I’m not the biggest fan of all these rock/metal opera projects that seem to pop up every now and again. Basically because they don’t give me that much. But I’m no stranger to asking t (semi) hard questions hence this interview with OUIJABEARD. Anders Ekdahl ©2013 Continue reading


Another Canadian metal act and another interview. This time with EYE OF ODIN. “I” refers to Grendell Skalding, vocalist for Eye of Odin / Atridr throughout. “We” generally refers to Asathor Rogerson, Alexandria Yates, and Grendell Skalding. Anders Ekdahl ©2013 Continue reading


I might sound like a broken record but I do not care. 90% of the fun doing a webzine is to discover new acts. Italian NEFESH are one of these acts. Interview withLuca Lampis (guitarist, lyrics writer and founder of the band). Anders Ekdahl ©2013 Continue reading