The Kandidate interview

Denmark’s The Kandidate may have a weird name for a metal band, but they sure hit it right on the button with their latest album “Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death”! Savouring the bacon, Shan Siva hoofed it over to chat to guitarist Allan Tvedebrink:

1. Congratulations on your new album – “Facing The Imminent Prospect Of Death” – I couldn’t stop banging my head which is no mean feat given I’m an old ‘headbanger LOL – and on the strength of the songs I can’t resist finding out more about the band!

Allan: Hey man, that’s great. Thanks for the kind words, it’s highly appreciated!

2. What made you choose the name – is it some sorta take on the 70s movie?

Allan: Haha, yeah we are not making it easy for anybody – but no, not the movie….what movie?! Continue reading


There is something special with black metal from Asia in that they don’t share the same cultural/religious references we Westerner have. Black metal becomes something different. Taiwan’s BLOODY TYRANT is proof of that. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading

VAN CANTO Interview

With their aptly named 4th album “Breaking The Silence”, a capella band Van Canto are unique in using their voices to mimic the sound of conventional rock instruments. Shan Siva gets the word from lower ‘rakkatakka’ vocalist Stefan!

1. LOL – who’s sick idea was it to start an a capella metal band and why (not)?!

Stefan: It was started an a project and turned out to be a great band. Why? Because it’s cool to have a band that sells records and plays on the biggest festivals around the world, haha 😉

2. I must confess, that when I first heard about Van Canto I thought it was some kinda joke band – what made you think that it would be so successful?

Stefan: We never expected anything, so we are just as surprised as you are. But we didn’t plan it as a joke. It’s hard work and we are working professional so I think in the end it’s ok to have some success.
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