BESTIALORD “Law Of The Burning”

BESTIALORD “Law Of The Burning” (Symbol Of Domination) This is a band that I have heard of before. I did an interview with them back at the beginning of 2018. And now I get to review the album. I should have done this review earlier but for some reason I forgot about it. This is doom metal but not in the Candlemass or Black Sabbath style. This is much more like Dream Death or even Canadian Slaughter. This is more heavy than it is melodic or atmospheric. This is like thrash metal being played really slow. If you don’t like… Continue reading

TAIGA “Cosmos”

TAIGA “Cosmos” (Symbol Of Domination Records) If you google TAIGA the first thing that comes up is a Swedish clothes manufacturer. Not a Russian black metal band. And especially not a Russian atmospheric black metal band. This I like. I just sit here and listen to it. Take it all in. This is not the greatest atmospheric I have heard but it is beautiful enough for me to take notice and just enjoy it. I like how atmospheric black metal builds up the emptions and how it is released in a raw-ish package. I want much more of this stuff… Continue reading

BASTARDÖS ”Bastardös”

BASTARDÖS ”Bastardös” (Grimm Distribution) This is a band that I recognize, if only by name. This is an Argentine thrash metal band. As much as I love the Brazilian, Colombian and Chilean metal scenes, as little do I know about the Argentine. That scene is a blank to me. So it is great to get to hear what the Argentines are up to. This is a rerelease of their 2015 debut album. if you like your thrash in the early Sepultura school this is for you. Not with the same youthful aggression but still with that same bite. What I… Continue reading

CRYOSTASIUM « Starbound »

CRYOSTASIUM « Starbound » (Grimm Distribution) I have a very ambivalent relationship to CRYOSTASIUM. I want to unconditionally love this but they don’t make it easy to do so. This is so weird that even I take notice. Basically this is black metal but it moves motionless between ambient and psychedelic and black metal in a combo that at times can be too much to take in. But when it is good it is bloody good. This EP is some of the better stuff I have heard by CRYOSTASIUM. It is still as weird as I’ve come to expect from… Continue reading

CORTEX IMPULSE “Once In A Lifetime”

CORTEX IMPULSE “Once In A Lifetime” (Grimm Distribution) This is progressive. So progressive that it requires my total attention not to miss a single twist and turn. I am no musician and can therefore nothing about chords and stuff like that but I do appreciate the technical skill of a band. And this is very skillful. And while it is progressive it is not too intricate. You can easily follow it even if you are just a music lover like me. There is one thing that bugs me though. I cannot for the life of me remember who it is… Continue reading

DIRTY GRAVE “Evil Desire”

DIRTY GRAVE ”Evil Desire” (Grimm Distribution) Brazilian doom metal. I don’t know if I have heard such a thing before. But there is always a first time for everything. And DIRTY GRAVE might just be my first Brazilian doom experience. I wouldn’t say that this is traditional doom metal. Apart from the obvious Black Sabbath references this give me a Hawkwind kinda vibe. There is a psychedelia feeling to this that gives it an edge. If you can imagine Trouble having gone to bed with Jefferson Airplane you might get some idea of what this sounds like. At first I… Continue reading

ENOID “Livssyklus & Dodssyklus”

ENOID “Livssyklus & Dodssyklus” (Grimm Distribution) I am not too certain but I think that the title of this compilation from Swiss black metal horde ENOID is Norwegian. It doesn’t feel Danish. And it doesn’t feel German, French or Italian at all. This is like I mentioned a compilation that compiles the two albums “Livssyklus” from 2005 and “Dodsyklus” from 2006. I heard this band the first time back in 2016 when I reviewed the album “EXILÉ AUX CONFINS DES TOURMENTS”. Musically this is black metal in the more 90s Norwegian school than anything else. It owes a lot to… Continue reading

EVIL NERFAL “Bellum Est Pater Omnium”

EVIL NERFAL “Bellum Est Pater Omnium” Back in 2016 I interviewed EVIL NERFAL. I cannot remember based on what but there was something that made me want to know more about this Colombian black metal mob. Now it is time to face the new album. This is black metal that neither sounds totally 90s Norwegian nor Swedish. I have no idea if there is a Colombian black metal sound but this does blast away like there is no tomorrow. But wherever the sound come from this is rather good. It is not the most evil black metal I have heard… Continue reading


ALKYMIST “S/T” (Indisciplinarian) I have for my entire life been living next doors to Denmark and all their happy-go-lucky and “hygge”. But as you grow older you realize that that’s only the façade. Even though they try to sell us the image of how happy the Danes are in beer commercials we know. Based on that it is not too strange for a band like ALKYMIST to come from Denmark and not Sweden. This is totally doom and gloom. If you thought that Stillborn’s “Necrospiritual” was dark and foreboding you haven’t heard this one yet. This is one fucker of… Continue reading

MANIPULATION “The Future Of Immortality”

MANIPULATION “The Future Of Immortality” (Grimm Distribution) This is MANIPULATION’s debut from 2007 that has been given a rerelease. I first got in contact with them when I reviewed their 2015 album “Ecstasy”. I liked that one. It was some really cool death metal of the more brutal kind. This debut album kinda laid the ground for the sound on that third album. It is cool to get to hear where it all started so to speak. What years of writing songs and demoing them led up to. As much as I liked the “Ecstasy” album as much do I… Continue reading