Cage The Gods – “Favorite Sin”

Cage The Gods – “Favorite Sin” EP (The End Records) F–kin armadillos in their trousers….behold the next generation of rock gods born of Zepp and nurtured by The Black Crowes to eat stadiums alive. Cage The Gods bring on the unspeakable Spinal Tap formula of having an Englishman, Scotsman, Welshman and yep, a good ol’ Irishman in one band. Flying in the political face of current devolution, this lot have not just managed to keep it together, but actually produced some damn fine hard rock that’s played from the heart and aimed at your loins. From Pete’s sultry pure rock… Continue reading

Electric Woodland – “Potrero”

Electric Woodland – “Potrero” (Snaxville Recordings) Norwegian acid rock. If The Doors went to live in the pine forests of Norway and listened to Jimi then Electric Woodland is probably what they would sound like. Even their formation is equally bizarre: initially planned as a house warming duo, upon hearing the local music festival had gone bust, they recruited others to become a band, built a studio to rehearse and ultimately re-started both the festival and Electric Woodland in the process. I mean, how far out is that?! Musically Electric Woodland aren’t quite as comatose as The Doors, offering a… Continue reading

Patriot Rebel – “Two Worlds”

Patriot Rebel – “Two Worlds” EP ( Comin at ya like a freight train! England’s Patriot Rebel have one of these colossal sounds that’s hard to ignore. Even if Paul Smith’s vocals are a tad on the girlie side, the twin guitars of Gaddy n Marsh sound like a Harley battling it out with a JCB on big rock out songs like ‘What Goes Around’, ‘Come Of Age’ and the aptly named ‘The Storm’. Raging riffola melded around melody with a driving rhythm to boot, Patriot Rebel deffo don’t hold back in revving the power, yet also hold your attention… Continue reading

Motorhead – “Aftershock”

Motorhead – “Aftershock” (UDR  Music) I’ve had me up and downs wiv M’head over the years. Following them from the classic line up of Filthy Phil n Fast Eddie thru the Robertson debacle and then the terror twins and finally Dee and surviving Wizzo. Album after album, untold gigs including one I co-promoted, along with numerous beers and fights followed by a neck like jelly and ears that would ring for days – sound familiar man? Continue reading