Welsh Alt-Metal Trio TREP To Hit The Road

Band Announce UK Tour In Support Of New EP Welsh alt-metal trio TREP are set to tour the UK in support of their latest EP “Lucian”, which is set for release on March 18th. The band will co-headline alongside Eden In Progress as part of the “The Future Is Ours” tour. The tour will be hitting the following cities: March 12th – West Street Live – Sheffield March 13th – Fuel – Cardiff March 14th – The Gryphon – Bristol March 15th – The Lion – Chepstow March 16th – Hangar 18 – Swansea March 21st – The Unicorn –… Continue reading

Nottingham Stoner Kings WIDOWS Return With New EP

“Ten’Yer” Marks The Band Signing To APF Records And Upcoming Tour Dates Widows are back with a new drummer and a new two-track EP, “Ten’Yer” out now on APF Records! The track listing for the new release is: 1. P.S. Worry 2. Hammer and Nail Hard Rock/Stoner/sludge quartet, WIDOWS are a pulverizing juggernaut of deadly riffage drenched with impressions of Entombed, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Down, and EyeHateGod. Having spent several years laying waste to any venue that would have them, the band have made friends in high places; scoring stunning reviews and features in Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Norway Rock, Sludge… Continue reading

FLAMMENAAR “Gottes Sohn”

FLAMMENAAR “Gottes Sohn” (Terror Records) It would be strange if I didn’t like the good stuff but I am a sucker for finding stuff that not so many might have heard of. I could be fooling myself in thinking so but since I don’t socialize in any sort of greater black metal network I would like to believe that I am one of few that have heard of this or that. German FLAMMENAAR are new to me although this album is from 2017. What we get here is black metal with an anthemic, epic feeling. Without loosing the raw edge… Continue reading

KIRCHENBRAND “Krankheit Mensch”

KIRCHENBRAND “Krankheit Mensch” (Terror Records) I often find myself feeling at odds when I discover a band that has more than one release to their name. Where should I start? From the beginning or with the latest album. This time I don’t have to think too much about it. This is KIRCHENBRAND’s second album, so I guess that I will start from almost the start. This is my first ever encounter with this Austrian band, apart from the interview I did that is up on the site. This is black metal in what I would like to describe as the… Continue reading

MOGH “Kirshah Khutai Kirkhoda”

MOGH “Kirshah Khutai Kirkhoda” (Terror Records) I am a die hard atheist. I have been so since childhood, even though I might not have known of it back then. To me it doesn’t matter what religion you are. It is all the same to me. But that also means that I don’t have any issue with people that are anti-Christian or in the case of MOGH anti Islam. Like MOGH. If western black metal bands can be anti-Christian then middle eastern black metal bands can be anti Islam. Just because you were born in a certain place doesn’t mean that… Continue reading

MOGH “Gach Pazh”

MOGH “Gach Pazh” (Terror Records) I am not so much for ethnic music, or the use of ethnic instruments in the music. Not that I mind it or have any sort of issues with it. I just don’t care too much about it. But when you come from the middle east it is almost obligatory to use ancient instruments. Like MOGH does in the opening track of “Gach Pazh”. Having just gotten to know of this band’s music through the demo I reviewed earlier I had now real idea what this album would be like. But I gotta say that… Continue reading

MOGH “Paradigm Shift”

MOGH “Paradigm Shift” (Terror Records) Thankfully I didn’t have to wait that long for a new album to drop in on me. This is MOGH’s latest offering. This is more of the same stuff that was on the previous album. More of that ritualistic black metal that they did so well on the last album. if you are looking for some old school Norwegian 90s black metal you better look elsewhere. If you like stuff like Mephorash, or Mortuus to some extent, as much as I do you will have a field day with this one. Over 8 tracks we… Continue reading

STRIX NEBULOSA “Compendium Maleficarum”

STRIX NEBULOSA “Compendium Maleficarum” (Terror Records) I don’t know how the CD version that I have differ from the tape version, apart from there being a couple more tracks on the tape version. I don’t even know where the tracks on this compilation are taken from. Not that it really matters. As I am not that well versed in musical terminology I have not idea how to correctly describe this other than chugga chugga black metal. you know the kind where you repeat a riff in absurdum until you tire of it and then changes to another. And I don’t… Continue reading

UNHOLY WAR “Heaven Will Burn”

UNHOLY WAR “Heaven Will Burn” (Terror Records) With a name like UNHOLY WAR you gotta be shitting me if they don’t play full on attack black metal. I don’t want to hear any sort of break beats or slow parts of anything like that. I just want to be blown to total smithereens by this. I want to feel like a hurricane has just swept through my town and devasted everything in its way. Like Sodom’s “Burst Command Till War” turned up to 11. That is my expectation for this. I know that that is high standard to live up… Continue reading

WALDTRAENE ”Heidnische Leidkunst”

WALDTRAENE ”Heidnische Leidkunst” (Pagan Media) This is as far away from black metal you can get yet in spirit it has plenty in common. This is acoustic pagan folk music. Or something similar to that. If you have a hard time with no screaming growls and rampaging guitars with drums louder than a battlefield of canons you are well advised to stay the hell away from this. if you like me have a fondness for this kinda stuff that is more on the atmospheric side, you too will find this highly entertaining. It is nice to be able to sit… Continue reading