MASSIVE ASSAULT may be Dutch but that is only by nationality. Musically they are anything but Dutch. This is like the perfect amalgamation of all that is great about Swedish death metal/extreme metal mixed with the greatness of the Floridian death scene. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading

The Skull – interview

The Skull features original members of Trouble- vocalist Eric Wagner and drummer Jeff Oly Olson, along with longtime bassist Ron Holzner. The Skull is here to do one thing… rock you with the sounds and spirit of Trouble – past- present- future . Shan Siva feels the vibe even across the Atlantic!

1. So The Skull is 2/3 of Trouble – I guess the obvious opening question is: where does this leave Trouble LOL?!

Eric – honestly I don’t really know, I’m just having a lot of fun with The Skull cos we’ve been getting a great response and everyone is excited to hear the old songs as much as I am!

Jeff – they’re working on their new album with Kyle Thomas. I think the new record is going to be called “Hammer of Doom.”

Ron – Kyle rocks! They are in good hands…

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