I had not heard SKELATOR before I got the new album. I immediately knew that I had made a mistake and that this was the stuff I’ve always been into. So an interview with Robbie Houston (Guitars) and Rob Steinway (Guitars) was set up. Anders Ekdahl ©2012 Continue reading


Cult NWOBHM band have their place in history being forever remembered for their 1983 debut “Loose n Lethal”. Although fate played its hand in denying them fame at the time, this Brits have never quit and with the release of a new album “Sons Of Malice” I got a chance to interview mighty Chris Bradley (bass / vocals), Andy Dawson (guitar) and ‘the kid’ (and son of Chris and nephew of Andy) Kristian Bradley also on guitar! 1. Ok straight to it lads – new album, new Savage – what’s the inspiration behind this – a full time return or… Continue reading