Death Dealer INTERVIEW

Death Dealer is the supergroup everyone is talking about! Made up of Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar, Dictators, Manitoba) – Guitar, Sean Peck (Cage, Empires of Eden) – Vocals, Rhino (ex-Manowar, Holy Hell, Angels of Babylon) – Drums, Stu Marshall (Empires of Eden, ex-Dungeon, Paindivision) – Guitar and Mike Davis (Halford, ex-Lizzy Borden) – Bass, these guys are a raging inferno bringing US Metal back to the fore. Shan Siva tries not to feel the heat on the street as he talks to Ross The Boss and Sean Peck!!

1. LOL – I cannot believe who is in the band – it’s an all star line-up so how did that come about? Do you guys all know each other socially outside of your bands?

Ross – Well myself and Kenny (Rhino) are very good friends asides that I had never met the other lads….

Sean – It was a combination of both really. Stu called me one night and wanted to do a band. We started joking around about who we could get in a super metal group. I said ok let me make some calls. The next thing you know we had the band together. Ross and I talked a lot on facebook about the status of America and other provocative topics so that opened the door for us. Stu had recently come out on a trip to America where he sat in with CAGE at some shows. On the trip he met Mike davis and saw a Priest show with him and Roy Z as their guest and Rhino did a show with us in Vegas. Funny how things work out… Continue reading


Do not confuse this OBSCURITY with the Southern Swedish cult act. Neither confuse it with the Stockholm act of the same name. This is the German version that is very much alive and going. Interview Partner: Ziu; bass. Anders Ekdahl ©2013 Continue reading