I’m not the biggest fan of all the social network sites out there but I do use them. Which is how I’ve come upon MORGENGRAU. Don’t ask me why I haven’t paid more attention to what Erika does before but from now on I’ll keep a sharp eye on her work. Anders Ekdahl ©2011 Continue reading


You might remember the name ROBIN BECK but aren’t really sure where from. Just think a major soft drink advertisement and it’ll come to you. But that was then and this is now. Robin Beck has a new album out that ought to be checked out. Anders Ekdahl ©2011 Continue reading


Beehler. The Man. The Band. The Legend grows….anyone who is a professed ‘Heavy Metal Maniac’ who grew up in the 80s will know who Dan Beehler is. Moreover, they’ll remember the sound that defined the band he sang AND drummed for – Exciter. Almost 3 decades on and he’s now back again with that ‘pounding metal’ sound from hell!!

Hi Dan, lemme say first off that as a fan who bought “Heavy Metal Maniac” all those years ago what an honor it is to finally interview you! I actually wanted to speak to you at Metallica’s Marquee show in ’83 but you were such a big dude I felt a little intimidated being just a 13 year old kid LOL – lemme say how much I respect you for being a drummer / vocalist. As I remember, it was only you and Zoetrope’s Barry Stern (RIP) who pounded and screamed in unison!!

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