Funeral – Norge Doom Legends – Interview!

Norway’s Funeral are almost legends in their own right having been formed over 2 decades ago and being widely credited as pioneers of the funeral doom genre – Shan Siva chats to drummer (and sole survivor) Anders Eek!

1. Hail to Funeral – how did you spend your New Year (hopefully not in a graveyard lol)?

Anders: Hail Battlehelm! I spent it with friends and family, eating good food and consuming some great liquor, as every year ha ha Continue reading


I’m not a big fan of TV shows like American idol or X-factor. I think that this is the worst kind of shit you can watch but I seem to be alone in thinking that. Italian AMBRA MARIE show that there is a life after the cameras are shut down. Anders Ekdahl ©2013 Continue reading