Doom’s Day – “The Unholy”

Doom’s Day – “The Unholy” (PRC Music)

lol – does this album cover bear an uncanny resemblance to Sabbath’s own ill fated “Born Again” release in 1983? Well, given one of the tracks on “The Unholy” is ‘Sabbath Deadly Sabbath’ I haveta assume so! Well, this lot are actually from Canada’s Quebec City and go right back to the 80s, at least as far as main man DooM’s initial desire to form an occult metal punk band. Although taking inspiration from Venom, Misfits and especially early Mercyful Fate, Doom’s Day actually has more in common with modern horror doom band’s like Ghost what with the up front church organ keyboards on songs like ‘She’s Possessed’ and ‘Your Last Breath’. Still, the guttural vocals amidst the doom style and occasional forays of double bass speed drumming will either have you perplexed at the contrast of styles or pridefully placing this alongside Gillan & Iommi’s aforementioned bastard child of evil! Continue reading

nullDB – “Endzeit”

nullDB – “Endzeit” (AFM Records)

Neue Deutsche Härte is an affectionate term coined by the German press to describe the crossover style of industrial, metal and techno as well as distinct German vocals popularized by Rammstein. Formed 4 years ago, nullDB deffo fit into NDH especially with those baritone Germanic vocals that feature prominently in the mix. Thereafter it becomes more perplexing as nullDB seem to draw inspiration from US acts such as System Of A Down what with the middle eastern groove on ‘Tyrannei’, funky chopping rhythms on ‘Flucht’ and nu metal rap sampled ‘Buchse Der Pandora’. As such “Endzeit” (trans: end time) is anything that the title suggests as nullDB seem to be aiming for two markets with their heavy use of suave American melodies while also keeping their feet very much in their home Deutsche market? Continue reading

Early Graves – interview!

San Francisco’s Early Graves burst onto the scene with their awesome noise core album “Goner” and talented front man Makh Daniels back in 2010. Yet within that fateful year tragedy would strike with the loss of Makh. Recuperating in 2011, the band made a welcome return this year with the release of “Red Horse” – Shan Siva caught up with guitarist Chris Brock on events:

1. Hey Chris, firstly pls accept my belated commiserations on the loss of Makh – what do you remember of that fateful day of the van accident?

Chris: I remember everything about it. I don’t know really what to say and I am not going to give some sort of weird details for those people with a morbid sense of the world, but it really sucked and the days after sucked just as much. Continue reading

Red Lamb – “Red Lamb”

Red Lamb – “Red Lamb” (Hansel & Gretel)

Partnership of the year! Bringing together Dave Mustaine with original Anthrax guitarist Danny Spitz, Red Lamb is blistering heavy metal that will make your body tremble! If you’ve been wondering what Spitz has been up to all these years besides brief reappearances in Anthrax, in short he embarked on a new career as a master watchmaker. However, metal clearly runs thru his blood (his brother is none other than Dave ‘The Beast’ Spitz!) so it comes as no surprise that fans still keep in touch with him and only a matter of time before he resurfaced, choosing to do so in fine style by collaborating with the living legend of Megadeth’s own front man! With the duo both co producing and writing lyrics, Danny composed all the music and handles all the guitarwork. Drafting Chris Venna (Marilyn Manson / Nine Inch Nails) on programming, Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen / WASP) on drums and Don Chaffin (Voices Of Extreme) on vocals to complete the fiery flock, there ain’t no silence in this lamb! Shredding guitars, searing vocals and pounding drums chug like a freight train asunder. Musically it’s a mixture of Megadeth especially on the cynical and sassy ‘Puzzle Box’ to the rap rock n roll of ‘One Shell (In The Chamber)’ to the Anthrax thrash like ‘Keep Pushing Me’. Always steaming, “Red Lamb” proves that neither Mustaine nor Spitz have lost their fire or talent in kicking our asses into the new year! Continue reading

Gorelust – “Reign Of Lunacy”

Gorelust – “Reign Of Lunacy” Re-issue (PRC MUSIC)

Another blast from the past – this time the mid 90s in Quebec – by Gorelust, a band that came and went within a year, but not before releasing the awesome “Reign Of Lunacy” which resigned them to cult status for the next 18 years! With bootleg copies surfacing over the years and original versions going for hefty prices on Ebay, it was left to Remi at PRC, ironically the man who initially released the original album as 1,000 units on the now defunct NWS Records, to re-release it. As a further twist the re-issue as now prompted a resurrection of Gorelust themselves who plan a new album in 2013 and if that wasn’t enough “Reign Of Lunacy” actually features “Big Steeve” Hurdle, who passed away earlier this year and Luc Lemay (both from Gorguts at that time) who recorded backing vocals for this album!! As can be expected the style is mid 90s death metal with bestial vocals from Jean Beaulieu, buzzsaw guitars, diddly dee warblings and brutal chopping rhythms a la Gorguts, Suffocation, Monstrosity etc. So the wait is finally over, and it remains to be seen whether the successor to this much sought after underground fave both materializes and triumphs over time! Continue reading

