Guitarist Lou DiBello certainly showed the world he is most talented on the six-string with his previous album, ‘Heat Wave’ (which contained the rocking highlight, “Full Throttle”). On August 2, 2019, he will prove that its predecessor was no fluke, with the release of ‘American Hard Rock,’ which can be purchased here: loudibello.hearnow.com. “I am excited to release the new album ‘American Hard Rock’! This record is both a logical progression, and a big step up from my last album ‘Heat Wave’,” explains DiBello. “Some of the highlights for me are the instrumental ‘Driving Force,’ with some of my hottest… Continue reading


ADES NUMEN “War” (Another Side Records) Italian symphonic black metal is nothing new to me. Back in the 90s I discovered a whole lotta of this kinda metal thanks to a label called Scarlet. So for 20, 25 years I have been listening to this kinda Italian metal and for every new band I come upon it feels like it is the first time. ADES NUMEN are a raw band in the same kinda school as Carach Angren. It is not totally OTT with the symphonic bits. Instead this focuses more on the rawness and the directness of black metal.… Continue reading


ARMAGEDDON DEATH SQUAD “Necrosmose” (Great Dane Records) As I listen to this I realize that there are too many technical death metal bands out there that I have no clues about. I know their names but in most cases I have no further knowledge about them at all. In that sense it is really cool that stuff like this comes along so that I can get better acquainted with what is going on. ARMAGEDDON DEATH SQUAD are not over technical, like Necrophagist are. There is an old school feel to this too that makes it cool. Listening to this brings… Continue reading

CATALYST bandcamp “The Great Purpose Of The Lords”

CATALYST bandcamp “The Great Purpose Of The Lords” (Great Dane Records) I tend to back a bit whenever I see the term technical death metal because wise from previous encounters I know what it could be. Some of the most technical death metal releases has left me with a pounding headache from trying to follow all the twists and turns but this one is not that hard to follow. Great Dane Records has again found a French band that delivers death metal of the highest class. There is just one annoying bit about this one. I cannot for the life… Continue reading


CREPUSCOLO “You Tomb” (Metal Scrap Records) The band name sounds very Italian. Almost like it is some sort of Giallo movie. But it isn’t. And although it would be cool if it had been this is still cool stuff. This is death metal on the more brutal side of things. The vocals and the overall sound makes me think of Entombed and Dismember. This is very much that obvious old school. But it doesn’t matter because this is still cool stuff. I am a huge sucker for anything that is remotely old school. Like this. An album that I am… Continue reading