SORCERY really doesn’t need any introduction if you’ve been in to death metal since the 80s. But for those of you too young to remember this band were around when Swedeath became the THING. Ola answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2013 Continue reading

Metal Down Under – The Movie

Metal Down Under is the first film to fully document the history of heavy metal music in Australia. It will trace the origins of metal and explore this ever-evolving genre of extreme music in the land down under. Shan Siva hooked up with Director / Producer Nick Calpakdjian to understand more about this ground breaking film.

1. Hi Nick, this sounds like quite an ambitious project – I would imagine that with the likes of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo Australia would’ve produced a big production rock / metal documentary over the years so why hasn’t this happened?

Nick: While AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and a few other bands have made a large impact both locally and internationally; the metal scene in Australia is still an underground phenomenon. And already being a small country, our broadcasters have not been motivated to promote a niche film project looking into a relatively small part of the music scene. Continue reading