Bleak Falls – “Another Rainy Day”

Bleak Falls – “Another Rainy Day” EP (

Vicious aggro core tempered by a dark English karma permeating feral youth inhabiting the forgotten towns of Britain. Vocalist Ridgeway has one of these raw, throat strained voices that only comes from serious binge drinking and one can only imagine what the rest of the band like the Vaughan brothers get up to when they’re not face down in the gutter – probably skating, smashing shit up and spitting at anyone dissin’ ’em. As such Bleak Falls reflects that hard n fast lifestyle with no fear of tomorrow: head kicking riffing and stomping rhythms that rat pack you on songs like ‘Rollin On The 60s’ bringing to mind comparisons to Terror, Integrity and Hard To Swallow. Still, it becomes even more despairing on the quieter tracks like ‘Dear Brother’ and ‘Pass A Promise’ reflecting the dark, brooding melodies of possessed souls without hope or encouragement. Seasons to be fearful indeed. Continue reading

Blue Origin – “Somnium”

Blue Origin – “Somnium” (The Animal Farm)

More harder than a bunch of fighting Uruk Hai, these Stokies have been cutting their teeth for the last 7 years in Northern bars and pubs playing their no nonsense brand of classic hard rock. Melding the grooves of Zepp with the soul of Alter Bridge and power melodies of Black Stone Cherry, “Somnium” has been built on a superb production allowing songs like ‘Whatever Happened’, ‘Godless’ and ‘Don’t Hold On’ to resonate the talented musicianship behind the band be it in a sweaty club to a stratospheric stadium. With a rabid fan base funding this album, Blue Origin are one of these grassroots acts that are the bane of every bubblegum band out there, cutting thru the bullshit with the purity of their rock. Big sound, big sights, big ambition – Blue Origin’s debut is built for the big league! Continue reading

Megascavenger – “Descent Of Yuggoth”

Megascavenger – “Descent Of Yuggoth” (Selfmadegod Records)

OMG – the madman Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, DEMIURG, THE GROTESQUERY, BONE GNAWER, REVOLTING and more) is back and true to the band’s name has scavenged an almost impossible cast to assist in this album from guest vocals by Dan Swano (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH), Marc Grewe (MORGOTH, INSIDIOUS DISEASE), Jörgen Sandström (ex-GRAVE, KRUX, TORTURE DIVISION) and Paul Speckmann (MASTER, DEATH STRIKE, ABOMINATION) as well as guest solos by Patrick Mameli (PESTILENCE), Jonas Lindblood (PUTERAEON), Eric Daniels (ASPHYX, SOULBURN)!!! Megascavenger mixes dirty, old school Swe-deth rhythms a la Entombed with whirring fretboard melodies a la Death producing basic but bloody catchy songs like ‘Smokescreen Armageddon’, ‘Void Of Damnation’ and ‘No Haven For The Sane’. Rogga Johansson is a total maniac and I salute him big time for keeping the rotten stench of old school death fresh in my flared nostrils lol! Continue reading

The Action Plan – “Never Say Die”

The Action Plan – “Never Say Die” (

South Wales might be a grim place, but these plucky lads seem incredibly jovial with their passionate and energetic brand of punk pop! Named after a pub in Bristol, The Action Plan draw influence from the likes of All Time Low and certainly Blink 182 in mixing poppy emo melodies and innocent teen vox guaranteed to melt a girl’s heart over tales of first love, dates and broken hearts on preppy songs like ‘Had It All’, ‘Live Strong’ and ‘Hometown Hero’. Most of all their uplifting style makes you feel good even in the foulest of moods and that deffo sounds like a plan! Continue reading

When We Were Wolves – enthralling debut out in Jan!

When We Were Wolves have fashioned a brand of post-hardcore that will blast its way through your skull, pull at your heartstrings, and truly make you think, all in one sitting. Displaying a passionate approach to song-writing united with meaningful lyrical content, rhythmic hooks, and tactfully layered, pristinely melodic and aggressively raw vocals, the band are destined for national recognition in 2013. Continue reading