UNDER “Stop Being Naive”

UNDER “Stop Being Naive” (APF Records) This is another one I should have done a while back. I have done an interview and with that a review was planned but due to some issues of an inspirational art the review failed to appear. Until know that is. To be honest I don’t remember too much about what the band sounds like from the video I posted with the interview. So this is like starting anew with the band. Not that I really mind. There is a history of British comedy bands like Spinal Tap, Bad News, Lanmower Deth etc. but… Continue reading

UNHOLD “Here Is The Blood”

UNHOLD “Here Is The Blood” (Czar Of Crickets) I like the stuff that the label this band is on releases. Well, for most of the time. But there is something to the stuff that the label releases that appeals to me. Had they not sent me the stuff they do send me I would not have actively sought it out. Simply because I would not have known of its existence. But now that I do get sent the stuff, I find myself liking most of it. How strange isn’t that. So I have great hopes that UNHOLD will appeal to… Continue reading

ENOQUIAN ”Llamas De Gloria Primera”

ENOQUIAN ”Llamas De Gloria Primera” (Satanath Records) I don’t know what the Argentinian metal scene is like today. I don’t think I ever been that well versed in it to begin with. But it is cool to hear bands coming from South America, no matter what country it is. This is an Argentinian black metal band. I don’t know why but for some reason I get a Finnish black metal vibe as I listen to this. I am thinking Azaghal, Enochian Crescent and those kind of bands. I also get some Morbid Angel vibes from this. It is not as… Continue reading

GARHELENTH “About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth Of Tragedy”

GARHELENTH “About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth Of Tragedy” (Satanath Records) I don’t think I have come upon that many Armenian metal bands at all. I do think that I heard an all-female black metal band a while back but they could have been from another of the old Soviet satellites. Not that it makes any difference today where a band comes from musically but it is still nice to hear bands from places you don’t often get sent stuff from. This is the kind of black metal that I don’t really know where to place. Is it symphonic or just… Continue reading

HAK-ED-DAMM “Holocaust Over Dresden”

HAK-ED-DAMM “Holocaust Over Dresden” (Satanath Records) I know that I have reviewed this band before but that was back in 2012. I did like what I heard that time around. So I have high hopes for this new opus. This to me reminds me of Impaled Nazarene in the 90s. When they just blasted away and you had to fasten your seat belts if you wanted to hang on. I am not saying that HAK-ED-DAMM sound like Impaled Nazarene. They just have that same attack. In a way this is the equivalent of grindcore for black metal. It has that… Continue reading

INHIBITION “La Danse Macabre”

INHIBITION “La Danse Macabre” (Satanath Records) Greece has given us so much culture that it last a life time. Apart from all the Greek dramas and tragedies they have supplied pleasure for millions of tourists. I have never been to Greece other than through the music I have been listening to. But I have had numerous enormous giving moments in the company of cool metal Greek metal bands. But I gotta say that I have had better encounters than I have with INHIBITION. This is not bad by any standards, it is just that I have heard better. This is… Continue reading

NETER “Inferus”

NETER “Inferus” (Satanath Records) Spanish death metal is another metal genre that I am not too familiar with. I wish that I was bombarded even more than I am by really cool metal releases because there are so many bands out there that I want to hear. NETER are a new to me but this is their third full length album since 2009. So another band that I have missed out on. This is death metal with a very strong Morbid Angel vibe. If you liked “Blessed Are The Sick” you are gonna like this too. It is in that… Continue reading

SKJULT “Progenies Ov Light”

SKJULT “Progenies Ov Light” (Satanath Records) A Cuban black metal band with a Norwegian name. Talk about being international. I think that I have come upon some Cuban bands in the past but I cannot remember the names of them. It is not that rare these days to find Cuban metal bands making it abroad with their music. SKJULT are a black metal band. The name is a real give-away. Not the meaning of it (hidden) but because it is a Norwegian word. Sure, there are examples of bands using words not from their native tongue that are not black… Continue reading

SOLFERNUS “Neoantichrist”

SOLFERNUS “Neoantichrist” (Satanath Records) I have been into Czech black metal since the 90s. I don’t get to hear too many bands these days but the ones I do get in contact with have so far all been good. SOLFERNUS is a band that I was not familiar with before. As I listen to this is get vibes of Immortal. A band that I don’t listen to as often as I really should. But when I hear stuff like “Neoantichrist” I get an urge to put on my Immortal albums. But this is not just an Immortal rehash. There is… Continue reading

TYAKRAH “Wintergedanken”

TYAKRAH “Wintergedanken” (Satanath Records) It is no secret that I like my black metal atmospheric and/or melancholic. Well, I like all my metal/music atmospheric and/or melancholic but apart from doom black metal has a propensity to work well with the atmospheric and melancholic. This German band are more melancholic than they are epic. I am not gonna lie, I have heard better atmospheric/melancholic black metal bands, but not many. TYAKRAH do most things correct. It is just that I have high standards for my atmospheric/melancholic black metal. This does feel like a grower even though it right now is bloody… Continue reading