(Planet Metal)
I was with Entombed up till “Wolverine Blues” but from there I left them to their own devices. The death’n’roll that they had started to turn into wasn’t to my liking. I’m pretty much allergic to it now. So when I heard something that was resembled death’n’roll in the first couple of note in the first track on Bones self-titled CD I thought I was in for a bumpy ride Continue reading

BUTCHER “Welcome To The Night”

“Welcome To The Night”
(Infernö Records)
From what I understand this could be considered a sort of comeback album for Butcher. It’s been a while since their previous album was released and much has happened to the World of heavy metal. But the strong will always survive one way or another. And strong Butcher seems to be. When describing something like Butcher the clichés are not far away but that is because they fit the best Continue reading


(Music By Mail)
I don’t know if the band name is any kind of indication as to what awaits us once the music starts spinning. Maybe the wrath of God will come upon us sinners for not repenting our sins. If that is the case then I’m ready for it. I don’t fear anything thrown at me. Just bring it on; I’m strong enough to take it Continue reading


Wales might be mostly known for coal mines, Gaelic and small villages but this place also manages to produce bands that make it big. Kryophere makes me think of… I don’t know what. There is something so familiar to their techno-death(?) that it starts to get annoying Continue reading


“Rotten Light”
Do not confuse this Laetitia In Holocaust with the one from Las Vegas. This is an Italian avant-garde black metal troupe. Whenever I see something being described as avant-garde I fear that it is an excuse to cover up noise/crap as music. To me avant-garde is painting outside the lines, going against pre-conceived notions of what is right and wrong Continue reading

MAD MAN “Force Of Sound”

“Force Of Sound”
Trad metal is making a huge comeback. Sweden seems to lead the way with a handful or two of bands making the waves Worldwide. Canada is one of the contenders to the throne. Mad Man have that same aura that bands like Enforcer, Portrait or In Solitude have in that they too portray heavy metal as music for hard working people who want to have a good time escaping everyday’s reality Continue reading

REIGN OF VENGEANCE “Disemboweling Swine”

“Disemboweling Swine”
I’ve seen the movies Brain Damage releases. All gore and horror. If the music is anything like that then we’ll be in for a hell of a ride. Reign Of Vengeance is a new acquaintance for me. Never even having heard of them before it is with ears wide open I approach this release. Just by looking at the cover you know that this is going to be a messy ride Continue reading