether” to the world. Vocalist Ben Rechter said that “Tether is the first song that I brought into Circles, not… Continue reading