HAK-ED DAMM premieres new track

HAK-ED DAMM to release “Holocaust Over Dresden” album 26/11-17 Hak-Ed Damm is black metal commando founded in Quebec city (Canada). Formed in 2007. Lyrical themes about War, Asylum, Psychiatry, Torture, Suicide. In 2007 Zokvist (lead vocalist 2007-2016) was wandering for a new and intense project, something raw and brutal. Connecting with Silencer (2007-Still active), they decided to create a musical war machine concept, putting forward the pure hatred against religions, human being and general mockery. After a long quest to recruit additional members, they found Vikker (2007-2011) as the first guitarist member and Zuhrosis (2007-2011) takes the commands on the … Continue reading

ENOQUIAN premieres new track

ENOQUIAN to release “LLAMAS DE GLORIA PRIMERA” 24/11-17 Enoquian – Argentinian black metal band from General Roca (Rio Negro), formed in mid-2015. In early 2016 released 2 promo tracks. Officially make their debut on NO DIVINE FEST in the summer of 2016. Then ENOQUIAN entered the El Otro Lado studio and recorded their first album called “LLAMAS DE GLORIA PRIMERA”. In December of the same year, the band shared the stage with bands Master, Devastation, Ezkisofrenia and others. The group continues to play live at different concerts in their city and does not stop, because they are already working on … Continue reading

BASTARDÖS premieres new track

BASTARDÖS, Argentinian thrasher to rerelease album 24/11-17. Bastardös – Thrash Metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2009. Band name is translated into English as “Bastards”. The points above the ‘O’ is just a thrash metal well known gimmick taken from German ‘Umlaut’ and doesn’t make the letter sound different. Self-titled album “Bastardös” recorded, mixed, mastered and self-released by band in 2015 at Kirkincho Records in Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This reissue-2017 includes new artwork design. Lyrics of songs about combat and horror. For fans of Sodom, Deathraiser, Toxic Shock, Alkoholizer, Hyades and many others. The band was founded … Continue reading

AYAT premieres new track

MORIBUND RECORDS presents the release of AYAT’s long-awaited “Carry On, Carrion” MORIBUND RECORDS confirms November 24th, 2017 as the release date for AYAT’s long-awaited “Carry On, Carrion”. AYAT’s 2008 full-length album was deemed by critics as either “genius” or “garbage”. Vocalist and Musical terrorist Filthy Fuck proclaimed, Carry On Carrion would be “… longer, more insane, more vicious…”. Listeners are finally delivered the uncompromising taste of hell-on-earth which fans have come to expect. Overflowing with memorable head banging moments, this album is a catchy arsenal of nuclear-charged black metal, goat-grinding punk and pure old-school rock & roll! Carry On, Carrion … Continue reading

VARDAN premieres new track

MORIBUND RECORDS announces official release date for VARDAN’s “Nostalgia- Archives of Failure Parts I-III”. November 24th, 2017 MORIBUND RECORDS will issue the first half of VARDAN’s sextology, a 6 part epoch of new and unreleased materials titled “Nostalgia- Archives of Failure”. Italy’s DSBM star, the one-man VARDAN offers cold and depressive Black Metal filled with acoustics, inhuman vocals, contra bass, and droning overtones. Chronologically the 25th to 27th albums in VARDAN’s vast discography, Nostalgia Parts 1 – 3 are more than just 3 new records; they are the vision of one of Metal’s most unique and prolific artists. “Nostalgia- Archives … Continue reading

Operation: Mindcrime – Wake Me Up

The New Reality’ is the third and final chapter in an album trilogy by iconic metal vocalist Geoff Tate. Its release comes a year after the release of the second part, entitled ‘Resurrection’, and two since the first, ‘The Key’. Operation: Mindcrime is a creative platform that continues in the spirit of the historic Queensrÿche album of the same name, spawning concepts as grand as the music and intertwining the intensity of Tate’s iconic past with his former band and the provocative, progressive mindset that has made him one of music’s most resolute forces. Joined by a cast of musicians whose talent and … Continue reading

Attila – Three 6

If you’re down with the devil, say “Hell yeah!” The boys in ATTLA are crashing Halloween with a brand new track. Listen to “Three 6” here. The anthemic track begs to be sung along to and harks back to that classic, irreverent, and always brutal Attila sound and is a treat for all the band’s loyal fans.As frontman Fronz declares in the first few seconds of the song, “Back with dat heavy shit!” The song will be available for purchase on November 10. Continue reading

Polaris – LUCID

Today, Australian powerhouse POLARIS have premiered a brand new video for ‘Lucid’. The single opens the band’s highly anticipated debut album, The Mortal Coil which drops this week (November 3rd) via SharpTone & Resist Records. Head over to Rock Sound to check out the video.The Mortal Coil was recorded in POLARIS’ self-made studio in Mollymook, NSW, where they shipped American tandem, Carson Slovak and Grant MacFarland of Atrium Audio to oversee the recording. No strangers to success themselves, the hotly-tipped duo most recently produced, engineered and mixed AUGUST BURNS RED’s Grammy-nominated album, Found In Far Away Places. Continue reading


It’s Halloween, the night of the living dead. To celebrate it CREST OF DARKNESS and My Kingdom Music present a big dose of Horror music in the classic extreme way the Norwegian band uses to play and we do it with the lyric video of “The Noble Art” one of the most amazing songs taken from their last acclaimed album “Welcome The Dead”. So, no more to add… to get you in the mood for some fancy dress and trick or treating, just click play here  for a creepy and obscure trip in the best CREST OF DAKNESS Black Metal … Continue reading

BLAZE OF PERDITION – Conscious Darkness

Polish black metallers BLAZE OF PERDITION are streming their new album “Conscious Darkness” ahead of its November 3rd release on Agonia Records. The release will be followed by a European tour with New Zealand’s Ulcerate on November 7th and mini-tour with Ars Veneficium on November 24th. Listen to the band’s new album early here. Literally and lyrically, BLAZE OF PERDITION’s “Concious Darkness” crowns a decade of romancing darkness and death. The Polish-based band made a long way since 2007, growing through adversity and maturing over the course of three studio albums. In 2013, on tour in Austria, a tragic road accident took the life of bassist Ikaroz and left … Continue reading