V/A “Swedish Hitz Goes Metal”

“Swedish Hitz Goes Metal”
I’m pretty biased against this album even before I’ve heard a note. Who the hell thinks it is a good idea to make metal version out of songs by Roxette, Lisa Miskovsky and Ace Of Base? I can understand if they want to make ABBA sound metal because they at least had the melodies to carry their tunes. Continue reading

Y.O.C. “Metal Warrior – part 2”

“Metal Warrior – part 2”
You don’t get too many metal releases with Turkey as the origin. But Y.O.C.’s been at it for some years now releasing self-financed CDs with both originals as well as covers. “Metal Warrior – part II” is the follow up to 2007s “Metal Warrior – part I”. 7 covers by bands like Flotsam & Jetsam, Metallica and Iron Maiden make up this new release. Continue reading

Blair Witch

Made in Taiwan has taken on a new meaning with the success of Chthonic. More and more new metal bands try their luck outside of their native borders. Blair Witch is a promising black metal band. Ice answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2011 Continue reading

CELTACHOR “In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers”

“In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers”
Ireland has a rich history that you as a metal band can draw from. Stories of bravery that fits perfectly to epic metal battles. Bands like Primordial, Cruachan and Mael Mordha all dig deep into the ancestry to dazzle you with tales of yonder. I like it. I have a penchant for the big, heroic stories found in most ancient tales. Continue reading


“Skeleton Key”
(Underworld Records)
Having been familiar with one of bands from which Excommunicated has sprung, Catholicon, I’m kinda expecting a continuation of that crazed death metal sound that band had. Reality is that this is something completely different. The sound is more controlled death metal like the Florida sound Continue reading