OVERKILL – Welcome To The Garden State PART 3

Legendary New Jersey thrashers OVERKILL will unleash their 19th studio record, The Wings Of War, on February 22, 2019, via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band has launched part three of their multi-part documentary series entitled ‘Welcome To The Garden State’.  Watch as the band debates how the East coast sound and scene is different from the West coast. Check it out here Pre-order The Wings Of War now: http://nuclearblast.com/overkill-thewingsofwar Available formats: CD Digipak CD Digi + T-Shirt + Poster Bundle Green Cassette Grey Vinyl (limited to 1,500) Green with Yellow Splatter vinyl (limited to 500)Please note that imported items will ship The Wings Of War was recorded at Gear Recording Studio in New Jersey, SKH… Continue reading


AVANTASIA, the all-star rock opera spaceship piloted by EDGUY singer, songwriter and producer Tobias Sammet, release their eighth full-length album, Moonglow, via Nuclear Blast Records on February 15th. The new 11 track album sees Sammet reunited with some familiar faces from previous AVANTASIA albums. Guests include original QUEENSRYCHE lead singer Geoff Tate, PRETTY MAIDS frontman Ronnie Atkins, Michael Kiske of HELLOWEEN, Jørn Lande (ex-MASTERPLAN), Eric Martin (MR BIG) and MAGNUM’s Bob Catley. Moonglow also introduces new collaborators Hansi Kürsch of BLIND GUARDIAN, KREATOR’s Mille Petrozza and BLACKMORE’S NIGHT frontwoman Candice Night in a truly spectacular fashion. Get the song digitally here: nblast.de/AvaMoonglowSingle Listen in the NB Novelties Playlists: nblast.de/SpotifyNovelties | nblast.de/AppleMusicNovelties Tobias Sammet comments: “Yes, we’ve found a song on the new album that is below the 4 minutes benchmark and it would work as a single. And despite being rather short it’s… Continue reading


After LORD OF THE LOST’s very successful 2018, they aren’t even thinking about taking a break. Right in time for their next tour, they’ve released an impressive new music video. The Germans act between grace, elegance and gloomy harshness in their fifth video taken from their successful album Thornstar (#6 in German Charts). The video shows a very new visual side of the band. “Loreley” is a female spirit and demigoddess in the Pangaeian civilization, which Thornstar tells us about in the song and video. She conveys the dead into the realm of the souls, equivalent to what we call Heaven today. She is the most… Continue reading

HEALTHY JUNKIES – ‘The Sound Of My Guitar’

‘The Sound Of My Guitar’ is taken from their fourth album ‘Delirious Dream’ which is out now via Banana Castle Records/Cargo Records UK. Mixing Punk Rock with Grunge, Psychedelic Rock, New Wave, Garage Rock and Goth, add a soupçon of theatre and you have Healthy Junkies. Glamorous yet rebel lead punkster Nina Courson moved to London after she ran away from home in Paris to pursue her own rock n roll rite of passage. Destiny awaited when she found guitarist Phil-Honey-Jones who at the time was in psychedelic rock – outfit Nurotica. Phil had left his dysfunctional home as a young… Continue reading


 Megacorporations owning our governments, the world on the verge of ecological collapse – is this 2019?When Philip K. Dick wrote what would later become Blade Runner set in 2019, no one would have believed that the dystopian cyberpunk future he imagined would be so similar to the world we live in today… This realisation is what sparked the idea for the new album from FOREVER STILL – »Breathe In Colours«, which will be released via Nuclear Blast on March 29th. With their sophomore full-length album, the band has evolved their songwriting skills even further and didn’t want to produce a plain copy… Continue reading

Kings Destroy – Fantasma Nera

 Kings Destroy, who recently announced that their fourth album, Fantasma Nera, would arrive on March 8 via Svart Records, now debut the title track from the forthcoming release. Listen now: “While touring in Italy with Rosetta a few years ago, one of the band members earned the nickname ‘Fantasma Nera,’” explains guitar player Carl Porcaro. “Italian for ‘Black Ghost.’ The term eventually found its way into this song as a metaphor for the darkest part of human nature and the struggle to accept and embrace it.” Fantasma Nera pre-orders are available now via Svartrecords.com/artist/kings-destroy with physical bundles including colored vinyl and other merchandise.… Continue reading

Snake Bite Whisky – Down In The Dirt

Snake Bite Whisky has quickly established themselves as Australia’s number one sleaze band, bringing something fresh to the global hair metal revival. Their sound is a heady mix of punk and heavy metal-injected sleaze rock. After the successful release of several singles, an EP, and touring, Snakebite Whisky are ready for the world to hear their debut album, This Side of Hell, out now via Pavement Entertainment. This Side Of Hell was recorded at Sonic Clarity Studios in Australia and mixed and mastered in the US by Peter Rutcho, who has worked with diverse artists such as Falling In Reverse, Parkway Drive, Deez… Continue reading


 Today, German alternative rock newcomers BREATHE ATLANTIS release their new album Soulmade! To celebrate the release, the band have just dropped the official video for ‘Everyone Else’ – watch here Order the new album Soulmade here: BreatheAtlantis.lnk.to/Soulmade Vocalist Nico comments: “I believe that everybody at some point had the feeling that you gotta ask yourself why of all people in the world is it me that has to go such a difficult way in life. But basically it says that it doesn’t matter. That you have to wander through the darkness until you see the light at the end of the tunnel. As long as you keep doing what you love… Continue reading

Awaken I Am – Indifference

Australia’s alt-rock outfit AWAKEN I AM premiere their new single, “Indifference,” with details behind their upcoming EP, The Beauty In Tragedy, a tribute to their late guitarist Connor Verner-Oakley. Set for release on Oakley’s birthday April 26, 2019, the five-track EP features the previously released song/video “Dissolution,” as well as three new tracks dedicated to Oakley. Drummer Luke McKenzie explains, “The last track we had the privilege of recording with Connor was ‘Dissolution,’ he was so proud of it. We shared the same dream with him and we hope to make Connor proud by keeping that dream alive with The Beauty In Tragedy.” “Nevermind… Continue reading

Candlemass – “The Door To Doom”

Candlemass – “The Door To Doom” (Napalm Records)  OMG, Johan Längqvist has returned to Candlemass after a 32 year hiatus! The original vocalist who sang on their legendary 1986 debut “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”, Längqvist has been brought in again given the band’s strong desire to return to their roots – and brother, “The Door To Doom” certainly does that, with even Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi acknowledging the band’s contribution to the doom genre by providing a guest solo on ‘Astorolus – The Great Octopus’ – wow!! With the classic 1987 “Nightfall” line up back in the studio after years of… Continue reading