Tarja – Victim Of Ritual Live at Woodstock

Today, Tarja reveals the third single from her brand new live-art-album & video “Act II”. The enchanting live version of “Victim Of Ritual” stems from the bombastic live performance at Woodstock, Poland. Having a capacity for 700,000 people, Woodstock remains one of the most iconic and gigantic festivals today. The powerful vibrations of thousands of fans coming together to celebrate their favourite musical heroes was perfectly captured during this very special Tarja performance. With its flow of range and variance “Victim of Ritual” once again shows why the singer is one of the most renowned Symphonic Metal artists. The song, originally from her… Continue reading


NOISE Records are proud to announce, Running Wild – Pieces Of Eight : The Singles, Live and Rare. 1984 – 1994. A deluxe, limited edition boxset containing all the bands Noise records singles, the re-record compilation ‘The First Years Of Piracy’ and an expanded, double gold vinyl version of their debut live album ‘Ready For Boarding’, which features a whole new show on disc two, from 1989, previously only available before on VHS tape. All of these titles have been long out of print, since their original release during the bands decade tenure on Noise. The box set also includes… Continue reading

GRAVE DIGGER – Fear Of The Living Dead

 German heavy metal legends GRAVE DIGGER recently announced the title and track list of their new studio album. Now the band reveals the first single “Fear Of The Living Dead” and its lyric video. Chris Boltendahl on the song: “Here it is: the new Grave Digger lyric video. Normally we don`t like lyric videos so much – but this one reproduces the atmosphere of the song very well and it’s scary, weird and tough. The song is the first track we have written for the new album and this song contains all trademarks of Grave Digger – and much more: it’s fast, epic and… Continue reading

HATE – Path To Arkhen

Metal Blade is proud to announce the signing of HATE, the glorious Death/Black Metal force hailing from Warsaw, Poland. HATE have been praised by press and fans alike for years for creating lacerating and dark music, proven best on their current album ‘Tremendum’ (2017). The album saw ATF Sinner (vocals, guitars) utilize the dark aspects of the mystic and arcane Slavonic folklore to explore themes both personal and impersonal. It is an album that is relatable at first listen, but that is hard to fully know. In 2018, we find HATE as ever, advancing. In preparation for what might be… Continue reading


Europe’s biggest crossover band, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR, have released a brand new single, titled ‘Here Comes The Boom’. Commented the band: “We chose this track as the first single of our new album because it’s a perfect synthesis, from the way it sounds to the lyrics, everything is summed up in this song. Attaque contre-attaque, here comes the boom.” The song comes off the band’s highly anticipated, as of yet untitled second album which is scheduled to drop this year. The album was recorded with GOJIRA’s Joe Duplantier in his Brooklyn, NY-based Silver Cord Studios. Continue reading

Year of the Cobra – The Siege

It is with great honor that Prophecy Productions announces the signing of Seattle’s heavyweight stoner doom duo, Year of the Cobra. Formed in 2015, Year of the Cobra became a rapidly ascending, radiant star in the horizon of the doom/stoner-scene for a reason: This powerhouse duo, consisting of Amy Tung Barrysmith (vocals/ bass) and Jon Barrysmith (drums), use their limitation in instrumentation to their advantage. Leaving space for every instrument to breathe and to shine, they create a vast, larger than life sound aesthetic. Their songs drift relentlessly from classic epic doom laments into oppressive heavy riff architecture; from catchy, almost upbeat rock… Continue reading

Dee Snider – “For The Love Of Metal”

Dee Snider – “For The Love Of Metal” (Napalm Records)  Dee Snider – up for a challenge!?!? Definitely one of the 80s greatest front men and one of metal’s motormouths, Snider called it quits in 2016 after completing a farewell 40th-anniversary tour with legends Twisted Sister. Or so he thought. Seems that Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta, a long time admirer of Snider, didn’t think it was time for Dee to retire his unmistakable voice and sold Snider a wild idea to record this album with a younger generation of contemporary artists. And we’re not talking the up and coming talent pool… Continue reading

Epica – “Epica vs Attack on Titan Songs”

Epica – “Epica vs Attack on Titan Songs” EP (Nuclear Blast Records)  Oh wow, if Epica impressed me on their last release “The Holographic Principle”, then this branch out into film score metal is nothing short of mind blowing! As you can guess, this 8 track EP is based on the Japanese anime “Attack on Titan”, but get this, the original score which was composed by Revo of Linked Horizon, was actually influenced by the music of Epica themselves!! As such, these adaptations could be no better – in fact, they are perfect!!! I can’t begin to describe how excited… Continue reading

Powerwolf – “The Sacrament Of Sin”

Powerwolf – “The Sacrament Of Sin” (Napalm Records)  Returning in time for the next full moon is the 7th album from Germany’s most famous lycanthropes! If you never heard these nutters barking before then get ready for so much catchiness lacquered with cheese you’ll find yourself irresistibly howling along to massive melodies, addictive choruses and possessive singalongs that have taken Powerwolf from a sometimes ridiculed underground band to being a headline festival act across Europe. “The Sacrament Of Sin” continues in the same expected winning formula although this time the band are trying out new things too. On ‘Demon’s Are… Continue reading

Graham Bonnet Band – “Meanwhile, Back In The Garage”

Graham Bonnet Band – “Meanwhile, Back In The Garage” CD / DVD (Frontiers Music)  You’ve gotta admire the man, aged 70 and still going with a voice that sounds as good as when he was singing for Rainbow and Michael Schenker. In fact, anyone who’s seen Graham Bonnet live on the recent Schenker Fest tours will certainly attest to that and if you actually needed any more proof then “Meanwhile, Back In The Garage” will simply blow your socks off! Rooted heavily in Alcatraz with Jimmy Waldo joining on keyboards, there’s also plenty of Rainbow and Schenker, so it’s 13 tracks of pure hard rock… Continue reading