Mass – “Still Chained”

Mass – “Still Chained” (Pride & Joy Music) Oh. My. God. Mass are back!! Defying all the odds (and life expectancy as we know it) bassist Günther V. Radny has returned and reformed Mass – 33 years since their last release in 1986 and 46 years since the band was formed in 1973 – unbelievable!!! Back in the day, with an international line up and a winning hard rock / heavy metal sound, it didn’t take long before Mass were a recognised name across Europe and in Germany, ranking alongside the Scorpions, Accept and Warlock in the early 80s. Sadly… Continue reading

Mork – “Det Svarte Juv”

Mork – “Det Svarte Juv” (Peaceville Records) If you still have the bloody taste for raw, misanthropic Norwegian black metal, then Mork is the new meat for your menu! Following in the bleak, lonely snow trail left behind by Burzum, Bathory and Celtic Frost, Mork is from Bergen and the work of one man, Thomas Eriksen, who has brilliantly captured the essence of what made these cult bands into the legends that they are today from evil, ultra raw monotone guitars and primitive blast beat drumming to deathly avant-garde and early black n roll. Fashioned in the same DIY style,… Continue reading

Inter Arma – “Sulphur English”

Inter Arma – “Sulphur English” (Relapse Records) Oh wow, heavy duty man. If Armageddon could take a musical form, then Inter Arma would be the destroyer. Complex, profound and undoubtedly intense, the band’s name is taken from the Latin meaning ‘in times of war’ so that kinda spells out what to expect i.e. a cataclysmic mix of doom, sludge and heavy psych. We sorta knew that from the band’s 3 prior albums but on “Sulphur English” these Virginians utterly destroy! I mean, this is easily their darkest and heaviest release to date and completed by a sound to match. Immense… Continue reading

Gods Forsaken – “Smells Of Death”

Gods Forsaken – “Smells Of Death” (Soulseller Records) Filthy old school Swedish Death Metal with no frills! An underground super group featuring ex members of Amon Amarth, Asphyx, Paganiser, Wombbath, Henry Kane and pretty much a 100 other bands, Gods Forsaken released their highly acclaimed debut in 2017, and now comes its visceral follow up. Given the pedigree and sheer experience on show here, it’s little wonder that this nasty little gem is a high echelon release while in keeping to the authentic Swe-deth formula of predatory roaring, thick Boss HM-2 guitars, reverb drenched bass and massive drums. So “Smells… Continue reading

Cocaine Piss – “Passionate And Tragic”

Cocaine Piss – “Passionate And Tragic” (Hypertension Records) By now establishing themselves as one of the most intensively touring bands on the European punk scene, averaging about 150 gigs a year from Norway to Portugal, across the UK and Lithuania, playing squats to big summer festivals, Cocaine Piss continue their meteoric rise with this sophomore still under the wing of legendary recording engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey, Manic Street Preachers, Helmet, Neurosis, Cheap Trick etc etc etc). Formed in the unassuming Belgian city of Liège just five years ago, the dementedly named Cocaine Piss certainly live up to… Continue reading

Sister Shotgun – “Fragments”

Sister Shotgun – “Fragments” (Pavement Music) Mixing metallic heaviness and rock melody, Sister Shotgun have toured across the UK and Europe including festival appearances at Hard Rock Hell, Macmillan Fest, and FortFest. With their accompanying music videos amassing collectively over 150,000 views, the band have just been signed to a multi album deal by Pavement Music, kicking off with this debut produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral for a Friend, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me the Horizon). Reflected in their name, Sister Shotgun’s ability to write highly catchy but ballsy material is no fluke judging by the 10 winning numbers… Continue reading

Venom – Bring Out Your Dead

Venom, the unholy trinity of Cronos, Rage and Dante, closed 2018 with new studio album, STORM THE GATES, released on CD / digital in December, with the double coloured vinyl LP format following in January of this year…A classic call-to-arms, STORM THE GATES is a record from a legendary band who can legitimately be classed as both ‘original’ and ‘genre-defining’. Now Venom have shared a lyric video for latest single ‘Bring Out Your Dead’, an anthem for blasphemers, fornicators and the forever cursed. Produced by the mighty Cronos himself, this is the raw sound of a band who don’t need… Continue reading

D-A-D – Burning Star

 D-A-D release their long awaited new single ‘Burning Star’, out now on AFM Records. It’s taken them eight years, but Denmark’s foremost rockers are finally ready to reveal their new material. Old fans are bound to rejoice when the gang strikes a chord on opening single ‘Burning Star’. The studio might have been idle for a few years, but the tour schedule hasn’t and the demanding life on the road has likely helped lead the band back to the straightforward setup of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. This is a fast-paced bolt of raw energy – no detours. However… Continue reading

The Great Kat – Mozart’s the Marriage of Figaro Overture

The Great Kat is the Legendary Guitar/Violin Shredder, world-famous Juilliard graduate Classical Violin Virtuoso/Carnegie Recital Hall Violin Soloist/Winner of “Artists International Competition”, “TOP 10 FASTEST SHREDDERS OF ALL TIME” (Guitar One Magazine)/ “FAMOUS JUILLIARD SCHOOL ALUMNI” (Ranker)/“50 SENSATIONAL FEMALE GUITARISTS” (Guitar Player Magazine)/Reincarnation of Beethoven and the ONLY Guitar-Violin Double Virtuoso since Niccolo Paganini, UPDATING Classical Music for the FUTURE with VIRTUOSITY, SPEED, POWER & OUTRAGEOUS PERSONA! New Mozart’s “The Marriage Of Figaro Overture” CD Single from The Great Kat!Amadeus gets The Great Kat’s blistering shred treatment, featuring Classical Violins, Shred Guitars, Metal band and Symphony Orchestra! iTunes: Amazon:… Continue reading


 Icelandic classic rock trio THE VINTAGE CARAVAN are about to kick off the second leg of their European tour in support of their latest studio album, Gateways. The guys hit the road once again with Belgian rock outfit BLACK MIRRORS and to celebrate, they have premiered the official video for ‘On The Run’. Guitarist/vocalist Óskar states, “We are very happy to share this video with all of you. The director of the video is Nicholas Helgason who also worked with us on ‘Crazy Horses’ and ‘Babylon’. The making of the video was fun and also quite hard, Icelandic weather is not very… Continue reading