THUNDERCROW ”Heavy Metal Space Cowboy”

THUNDERCROW ”Heavy Metal Space Cowboy” () I have no idea what space got to do with anything or even the cowboy part but I gotta say that this CD from German Thundercrow did raise an eyebrow or two. In a way this made me think of D A D gone total heavy metal when I first saw the album cover and promo shots. They have the jovial feel to their music that D A D have. Listening to this I get a feeling that these dudes do this with a smile on their lips. And that is something that the… Continue reading

VOLA ”Applause Of A Distant Crowd”

VOLA ”Applause Of A Distant Crowd” (Mascot) Danish VOLA is a very Danish entity. Having grown up with Denmark just a ferry ride away the Danish way of life has had an impact on me. From Danish TV to Victor Borge to hygge to Mercyful Fate to you free spirited thinking. The Danes have always been the bohemians of the Nordic people. And that is something that VOLA keep alive. They don’t seem to bothered with limits and comapartments. They do what comes natural to them. Which means that they create chaos in the head of a Swede that want… Continue reading

V/A “D.N.A.”

V/A “D.N.A.” (Maculata Anima Records) I have an ambivalent relationship to compilation albums. As a child I was never much for mix tapes. I know that people out there used to sit up all night and make mix tapes that they traded with friends, but I never did that. I am much more an album kinda guy. But then there are label compilations. These I find a bit more useful. They at least present the artists on the label. This is album showcases the intent of MACULATA ANIMA RECORDS. You get a wide variety of artist that play everything from… Continue reading


GATES OF DOOM “Forvm Ivlii” () This Italian band has a name that caught my eye immediately. How can you not be interested in a band called GATES OF DOOM? They play a form of death metal that is both melodic as well as epic. I would even go as far as to say that there is also an element of black metal to this. This is just a three track EP. A shame really as I would have liked to hear some more. But the tracks you do get are of highest order. This is one hell of a… Continue reading


KYTERION ”Inferno II” () When I look at the cover to this one I feel as if I already know the band but as I check my past reviews and interviews I find nothing at all about them. Annoying as fuck that my brain is this messed up, that I cannot tell facts from fiction at times. But don’t let my fucked up brain stop you from exploring this album by Italian KYTERION. Conceptually this one is based on the first canticle of Dante’s Inferno. I tried to read the book, but I gave up quite early on. So for… Continue reading


VERATRUM ”Visioni” () When an album starts with a choir the first thing you hear you know that this is going to be epic. And symphonic. And that is what this album from Italian black metal band VERATRUM is. I love things that are over the top if it is done the right way. And this is definitely done the right way. If you like stuff like Limbonic Art and even mid-age Dimmu Borgir you are gonna like this too. If you are more into the necro stuff you are well advised to stay away from this. What I like… Continue reading