Suffocation – “…Of The Dark Light”

Suffocation – “…Of The Dark Light” (Nuclear Blast) Along with Immolation, Suffocation are one of New York’s longest running and greatest death metal bands since the late 80s. Evolving in line with the genre to become increasingly more technical, albeit in subtle phases, Suffocation are widely regarded for pioneering slow stop-start phases known as ‘breakdowns’ which the band use to lethal effect here, not just to add superbly well timed tempo changes within their song arrangements, but also to blend one song into one another such as on the opener ‘Clarity Through Deprivation’ where the breakdown towards the end amid a … Continue reading

Tankard – “One Foot In The Grave”

Tankard – “One Foot In The Grave” (Nuclear Blast) One of the ‘Teutonic 4’, you knew even back in the 80s that with a name like Tankard, these guys were definitely different to Destruction, Sodom and Kreator! Indeed, with a decidedly different outlook to life i.e. drink n be merry, Tankard’s brand of beer thrash was soon making its mark among the thrash hordes of Germany, playing to a national past time, while more than able to kick it, at least in speed and aggression with their peers, if not in their grimness. From their “Zombie Attack” debut in 1986, … Continue reading

Destructor – “Decibel Casualties”

Destructor – “Decibel Casualties” (Pure Steel Records) When the smoke clears – only one remains: Destructor. Hailing out’ve Cleveland OH, if ever there was a band that lived up to their name then Destructor was it. Although labelled ‘thrash’ Destructor went well beyond those boundaries to produce their own OTT sound and image that took everything to the max (along with a fair amount of bondage tape). Releasing “Maximum Destruction” in 1985 only proved to the world what they were capable of – and more than justified names like Dave Overkill, Matt Flammable, Pat Rabid and Dave Holocaust. Tragically while … Continue reading

Atlantean Kodex – “The Annihilation Of Bavaria”

Atlantean Kodex – “The Annihilation Of Bavaria” 2CD / DVD (Ván Records) As if a sub genre unto themselves of the already underground ‘true’ metal movement, Atlantean Kodex are legendary warriors with a fanatical following who play an epic heavy metal along the lines of Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, and most notably, early Manowar, although without the classical aspect but instead more European folk. Deep in its nature, their music resonates as much in its passion as it does through its obvious power, but I have to say that the excellent musicianship and superior song writing takes this well beyond … Continue reading

Entrails – “World Inferno”

Entrails – “World Inferno” (Metal Blade Records) Since being resurrected from the dead in 2008, Entrails have confidently returned to the fine form that made their presence felt in the early 90s along with fellow Swedes Entombed, Grave and Dismember. Led by founder Jimmy Lundqvist and aided until recently by vocalist Jocke Svensson, Entrails have built themselves up through regular releases and equally so on the touring front, bringing their original Swe-deth style to the modern masses both in Europe, the UK and also playing the Maryland Deathfest in US. Playing prestigious festivals like Hellfest, Dokkem and Coast Rock Open Air … Continue reading

Tombs – “The Grand Annihilation”

Tombs – “The Grand Annihilation” (Metal Blade Records) With its huge diversity and edginess, Brooklyn has always spawned bands that were cutting edge and unafraid to span across boundaries: Biohazard, Type O Negative, Life of Agony and more recently A Pale Horse Named Death and Candiria would attest to that. Tombs more than ably fall into that fold. A post band mixing the rough n tumble of black metal, hardcore and even shoegaze into their dark and abrasive mix, “The Grand Annihilation” is their (or I should say frontman founder Mike Hill’s) 4th full length, and shows absolutely no sign … Continue reading


Progressive power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN recently announced the release of their first live album in 14 years. The 22 song package, entitled Live Beyond The Spheres, is available in a variety of formats including a 3CD Digipack as well as a 4LP Box. The new live offering will be in stores on July 7th, 2017 and includes all-time classics such as ‘The Bard’s Song (In The Forest)’, ‘Valhalla’ and ‘Mirror Mirror’, as well as some rarely performed tracks like ‘And Then There Was Silence’. “We compiled one ‘show’ out of the best tracks from more than 40 live performances, recorded during … Continue reading

VENOM INC – Dein Fleisch

Regardless of your take on black metal forefathers Venom, they are the undisputed originators of extreme metal as we know it. Almost 40 years after their inception, the revitalized 1989-1992 line-up of guitarist Jeff “Mantas” Dunn, vocalist/bassist Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan and drummer Anthony “Abaddon” Bray have returned with a monster of an album. The first single from Avé, entitled “Dein Fleisch”, can be streamed now HERE Continue reading

Chris Holmes – T.F.M.F.

Today, the legendary ex-WASP guitarist Chris Holmes has launched a brand new video for the song “TFMF”.  The video can be seen at this location. “TFMF” is taken from his solo album “Shitting Bricks”. In addition, 6 more dates have been added to the “BE SOMEBODY” European tour from his band Chris Holmes’ MEAN MAN ! Chris Holmes’ MEAN MAN toured Europe last year and with returning it will be even bigger and better ! Chris Holmes’ Mean Man play no less than seven W.A.S.P classics in their set to include a crowd invitation to three members of the audience … Continue reading