PARADISE LOST – The Longest Winter

On September 1st, PARADISE LOST’s studio album »Medusa« will herald the loneliness and damp cold of autumn, as the legends from West Yorkshire return to their doom metal roots and deliver their 15th full-length release named after the Greek Gorgone whose sight turned people into stone. The British cult metallers will premiere the first track off their freshly forged monster on July 7th, and can reveal a snippet from the upcoming single entitled ‘The Longest Winter’. Get a first impression of this new track, mixing typical PARADISE LOST melody lines with crushing doom moments Continue reading

Wovenwar – “Cascade”

After releasing their sophomore full-length, ‘Honor Is Dead’, to critical acclaim last year,WOVENWAR is launching a new video for the album track ‘Cascade’ today. Directed/edited by the band’s own Nick Hipa (guitar), ‘Cascade’ can be seen here. Continue reading

RINGS OF SATURN – Inadequate

Bay Area technical deathcore metallers, RINGS OF SATURN, arrive back on the scene to release their fourth full length studio album Ultu Ulla on July 28th via Nuclear Blast Records. The alien deathcore quartet present an entirely new and esoteric proposition to heavy metal. Today, the band release the guitar play-through featuring Lucas Mann and Miles Baker for the first single, ‘Inadequate’. Continue reading


Kent melodic hardcore crew RAISED BY RAPTORS have arrived. Possessing explosive breakdowns and groove-laden riffs, fused with crushingly infectious vocals, the metal crew are set to break out this year, kickstarting proceedings with their new video single, Release. Continue reading

Air Drawn Dagger – Gods VS Peasants

Sparking glowing comparisons to everyone from Foo Fighters and Paramore to Donnas, Air Drawn Dagger hit you with engaging vocals, powerful guitars, and earnest emotion. Formed in 2014, and featuring the impressive collective talents of Maisie Manterfield (vocals), Sam Wagner (lead guitar), Lewis Budden (bass) and Ross Dore (drums), Air Drawn Dagger are already making waves throughout the scene and are picking up a plethora of new fans on a daily basis. Continue reading

Stiff Little Fingers – “Best Served Loud – Live At Barrowland”

Stiff Little Fingers – “Best Served Loud – Live At Barrowland” 2CD/DVD/LP/Blu-ray (earMUSIC) Formed in Belfast during the late 70s, Stiff Little Fingers – or SLF – had plenty of fire to fuel their punk, not in the least growing up during ‘the troubles’ of sectarian violence afflicting the city, the embers of which still remain to this day. Along with The Undertones from the neighboring city of Derry, whom they frequently squabbled over covering (or not) ‘the troubles’ in their songs, SLF soon enjoyed charting success, ultimately leading to a major label signing and a move to London. Ironically they … Continue reading

Goatwhore – “Vengeful Ascension”

Goatwhore – “Vengeful Ascension” (Metal Blade Records) Built on the idea that within negativity there can exist a positive angle comes Goatwhore’s 7th album, fueled by Satan’s casting down from heaven only to rise up and become the ruler of hell! Born themselves out of NOLA’s prestigious scene and veterans of 90s bands like Acid Bath and Soilent Green, Goatwhore are one of those relentless touring bands, and in a decade have made a name for themselves, not in the least due to their music, a dark but catchy blend of black metal, Celtic Frost, Motorhead and of course, that famous … Continue reading

Arcadea – “Arcadea”

Arcadea – “Arcadea” (Relapse) Oh wow, this is how space rock should sound – hit the warp speed Mr Scott! A funky prog power trio made up of drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor (Mastodon), guitarist/keyboardist Core Atoms (Zruda, Gaylord) and keyboardist/guitarist Raheem Amlani (Withered, Scarab), this self titled debut isn’t some trans dimensional abstract trip through the cosmos, but instead an intense experience through the light fantastic propelled by the incredible music of these space wizards! Appealing as much to techno geeks as possessed hippies, the hyper speed ‘Rings Of Saturn’ blends the amazing keyboard grooves of Amlani which just bounce around your … Continue reading

Mutation III – “Dark Black”

Mutation III – “Dark Black” (Undergroove) I’ve always wanted to know if there was an alter ego to rough looking guys like Ginger of The Wildhearts. Well, there is ad Mutation is it. A dark alter ego that is the raging insanity driving the noise fueled violence on show here. Aided by Scott Lee Andrews of Welsh bass-punk wretches Exit International and abetted by Devin Townsend, Phil Campbell, Arthur Shepherd of Primitive Weapons, ex-Cardiacs fruitloop Random Jon Poole, Jamie Oliver of UK Subs, Mauro Pawlowski (ex-dEUS) and the mighty Paul Catten (Barrabas, Bed Wetter, Stuntcock, The Sontaran Experiment, ex-Medulla Nocte etc … Continue reading