Bergen’s latest export Byfrost take us back to a bygone age when nobody cared what genre of metal you played as long as it thrashed like a mother and you could down 15 pints without falling over – well drummer Alkolust was up for the challenge of being ‘king of the sidewalk’ LOL!

-Shan Siva

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Goodbye Jersey – “Entertain Me!”

Goodbye Jersey
“Entertain Me!”
(Long Beach Records)

Despite having an East Coast name this lot are from Hamburg and have a jovial sense of humour labeling themselves “…mellodick bjugel pank..” which is close to the Cally style ska skate punk pop that they play, resplendent with horns, poppy melodies and teenage aggression! Continue reading

Coffins – “Ancient Torture”

“Ancient Torture” 2CD
(Deepsend Records)

Total underground doom grind noise from Japan! Coffins have been going since the mid 90s and play sado stench core the way l like it: primitive tribal drums; filthy feedback drenched guitars; fuzz toned bass and ugly evil vocals – no electronics; samples; keyboards etc – just 20 bomb blast tracks played with section 8 mental conviction! Continue reading

Bloodwrath – “The Hate Effect”

“The Hate Effect”
(Rising Records)

The problem with Death Metal is that it has a definitive sound that’s very difficult to expand. Sure, there are bands that have successfully fused in other elements to create doom death, blackened death, death n roll etc but at it’s core, it’s a small pond that only a few of the big fish like Death or Six Feet Under could successfully swim in. Anyone else runs the risk of being another clone. Continue reading

The Black Dahlia Murder – “Ritual”

The Black Dahlia Murder
(Metal Blade)
Named after the infamous unsolved LA murder, this Michigan band are equally controversial given their comparisons in sound to the Swedish melodic death scene. However, those that love them do so with a passion and “Ritual” is, in some part, dedicated to them as well as the more obvious macabre tales of black magic, the occult and human sacrifice. Continue reading